Periodic Table 2021 PRO: Chemistry APK v3.2.11 (Patched)

Periodic Table 2021 PRO: Chemistry APK v3.2.11 (Patched)

May 21, 2024


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Periodic Table 2020 PRO Chemistry poster

If you are a chemistry enthusiast, or simply love chemistry, you’ll need to use the “Periodic Table 2021 PRO – Chemistry” app. Chemistry is one of the most important sciences. Chemistry is also one of the important subjects of any school in the world.

If you are a chemistry student, then you will understand that all research begins with the Periodic Table. However, the classical method is no longer effective, and the application of technology to teaching is extremely important. Thus, training materials are approached more effectively. The software has become an option for modern students in studying chemistry.

“Periodic Table 2021 PRO – Chemistry” has become a great application in the study of chemistry. The application displays the entire periodic table in the start-up interface. The application interface is extremely intuitive. Central to the application is the Long Form – approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

The importance of chemistry in life

Chemistry is the scientific study of the substances, properties, structure and variation of compounds in chemical reactions. Through chemistry, you also understand the laws that govern chemical reactions.

Each chemical is different including atoms, and their ability to form molecules due to their chemical bonds. Chemistry is mainly concerned with interactions between chemicals at the molecular-atomic level. This means that you will study the chemical elements and their compounds.

Thanks to the invention of the “Periodic System of Chemical Elements” (also known as Mendeleev’s Periodic Table), chemistry has become more accessible to everyone. In which, each substance shows the dependence of different properties of the elements on the charge of the atomic nucleus.

Mendeleev’s periodic table was established by the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869. The original version determined that the properties of the elements depend on their atomic mass.

Many features useful for chemical research

“Periodic Table 2021 PRO – Chemistry” is a great application and helps you better understand the fascinating chemical world. You also get to know how the world around you works. The app is always available in your pocket, so you quickly learn all the necessary information about the chemical ingredients. You can even use the app during an exam, in the lab, or while taking a chemistry class.

The application is designed to be very intuitive, and usage is extremely simple. If you want to learn about the element, then you click on any element necessary to display the information. All information is constantly updated. In particular, each element/heading has a related illustration. This is extremely important because imaging enhances chemical element recognition.

Alternatively, the app can link directly to Wikipedia. You will find it easier to look up information, and increase your chemistry understanding. In particular, the search engine is not picky about the writing style, so you can easily find the data you need quickly.

You can easily search for any element through the streamlined application of application. Chemical elements are arranged in 10 different categories, for example the alkaline earth metal group, the Halogens group, the Semiconductor group, and many other common groups. The elements of the selected category will be listed in the search results. Additionally, you get quick access to the elements, as they are all highlighted in the table on the main application screen.

Great chemistry app, and for everyone

“Periodic Table 2021 PRO – Chemistry” is suitable for a wide range of subjects, such as chemistry students, students majoring in chemistry, or experts in chemistry.

The app also has solubility tables to make it easier for you to study chemistry. The solubility table of the “salt-acid-base” mixture is essential for chemistry learning, and is extremely important to the students at school. Solubility is the ability of one substance to form homogeneous systems with other substances in the same solution. The solubility table was used to verify the reaction conditions, and the precipitate formation.

The application provides a list of isotopes of the elements and their respective properties. The app also provides a molar calculator to help calculate the molar mass of a chemical compound.

If you love the dream of a virtual chemistry lab, then you should use the application “CHEMIST – Virtual Chem Lab“. The application allows you to experiment with different equipment in the laboratory. Application has diversity in chemical testing. This saves you time and effort in buying chemicals, and cleaning the lab. A perfect app to experiment, explore, learn, or relax about chemistry.

In summary, “Periodic Table 2021 PRO – Chemistry” is a great chemistry periodic table, and extremely convenient. The application helps you to discover different groups of elements in different colors. All elements have images in them, and you can zoom in and out of the image. The application will display all necessary information about the chemical elements such as atomic mass, electronegativity, electron configuration, and much other information. In addition, the app also has a useful search function. Therefore, the app is a perfect choice for either professional chemistry study or research.

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