Prisma Photo Editor MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Prisma Photo Editor MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

May 17, 2024


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With the needs for professional looking and crisp photographs on the rise, yet not a lot of people have the time nor the expertise to give them worthy makeovers. Good photo editors are being sought after for convenient photo editing on the go. The market has no shortage of the apps that boast dozens of filters and functions packed densely together into a single interface. Up to the point that it can be confusing for some due to the variety of apps out there. Today, we are looking into just one of the best contenders in this field of the app market: Prisma Photo Editor.


The point for a photo editor to succeed in this part of the market is that whether it satisfies the following requirements that everyone in the market is looking out for or else:

  • Great number of artistic filters.
  • Convenient application and usage.
  • Quick sharing ability.

As expected, due to the 110 million active users who are satisfied with Prisma, we already know first hand from the warm reception that the photo editor excels at all points above for the majority of the users. Some people may have different views on how a photo editor should be, but for the most part, Prisma seems to have done a great job at appealing to virtually everyone.

Its primary ‘weapon’ is the extensive library of filters that it packed within its coding. More than 250 art styles are available for your consideration and usage to fit any poses, scenarios, and styles you could possibly think of. There is no wondering why Prisma has become so popular in the short time that it has been active. The bread and butter of a photo editor is always its library of filters available, and Prisma has no shortage of it, unlike others with a limited repository of a few dozen styles at best.

And besides filters, Prisma also thrown in a couple functions such as colour balancing and hand on modifications that allows you to put a more manual, professional touch to your photos without relying too much on the magic of the filter.

The app is also beautifully designed, and the developers hit the nail right on the head. Since it is trying to appeal mostly to those with an eye out for art, having a bad design would be an immediate turn-off for users. Thus, they have done an exceptionally good job at designing both the organisation of their app, and the look of it.

Finally, Prisma gives you the ability to share quickly all of your photos after they are processed through a variety of social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, e.t.c. After all, you most likely have plans to share them through these platforms anyway and having Prisma on hand does not only help you prepare your photos, but also making it much more convenient to share them, as well.


Even though I do not at all want to say that Prisma is perfect for amateur photographers, it is ‘perfect’ for anyone with needs of a photo editor. There are more options out there for you to choose from, but if you’re tired of searching for that one perfect app, Prisma is a good stop for you to begin snapping.

Download Prisma Photo Editor latest Android APK

You can install Prisma Photo Editor on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and, respectively. Just download Prisma on Apkdone and install it.

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