Prize Claw 2 MOD APK 3.2 (Unlimited Money)

Prize Claw 2 MOD APK 3.2 (Unlimited Money)

June 11, 2024


Additional Information
Game Circus LLC
98.41 MB
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Unlimited Money

Prize Claw 2 poster

Prize Claw 2 is a simulation game of getting stuffed animals often found in amusement parks. You can play Prize Claw 2 to test your ingenuity by trying to pick up the most valuable items. The rewards you receive are also unique. Surely, each of us has known the familiar stuffed animal pickup game.

The gameplay was easy. But it was difficult to pick up an item, and many people had to spend money. So, instead of losing money to the amusement parks, why don’t we download Prize Claw 2. Just sit at home, at work or anywhere, and we can still pick up animals without spending a penny.

Prize Claw 2 is a mobile game that simulates the usual game of picking animals faithfully. It allows players to pick up teddy animals, diamonds, car toys, and many other interesting gifts. Especially, besides the prizes that players get are the stuffed animals, you can also bring them to business to get more bonuses.

Prize Claw 2 gives players a variety of prizes and powers to collect. Besides, there is a special puzzle for you to complete each game item. They design the game with beautiful and realistic 3D graphics. The gameplay is also simple to put players in many interesting challenges.

General Information

Prize Claw 2 is a mobile stuffed animal pickup game with not only beautiful images and effects but also has many prizes, interesting claw machines, and bonus tools. If you’ve loved Prize Claw 2, then hurry and download it for free to your phone.

Prize Claw 2 is a stuffed animal game on Android and iOS that many players love. It not only simulates the interesting cotton claw machines that you still see in festivals or shopping malls but also brings many effects, rewards and bonuses that traditional games cannot have. The successor Prize Claw 2 will also bring back all that you love from Prize Claw.

Prize Claw 2 offers players a world of fun with unique claw machines. Not only collecting attractive prizes, the game also brings beautiful effects like tornadoes or light when you win prizes. The Jackpot Lucky Spin of the game is the feature that you can earn many attractive prizes. The game also has many bonuses to help you earn more coins and prizes.

Prize Claw 2 screen 1

Not only are the ordinary stuffed animals, but Prize Claw 2 also offers rare prizes for you to conquer like dragons. Experience playing game stuffed animals on mobile is raised by Game Circus with realistic physics effects.. They bring many beautiful and attractive effects such as light, explosion, or tornado.

There are thousands of different hooks with special abilities and attractive prizes that are waiting for players to collect. Prize Claw 2 is an enormous world to explore with unique and interesting cotton claw machines. It offers beautiful HD graphics and unlimited missions.

The physical effects of the game are amazing for the most realistic arcade gaming experience. Spin the lucky machine spin for a chance to get bonuses and even the jackpot machine. You will have many attractive bonuses and boost tools to overcome hard challenges.

Prize Claw 2 screen 2

How to play Prize Claw 2?

Prize Claw 2 is the exciting supermarket cotton picker game now available on the mobile platform. Prize Claw 2 will take players to a world full of stuffed animals to conquer those stuffed animals. The game of picking up stuffed animals in game centers is familiar to everyone, especially the followers of playing machines. However, how to pick up these cute stuffed animals, not everyone can do it.

Returning to the mall, by playing the game of picking up a stuffed animal, it is very difficult for most people to pick up a stuffed animal after spending a lot of money to be allowed to take part. Fortunately, after losing a lot of slots, luck will only come once for you.

However, with Prize Claw 2, gamers will be free to conquer your favorite stuffed animals without worrying about spending money. After installing Prize Claw 2, you will play the game free from concern for how long it will take to pick it up.

The game will keep hundreds of stuffed animals in a closet, including stuffed animals that anyone would want to have. The desire to gain will draw the player in to achieve the goal. While it’s not an addictive game, Prize Claw 2 is enough of a relaxing game to play.

Prize Claw 2 screen 0

Overall Assessments

As we know, we will pick stuffed animals up with a rather loose clamp. The player must be unwise to use the buttons to shield it. So, the stuffed animal does not hit the wall or fall in the middle of the road. You will feel grateful if you are about to have a stuffed animal, but suddenly it falls away.

The times are unlimited. So, the player will gain some experience. After a few plays, you will pick up the desired stuffed animal. If every time you play this game in the supermarket, you never dare to play until you get one toy. To meet that need, it will take a vast amount of money from you. But with Prize Claw 2, it will satisfy us with that desire.

You can still never forget the feeling of being about to pick up a stuffed animal and fall down. This feeling makes anyone terrible. With Prize Claw 2, it will reunite players with all these emotions while playing. The game is modeled honestly. Although it has just been put on the Microsoft store for a while, it has attracted many players, including the children.

Compared with the version of the game to meet the stuffed animals in the supermarket, Prize Claw 2 gives us more interesting things with different tasks that require players to complete. In addition, we also get diamond gems to help with the picking of the stuffed animals by completing the tasks that the game offers. Then, using diamonds to buy power-ups.

When we have more coins, we can upgrade this stuffed animal claw machine to make it more modern. You can even use this coin to buy more convenient features to buy the machine as you like. The cotton claw machine in Prize Claw 2 has a much more attractive color than the machine at the supermarket So, you will be attracted to it.

Prize Claw 2 screen 3

Final Words

Besides Prize Claw 2, if you love simple and fun games, Plant vs Zombie will be the most suitable for you with growing plants to catch ghosts interesting. Plant vs Zombie has impressive graphics with full images. The player’s task is to arrange the plants to prevent the zombies from attacking.

It is a game that simulates a coin-operated toy grabber. It not only restores all the functions of the arcade machine but also adds a lot of unique gameplay. You can collect coins to upgrade your machine claws, customize the appearance of the machine, and unlock ultimate skills and more kinds of dolls. The more dolls you catch, the more rewards you get. The rewarded toys can also decorate the room that comes with the game, which is very fulfilling.

Prize Claw 2 MOD APK promises to bring you a very interesting game to review your childhood memories of this lovely game. Either way, stuffed animals are still toys that everyone loves. So, download the game Prize Claw 2 MOD APK to join us in this familiar, cute, blunt stuffed animal picker game.

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