Pumped BMX 2 MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlocked)

Pumped BMX 2 MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlocked)

February 24, 2023


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Pumped BMX 2 poster

Pumped BMX 2 is a racing game performance attractive with a massive number of screens and difficulty. The Pumped BMX 2 experience will remind you of the popular Max Air BMX of the same genre.

However, although there are still many similarities that are mainly because of the same game genre, both series are different in terms of experience. The most common point is probably a highly challenging game experience.

Those challenges require not only the player’s level of performance but also must know how to make use of the perfect moment to break through and overcome a series of obstacles. If you are familiar with the Trials series, players will have easy access to Pumped BMX 2.

General Information

Pumped BMX 2 APK is the sequel to the last pattern cycling game BMX Adventure. Like the previous game, we still focus the pivotal point of play in the game on the player’s BMX, and the player has to drive one.

Ordinary bicycles, within the limited distance of the level, think about how to deal with unique characteristics of the terrain, give full play to the maximum stunts combined with the bicycle, make the coolest high-score moves, and pass the level smoothly.

The BMX’s stunts are massive, but the performances are also very detailed and in place. Even if the time spent in the air is not very long, we can still see the actions performed by the characters in the air, such as turning the front of the car, flipping the vehicle, and straightening the body.

The most significant change of the sequel Pumped BMX 2 APK from the original is the 3D. The cartoon style is comparable to that of “Joe Danger”, and new super-difficulties such as “360-degree dragon tail swing” skills and new challenges will also be added. The developer said that the sequel also added a lot of well-designed obstacles and combined skill moves, striving to allow players to show more proper steps.

It can display new actions; even players who are operating themselves can’t help but burst into the blood and become nervous. The player controls the character to ride a BMX, sprinting and leaping on unfamiliar terrains, making various fresh actions, and getting top scores. The action elements in the game are vibrant, and the physical effects are also amazing.


Pumped BMX 2 APK is the sequel to the BMX adventure. The sequel still has a relaxed style, but they have improved the graphics and the gameplay to a certain extent, especially since the original graphics are 3D. Some new tricks will be added to the game, and there will be more scenes and obstacles!

Pumped BMX 2 game developer is Adam Hunt. The success of the first game pays more attention to details and game experience in the second sequel. Many actions look more styled and beautiful. The cartoon style can be Comparable to “Joe Danger”, and super-difficult new skills and challenges such as “360-degree dragon tail swing” will also be added.

The other features that are worth getting started are, first, more moves, and they are all those aerial moves that are popular now. Then there are some combinations of actions and rotations.

The first version of the picture is 2D, which is easy to handle most times. But the alternative version of the game has 3D graphics. For example, actions like Truck Driver look more exciting and beautiful, but the production is more complicated. The developer said that the sequel also added well-designed obstacles and combined skills to allow players to perform more realistic moves.

Pumped BMX 2 screen 4


This work is the latest in the bicycle game series by free studio BMX tricks produced by individual studio Yeah Us! Games. The player operates a BMX bike and tries various stunts on a designated course to achieve top scores and challenges.

There are various stunts, such as rotation and poses. You must combine and aim for a top score. Landing is essential because no matter what trick you hit, it makes little sense if you don’t land properly.

In this work, choose 15 riders prepared in the game or original riders created by yourself, and challenge over 60 courses. It seems that trails with rich scenery such as forests, wilderness, and snowy mountains will appear.

Combining over 40 tricks to score chief points, avoid nasty obstacles, and reach the goal. Besides, over 200 challenges are prepared, and it is possible to compete by competing for a top score with a leader board.

According to Curve Digital, the development of this work has started in response to the marvellous success of its previous work, Pumped BMX. The graphics have been redesigned, a new physics engine has been introduced, and they will release a lot of content. With this physics engine, the game emphasizes “failure production”.

Yeah Us!’s “BMX” series was released for mobile and then appeared for PCs and consoles. However, Pumped BMX 2 APK is removing mobile as an option and adding Nintendo Switch as a new platform. The game has improved graphics as a game that you can play more carefully, and they have optimized it for the gamepad, so let’s look forward to it.

Pumped BMX 2 screen 1

Highlights of Pumped BMX 2 Mod APK

Pump BMX 2 Mod APK is a 3D, adventure, side-scrolling, stun, and single-player video game developed and published by Noodlecake Studios. In the game, the player can play the role of a young boy character, allowing him to control his bike and ride his way through increasingly extra levels while performing crazy stunt combinations.

The game offers over 16 BMX tricks that you can combine with unlimited creativity, such as spins, flips, and more. You can also throw the best moves to beat other players around the world. Pumped BMX 2 offers 50 challenges at 500 levels because of its friendly difficulty.

The game contains core features such as simple controls, original tracks with different ground themes, ultra-precision physics, and 16 tricks. It has very addictive gameplay, actual storylines, beautiful visuals, and excellent background music.

Pumping BMX 2 is a splendid game compared to other genres. The plus point of the graphics is the screen environment. It is quite detailed, at least when compared to the player’s character.

Although the graphic background is quite animated, which does not make much impression, the physical elements of the performances are impressive.

Each performance is very challenging and brings a feeling of realness. Each running theme has its signature. But perhaps because of the lack of investment, it is easy to bring the opposite emotions. Though it was not as impressive as expected, it was not bad enough to be deplorable.

The biggest problem in the experience is that players need to reach the speed necessary to create the flying-bike stages when performing. It depends a lot on the moments when a button is pressed and let go of the experience.

Those moments are not natural, because only fast or half a second late has brought an extraordinary result. You also have to calculate in a snap the time of flying-bike to choose the stunts to get the most points and perform the game’s challenges to achieve the above goal if you want to receive a medal.


Graphics are probably the weakest point of the game, especially when it is the first element that catches the player’s eye. The characters’ movement is only decent, but still feels stiff and not yet flexible.

Interestingly, the fall scenes of the riders performed humorously because of the special rag-doll physics effect. It will surely bring a refreshing laugh in the experience.

We do not see graphics as a weakness of Pumped BMX 2 APK because the characteristics of this game series are not in the graphic element. However, if developers can invest a little more for this element, it will be more attractive.

It sounds easy, but even from the beginning of the tutorial can make you cry. It is probably the most significant minus point of the game, especially when it is essential to help new players access the game.

Besides the essential gameplay elements, Pumped BMX 2 guides adequately the performances that must be performed through the push of a button. However, the game does not demo for you to watch with a short video for easy understanding but only guides players to manipulate words and words.

For those who have never experienced this series, it will undoubtedly challenge them to fulfill the tutorial’s requirements. It is worth mentioning that this guide is strict in the challenging content, causing many embarrassments if you accidentally do so.

For example, the game requires you to perform a 360-degree rotation, but if you have a mistaken rotation of 720 degrees or more, it does not accept this answer. At first, we were quite frustrated when we kept doing as required, but the tutorial did not take and could not guess the reason.

It was not working until we noticed the interface of the game, seeing a status line in the right corner that had to count the rotation of up to 720 or even 1080 degrees, we understood the problem vaguely.

The rather unfortunate problem is that Pumped BMX 2 does not have multiplayer content. This series can be competitive and will be more attractive if the player can compete to perform with another player to compete. Race to see who gets the highest score.

Especially on the Nintendo Switch, there is a significant advantage in the local multiplayer experience with the ability to split the Joy-Con controller into different controllers. But the game does not take advantage of this factor.

Pumped BMX 2 screen 2

Touchgrind BMX is a 3D, free, stunts, single-player video game by Illusion Laps. In this game, players become BMX and perform various incredible tricks at different breathing locations around the world. At the beginning of the game, players will play the tutorial levels.

Experience the best environment in amazing locations around the world. Jump off the rooftops of 50 meters above the skyline surrounded by skyscrapers, glide down a high mountain slope from the mini ramps, run through grizzly trails, and prepare to die in the narrow valleys of the Viper Valley.

BMX is fully customizable. You can select your favorite parts such as frame, handlebar, wheel, seat, paint. If you unlock the crate, you will get additional parts and specialized bikes.

Challenge your friends and other Touchgrind BMX fans to compete in individual showdowns or take part in in-game tournaments.

Complete challenges, increase ranks, score extraordinary performances, and win shining trophies. Then compare your best score to players from around the world and domestic players. Learn tricks like Burspin, Tail Whip, Bike Flip, Back Flip, and 360 to boost your adrenaline levels to the max and decide ridiculous combo moves to get silly scores.

Share your skills with the world and show off your crazy run. Surprise your friends with real-time or slow-motion, replay, or bike camera choices to generate 720p or higher quality video that can be opened on any platform.

With the best graphics and authentic audio, Touchgrind BMX 2 is sure to liven up. It’s up to your imagination to decide what a BMX rider will be once you get the bike off the ramp.

Pumped BMX 2 screen 3

Final Words

Pumped BMX 2 Mod APK offers a fascinating and exciting racing experience. However, the game’s great difficulty can be daunting for those who are new to the game and do not understand how the games of this genre work.

It is still a remarkable game with a featured experience attractive and no less challenging if you like this genre.

The most significant difference is that instead of performing by large displacement motorcycles, players will use bicycles to perform. Therefore, factors such as gear and revved to speed up when necessary are removed.

You must take advantage of the slopes in the screen design to perform stunts of heart-pounding. The experience is simple at first, but the level of challenge is exploding, bringing a very engaging experience to those who love thrilling performances.

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