Potion Punch MOD APK 7.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

Potion Punch MOD APK 7.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

January 28, 2023


Additional Information
Monstronauts Inc.
116 MB
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Unlimited Money

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You might have the habit of installing loads of mobile games that probably catch your attention. After playing a few rounds, you decide to remove them from the phone just because all the games are quite similar to one another. Potion Punch will change your mind for sure! It’s a fun cooking arcade game developed by Monstronauts.

It’s a small game company that has its base in Quezon City, Philippines. In case you don’t know, it was founded in 2015. The game allows you to run and grow your potion store like a real boss in the most striking time-management game ever. So this is a cooking one, and your main job is to stand at the bar and serve your clients…different stuff.

General Information

Differing from other cooking games like Cooking City or Diner dash, Potion Punch doesn’t require you to cook burgers, pizzas, or anything else like that. Such a thing makes the game unique in the eyes of players. Right from the beginning, it’s just all about preparing magic potions in the unusual world for human beings, elves, dwarfs, and other weird creatures.

How about your first reaction to that game for the initial time? I bet that you would say “wow” and just install it right away. Then how is Potion Punch going? This time management game kicks off gradually with the presence of a gnome who will direct you to do everything. He would teach you the best way to mix your magical potions, so pay attention to him around this time.

These potions usually come in red, blue, and yellow as well as the secondary shades for you to blend with ease. Well, that’s all we claim the game to be “colorful” since we mean it. Through many acts of mixing and matching, the player gets a chance to master color theory and concoct every potion that can span the shade spectrum.

Potion Punch screen 2

As you see, the simple mechanic here is classic for these types of games. But luckily,

Potion Punch has many special elements to make itself unique as compared to others. The two major things are potions and runes. However, does it mean that you have to deal with potions most of the time? Apart from these items, you will also sell snacks like a gecko. It’s real! Let’s grill it whenever your client places an order.

Does it scare you yet? The players won’t ever find the normal dishes commonly seen in their world. Instead of these, they must prepare weird dishes to please clients, from Mandragora roots to dragon meat that is supposed to be so tasty to the tummy. Come to try it once, and you’ll understand how excellent and challenging it is, not to mention its wonderful gameplay and vivid interface.

Download this solid cooking game to test your patience and time management now! Everything comes up in a bright fantasy setting and you must use many various mechanics to keep yourself interested, with a friendly environment. Don’t waste time but play it soon as well as build up your shops in 7 beautiful places across the land.

They tend to stretch from the cheery Starluch Village to the spectacular Emberlion Kingdom. More importantly, don’t ever forget to earn your better equipment and upgrade your shop with beautiful furniture and decorations to keep every traveler merry. During the game, you’re given daily goals to fulfill, like serving a minimum number of clients for example.

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Overall assessments

Do not just sit there and waiting long since these potions can’t make themselves. People enjoy this game, especially when they can be a bartender and a cook at the same time. Note that it’s possible to encounter new clients, and you don’t need the Internet for unlocking your new shop. In other words, most players love it because it can be played offline.

Undoubtedly, Potion Punch is one of the best cooking games you’ve played. It’s not only addictive, free but also interesting to play without any forced ads. This means you probably watch ads to earn some extra items, but it’s optional. Feel free to play it without doing so, which is quite hard to come by in mobile games nowadays.

Some people claim to have the game downloaded for several months, and they’re not even bored until now. They just work all their way through all of the achievements and have such a great time. According to most of them, it would be better to have more cities in the game. Also, you can choose to watch ads to increase your rewards, but it’s not essential at all.

Potion Punch screen 1


Come to make various potions for your clients in this addictive time-management game, and we’re sure that you will love it. By using the same core gameplay concepts that have made these time management games a lot of fun to play, Potion Punch gains big concerns from players in the world. Ensure to serve your customers as fast as possible so that everyone can feel happy.

Bear in mind that extra clients could order for their potions, including health gels and snake swizlers. Meanwhile, some clients probably like their potions layered in various shades. Just meet all of their demands to increase your earnings. But please note this: your money won’t depend not just on the sales, but also food wastage and clients lost.

Don’t judge it soon, especially after playing the first few levels or days, you may feel the game a bit repetitive. It soon turns more frantic once all the orders get varied. If you want to change the mood, you can try Human Evolution Clicker, an addicting game allowing you to open the entire evolutionary collection on the planets other than the earth.

Just like that game, Potion Punch needs you to watch ads if you want to receive gems or when you must spend money constantly. In this case, don’t worry because the challenges are usually fascinating to take, which makes the game more worth playing than ever.

Besides, a lot of upgrades are available for your purchase, which makes it more exciting. A few of them might acquire gems, which are way harder to achieve than gold. If you don’t like to make any purchase with your money, then you have to work toward meeting achievements to have more gem rewards, which could take time.

Potion Punch screen 3


At first sight, it’s easy to see how cute those game graphics are, which is one of the biggest strengths the game has. Be cautious while serving the clients because if you make them wait too long, they will easily become angry and leave you some tips. Thus, you need to practice filling your potion cups as fast as you can.

Final words

Above all, Potion Punch MOD APK is a good and fun cooking game you just can’t miss. It becomes much harder as you progress, but certainly offers you enough time to master all recipes before throwing something brand new for you to mix. You only watch the ad whenever you want a boost for the shop. In other words, the game won’t force any ads on you, or require you to make in-app purchases.

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