PicWish MOD APK 1.7.0 (Pro Unlocked)

PicWish MOD APK 1.7.0 (Pro Unlocked)

WangxuTech Pro Unlocked

PicWish is the perfect Android application for those who are interested in editing and customizing photos with ease.


Enjoy using the most amazing AI photo editor of PicWish, as it allows you to quickly and effectively edit any existing videos or photos on the go. Make uses of the powerful yet convenient retouch engines to handle all your videos and photos with just a few touches.

Tons of applications and implementations will be available, thanks to this amazing app.

Easy and convenient background remover

Start by working with the execellent background remover in PicWish, as it lets you automatically separate photo backgrounds from any objects on the pictures, or vice versa. Feel free to also use the manual editor to select and erase backgrounds as you wish.

Customize the photo backgrounds, add or extract certain elements on the images, and enjoy using the one-touch AI remover. Make uses of other editing features to make sure you’re comfortable with the result.

Make uses of the powerful photo enhancer

Have access to the powerful photo enhancer of PicWish, as it allows you to quickly trim up and improve the image quality within seconds. The built-in features can help you unblur, colorize, sharpen, and further enhance the photos.

Edit and retouch photos in seconds

Make good uses of the photo retouching feature in PicWish, which were designed to handle any unpleasant elements on the images. The app designers know exactly what you need by providing all the tools necessary to handle any blemishes.

Also, you can enable the simple editing tools of Resizing, Brightness, Coloring, and other options, so your photos would look and feel perfect.

Customize photo and video backgrounds with AI

The built-in AI engine is designed to handle all photos and videos, especially when it comes to background handling. You can automatically remove any backgrounds from the selected photos and videos with just a simple touch.

Built-in tools for easy applications

Feel free to make the most of the powerful and convenient features in PicWish, each was designed to handle a specific task for you.

Enjoy playing with the AI Face Swap feature to unlock interesting images and combinations of faces of the photos. Thus, giving you a lot of cool ideas for a social media post.

Easily create a suitable ID photos from your original picture, using the powerful AI background remover. And with PicWish, you can have the common and customizable size profiles always available.

Add or remove certain elements of texts, logos, and others on the photos, using the simple touch-and-drag interactions.

And enjoy using the powerful Batch mode, that will let you edit up to 30 different photos at a time. Thus, making the app a lot more productive and convenient.

Have access to our modded app

And for those who are interested, we are also offering our free premium app, which you can download and enjoy at any time. There is no need to pay for the Pro Unlocked features, just need to use our app. Enjoy HD exporting features, unlimited AI edits, premium templates, and removal of the PicWish logo on your photos. Together with dozens of other unlocked features.


With simple design, easy implementations, and lots of capabilities, PicWish is the perfect photo companion for you to edit and enhance any selected pics or videos.

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