PhotoPills MOD APK 1.8.11 (Paid for free)

PhotoPills MOD APK 1.8.11 (Paid for free)

October 26, 2023


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PhotoPills, SL
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Paid for free

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If you are a photography enthusiast, and always want to capture every impressive moment with your phone, download “PhotoPills” now!

PhotoPills allows you to be creative in every photo. You can create the appearance of the sky, the Moon, and fantastical imaginary scenes into a realistic image. Then you start taking pictures and make the photo a legendary memory!

PhotoPills satisfies anyone’s passion, and is ready to bring about landscapes as beautiful as the endless night sky. The application is also suitable for supporting wedding photography, or world travel. PhotoPills, SL, produce PhotoPills. The app helps you discover artistic possibilities, and tell amazing visual stories most enjoyably.

Good support application for photography

PhotoPills helps to take better photos through a diverse and powerful toolbox. The app has many different tools, and each one serves another purpose for each shot. The application supports various image types, such as the sea at dawn, the Milky Way in the middle of the night, the sunrise over the city. Several tools help you research and plan your photography. Several tools allow you to take photos in mock locations. Several tools help you choose the best lens for the best image quality.

PhotoPills received a lot of attention from many people specializing in photography. Over time, the application becomes extremely rich in features and is always improved in many ways. Another strong point of PhotoPills is its intuitive and straightforward user interface. Currently, PhotoPills contains up to 16 tools, and each device has its specific functions.

The outstanding features of the application

PhotoPills is impressed by its “Planner” function. The feature enables the ability to see the future and plan the best photo for the future. You save your plans for a great photo session. The feature allows access to maps, and can set both the location and the date you want to capture. Then you check the position of the sun, Moon and galaxy in reality. Sure, you can plan your photography as you like. In addition, the application displays the map according to the aerial shot.

The “Sun & Moon” feature allows you to see all the details about the position of the sun and Moon. From here, you verify primary sun data, and get information like a blue hour and twilight best for planning your photography. Significantly, the “Sun & Moon” Feature is very intuitive in Augmented Reality.

The “Exposure” feature allows you to create the necessary photo filter. This feature helps to calculate the required exposure compensation, and is extremely useful for on-camera settings. The Self-timer setting gives a timer, and the camera automatically shoots based on the necessary calculations.

The “Meteor Showers” ​​feature is essential if you like taking photos at night. This feature helps you check the event’s calendar, and estimate the visibility of the meteor depending on the current location.

The “Spot Stars” feature is essential if you love starry skies. The quality can calculate the maximum shutter speed that allows full capture of the stars through focal length, aperture, minimum tilt, and accuracy.

The “Time Lapse” feature helps you calculate the results of your photography by entering the desired result parameters. The feature provides:

Indicators of the time taken to take a photo.

The duration and interval between shots.

The amount of image memory.

In addition, PhotoPills also has many other attractive features. This makes it easier for a photographer to take pictures in the field. The “Timer” feature uses the stopwatch to execute the shots perfectly. The “Subject Distance” feature helps to calculate the minimum subject distance. The “Focal Length Match” feature helps to calculate the equivalence between two different camera bodies.

Share your amazing photos with everyone

PhotoPills also allows you to become a legend. The producer always appreciates the time, energy and love of each photo. Therefore, you can be honored, and win a prize of up to 6,500 USD with the best shot. Don’t waste a single great scene, and create a list of plans and locations on time.

The app will spread the love of photography and travel to everyone. You can discover extraordinary places, create your database of locations. One thing is that PhotoPills allows you to become Alice in the beautiful wonderland to create legendary images. It’s recommended that you learn how to use each feature well, and look for lots of tutorials on the PhotoPills website or YouTube channel.


PhotoPills is an excellent choice if you need a powerful application related to photo planning. The application has a lot of valuable tools, the user interface is pleasant and friendly. In addition, the application has a lot of documentation/video tutorials, and constant updates.

However, PhotoPills is a professional application, and challenging to use because of many complex tools. Therefore, users need a lot of time to take advantage of different features. Besides, you must have a lot of photography experience, and know all the correct camera settings. Professional photographers will get the most out of the app in many ways.

In short, PhotoPills helps you take better photos in an epic location. You use the app to plan accordingly, and perfect the final shot.

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