Ponpu MOD APK 0.2 (Paid for free)

Ponpu MOD APK 0.2 (Paid for free)

April 18, 2021


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Ponpu is a fun 2D action-adventure game. The game is inspired by Bomberman’s classic gameplay. The game elevates the strategy genre, and creates a new, exciting action direction. The game adds new mechanics and features on super smooth 2D hand-drawn graphics. Players embark on an intergalactic adventure, and you’ll be a funny little black duck. The game features an epic single player campaign, and you will face some exciting boss battles. Get ready for a race to defeat the all-powerful Duck-God, and defend the universe.

About GamePlay

Ponpu talks about a funny little black duck with big red eyes. You will accompany Ponpu in an exciting adventure, and must stop the evil Duck-God. Battle powerful bosses, and experience the action adventure clearly inspired by classic Bomberman. You use the basic skill to drop explosive bombs, just like the Bomberman himself. You use bombs to destroy enemies, overcome obstacles and do many other interesting things. The game has special abilities that allow fighting at many different angles. You walk around the field, destroy enemies with bombs, activate shields to block attacks, and use special skills to conquer the battlefield.

Ponpu brings many interesting characters in a cosmic journey. You can choose from four different characters to role-play, and each character has their own unique abilities. You choose the right hero for many different jobs. The game offers many worlds to explore, and tons of interesting secrets. The main character also has many different combat abilities such as javelin, pushing enemies, forming shield, dropping and pushing bombs, so you can choose from different play styles. The game offers an epic Single-player Campaign mode, and you’ll face the most exciting bosses in the race to defeat the all-powerful Duck-God. You hone your skills during the Campaign through many tough rounds. You can battle your friends (or foes) in local or online Multiplayer mode. Besides campaign mode, the game also offers three interesting game modes. You will feel clear about chaos and extreme fun. For example, if you enter the “Deathmatch” mode, then you must become the last survivor to win. If you participate in the “Coin steal” mode, then you must store the most coins before the time runs out. If you enter the “Paint battle” mode, then you have to paint the town red (or whatever color you like) to win. The game brings a new concept of the classic bombing genre.

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Ponpu also creates an attraction through an epic campaign with big bosses. The game offers interesting battles, through epic arsenal. You will play as a duck with endless combat ability and agility, and use the duck’s impermanent abilities to overcome challenges, solve problems (like puzzles), kill bosses to stop. evil forces. The game is fun to play with, and is similarly fast-paced. The gameplay is very simple. Players can collect gold coins to strengthen themselves. In particular, the game also supports fighting with friends on one screen (online connection), or split screen. Try to master your skills in battle, and you can battle your friends (or foes) online or on local networks. Monsters are very strange and very powerful. Players can kill monsters, and upgrade to unlock more evolution points for little Duck. The game is very simple, and there are a lot of gifts and props that you can get for free.

Ponpu offers great entertainment because of the great graphics and atmosphere. The game offers unforgettable hours of entertainment through interesting matches, with a variety of game modes. You will face off against the strongest opponents, and solve puzzles, overcome difficult traps. The game is indeed a serious test even for an experienced player. The game offers an interesting intergalactic adventure, and everything is so funny when you accompany the funny Duck Ponpu. The game has an intuitive action style, and is extremely unique. The game has a simple story, and your only goal in this adventure is to defeat the Almighty Duck. You will have a lot of work to do, and overcome various challenges to stop the plan of cosmic destruction.

Ponpu has a lot of fast, and hasty action. You will create many eggs, and explode bombs to destroy opponents. The game combines classic gameplay with crazy fun mechanics. All packed in one interesting art style. Besides the campaign mode, the game also makes fun through the frenetic multiplayer mode (offline and online), epic battles with big bosses, and three exciting game modes ( Deathmatch, Steal Coins, Paint Battle). Satisfying and addictive multiplayer mode – a great addition when the single player adventure is over officially. Players will also enjoy the arsenal of “egg weapons” extremely majestic, and strange.

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Ponpu has a fast action, so the control is also optimized for the phone. In general, the controls are easy to understand. You use your finger on the screen to navigate Little Duck, and press the appropriate action button to place bombs, to use special skills.

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Graphics and sound

Ponpu is impressed by its unique art style. The hand-drawn 2D graphics are impressive, colors are intuitive, are easy on the eyes, and are great for games. The graphics are designed smoothly, so it is very suitable for dynamic gameplay. The graphics are designed in the spirit of high-quality cartoon-action games. You will enjoy modern animations, airy background music, and beautifully designed game-level backgrounds. In short, the game has breathtaking aesthetic design and vibrant music. It is the harmonious combination between graphics and sound, so experience the story mode is more complete.

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In short, Ponpu is an extremely fun 2D action game if you love classic bombing. The game has interesting adventures in many worlds. You discover many wonderful things through each challenge. Each world has a different theme, so you won’t get bored after a long time. The unique art style of the game makes the world come to life. Get ready to become a powerful little Duck to stop the cruelty of the Duck-God, and protect the peace of the universe. The game has a lot of secret hideout spots to explore. Try out different multiplayer modes to enhance your experience, after completing the campaign mode.

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