Punch Club MOD APK 1.37 (Unlimited Money)

Punch Club MOD APK 1.37 (Unlimited Money)

November 10, 2020


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When “The Sims” is mentioned, most of the players will recognize it immediately because of its fascinating, one-of-a-kind gameplay. It is popularly known that gamers will take care of their character by controlling them doing daily activities like in real life. But what if “The Sims” is too relaxing and not enough while you want something more realistic, such as fighting.

Introducing “Punch Club” – developed by Lazy Bear Games – is a mixture of RPG, fighter, and training game title that forces your character to train hard, eat healthily and reach the top of the charts. In this game, players can experience almost everything that they have done in reality, from taking care of oneself to working to make money. There is no doubt that “Punch Club” has a feature that many simulator games do not have, which is street fighting.


The story starts with a tragic scene where the main character’s dad, a ring fighter, was shot by some thugs in the street in front of his child. As time passes by, he grows up with a dream of taking up his father’s legacy as the ultimate fighter and get revenge for his death. You will start at rock bottom, which is obvious, and your mission is to stay healthy, keep body and soul together and enter ring fights to climb the ladder and become the very best.

“Punch Club” combines life management with a deep set of RPG options. The game simulates the harshness of reality well that it is possible that you get robbed all of the sudden. To achieve the ultimate goal of defeating every opponent, players must hit the gym, make money, make some friends, whether it’s on the books, in the street, or in a shady fight club. While playing “Punch Club”, players can notice some references to Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.

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Familiar and engrossing gameplay

“Punch Club” has very modern sim gameplay. You play by selecting different items and actions for your character to perform. Just like in real life, in order to survive the days and nights, you will have to look for a job to provide for your needs. Your fighter will need to eat, sleep, train for the fights, and more. By doing these activities, players can maximize their parameters including life, hunger, happiness, tiredness, and money aspects.

In addition, players lose some stats every single day. The higher your stat is, the more you lose. This can be frustrating and takes a good amount of time. Since fighting is quite a crucial part of the game, players have to make time to train their strength, stamina stats, and speed, either at home or at the gym.

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A whole world is waiting to be discovered

A tutorial will be clearly shown, after that, players can explore the map in leisure. You can explore the map by walking around or spend money to take a bus. Be careful when you walk around with too much money, you can be robbed, and robbers are quite strong early game. Traveling from place to place can find you jobs such as construction or pizza delivery, which can take up to half of your day. Money can also be earned from fights but not much early on.

New locations are unlocked and will offer a few quests as well as side jobs so that players can earn money. You can receive your professional fighter license, and even get a sponsor. Sometimes, activities can be repetitive like training at the gym or at home.

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Developing skills and abilities to win the fight

Like any other combat games, the three main traits are strength, stamina, and speed. It is recommended to focus on one area. In order to upgrade a skill, the currency that players earn from fights is required. The cost will go up after players successfully purchase a skill, and sadly, there is no reset button, so it is wise to plan ahead what path they will go for. Different skills have multiple buffs and debuffs, which take different levels of energy. Different workouts raise different stats. Choose which skills you prefer and develop it to see its full potential.

There is a variety of unlockable abilities for you to discover. Players can use a kick to crush the enemy’s stamina, pull out an extremely powerful punch, etc. The abilities do take up a number of slots, so players have to be careful with their choices.

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Fighting is not a simple task

When players enter a fight, it is noticeable that it is non-interactive, and sometimes it is a gamble because it is up to the character to use his abilities. Players can only watch them happen, yet they can still change skills in each round. After finishing a fight, players can earn skills points to learn new moves and upgrades. Even if you lose one, you will still get a couple of skill points.

Full health is necessary to prepare for any fight. Before the fight, players can choose the moves, and the choices are limited. During one, you will take damage, and it takes time to heal, going to a fight with low health will affect your hit points. Expensive upgrades can prevent the degrading process, yet it can be a waste when there are more appealing upgrades.

Unlimited Money

Players do not have to worry about shortage of money because “Punch Club” has supported unlimited money feature. Feel free to spend money on whatever you want.



The game is basically made like some 90s movies, and the pixel art is incredibly stunning with 16-bit pixel characters and environments. Every detail is retro and old-school looking, the colors are appealing, the animation and framerate run smoothly. Punch Club is said to support 3D animation; however, no actual scenarios are in 3D.


The sounds and music feel straight out of the 90s, the soundtracks by artist DaVince are various and fun to hear. Overall, I don’t think there are any complaints about the sound aspect.


Punch Club Mod APK is an addictive game mixing between simulating and fighting features. Besides its gameplay, the game undoubtedly stands out thanks to its retro graphics and melodic sound. Players can also find some humorous moments while enjoying the game. All in all, “Punch Club” is definitely worth the time for you to enjoy after a hard-working day.

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