Pro Metronome MOD APK 0.14.2 (Unlocked)

Pro Metronome MOD APK 0.14.2 (Unlocked)

December 14, 2023

Music & Audio

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EUMLab - Xanin Technology GmbH
18.63 MB
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Download the Pro Metronome app if you need a sure beat in every track!

If you are a music lover, and you use musical instruments a lot, you must have a sure rhythm. Pro Metronome will help you have a sure rhythm. The application becomes a great companion with you in daily practice or performance on stage.

The app has improved rhythm capabilities for more than 3 million people, on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Many great features in the application about rhythm

Pro Metronome offers a modern, intuitive design. The new “time signature” interface is newly designed, and users can customize it in any way they like. Currently, the app has 13 styles of timekeeping, and the app also lets you choose your favorite beat sounds. It could be drumming, laser sound, or even human counting.

In particular, the application uses RTP (Real-Time Playback) technology, so it brings more accurate performance than the traditional mechanical metronome.

Pro Metronome is highly customizable in many ways. You can change the beat, stress, and options sound between 4 different beat volume levels (“f”, “mf”, “p” and “mute”). You can even set up multi-metric and create complex patterns with three marks, dot notes, and non-standard “time signature”.

The app offers several ways to experience the beats. All versions have audio, and you can choose between Visual, Flash, and Vibrate. The Picture and Vibration modes are useful when you are playing loud instruments, or for increasing the sense of rhythm.

Flash mode allows using your device’s camera flash to easily synchronize everything. Plus, you can stream video and audio from the app to the projector or speaker while using AirPlay. You can even use your voice to count beats.

Increase training efficiency and improve musical abilities

Pro Metronome helps you keep time while improving your training. Musicians (especially drummers) must always keep a steady beat.

Therefore, the application supports the Rhythm Trainer function. The app plays a bar, then mutes the next. This allows you to check your timing and rhythm stability. You increase the mute time when you want to have a harder workout, and always hit perfect timing. This is a great function and is not available in any application of the same type. A great idea to increase the stamina and precision of musicians.

Pro Metronome also supports many other features: multi-rhythm mode helps musicians hear and visualize complex rhythm patterns; background play mode saves energy when only active in the lock screen, home screen; adjust the desired volume; BPM calculation in real-time; different color modes for each beat; pendulum mode for intuitive feedback; timer to help you control practice time; stage mode to accompany musicians in each performance.

Pro Metronome also allows you to save favorite playlists. Then, you share with your friends on many different systems (Android / iOS). You can even increase the difficulty by playing multi-rhythms, meaning you play two rhythm tracks at the same time.

In short, the application is very effective and suitable for anyone, as well as a useful application for any musician. However, the application still does not have many highlights, and is still not too perfect. However, the application continues to be improved by the manufacturer EUMLab. Therefore, users always feel great in the next updates.


Pro Metronome is a great companion for every musician. Whether you are learning guitar head, piano, or drumming. The app also helps bands to have a solid rhythm. Compared with the traditional metronome, the application is much more convenient. The application is full of useful features for a perfect performance.

The app allows you to adjust the tempo, the sound of the metronome (over 10 different sounds), and the time signature. The application also allows setting a timer to increase the efficiency of training. In particular, the feature “Rhythm Trainer” is a worthwhile plus.

In short, the application combines the right balance between efficiency and ease of use. An excellent application for the friendly picture modes, flash, the ability to vibrate and broadcast. All of this helps to improve your musical abilities through sight and hearing. In addition, you can program in-depth segments, multi-rhythms, and many other great things.

The app is easy to use, and suitable for any musician looking to stabilize the boundaries of his favorite rhythm.

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