Puppy Town MOD APK 1.3.2 (Free Shopping)

Puppy Town MOD APK 1.3.2 (Free Shopping)

MeetJoy Studio Free Shopping

Puppy Town MOD APK is a fun pet game in which players will merge your puppies to make money and build your puppy town. In Puppy Town, you will start with a basic Shiba Inu and merge them. You will have a Husky Sibir to grow and create other breeds.

Puppy Town is a game for pet lovers that you need to pair two puppies into one. There is about one puppy that is born every ten seconds when the icon changes from black and white to their color. The game allows players to upgrade dogs manually or buy dogs from the store if you have enough money. The more you buy, the higher their price increases.

Installation of Puppy Town

With Puppy Town, players can freely build a dog farm for themselves. You will merge, develop, and breed the new breeds compared to the original. If you love the simple casual game genre, download and install Puppy Town right away. The player in the game Puppy Town is straightforward. Just merge the dogs with the same appearance to create many new species with adorable shapes. After playing Puppy Town for days, you will own your dog farm.

  • Step 1: Initially, you need to download and install Puppy Town on your phone. Then, choose the appropriate operating system for the device to avoid errors.
  • Step 2: Start the game after a successful installation. At the primary interface, click Play and start the journey of gathering to get your favorite puppies.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions of the Puppy Town game, swipe from left to right to create a whole new breed.
  • Step 4: Also, you can click on the dog icon below to buy and perform grafting to create a more advanced species.

Puppy Town also has a system of daily tasks and achievements. They provide an abundant amount of money that is not small for you to buy more puppies. Especially, Puppy Town has an auto-merge function that your puppy will be automatically merged right after watching a three-minute video. Click the star and start watching the video.

How to Play Puppy Town?

If you are an enthusiast of the pet game genre, especially the cute dog care games, you cannot ignore Puppy Town. This game is currently one of the most popular mobile games. When playing this game, we will start with a cute Shiba Inu puppy. All you need to do is to merge the puppies of the same type into new breeds.

From there, you will develop breeding and own yourself a wonderful pet farm. The following will be instructions for installing and playing the game at Puppy Town on your phone.

At the primary interface of the game, click the Play button. Next, the phone screen will display the introductory and basic instructions of the game publisher right after the first experience.

To unify the dogs, swipe two dogs of the same species into one, from which we will create a new breed. It unlocks each new dog at a different level. The higher the dog’s level, the higher the amount you will receive from it.

Click the dog at the bottom of the screen to add a new dog. For every ten seconds, players will receive a free dog. Alternatively, click on the Shop item to buy more dogs. Besides making money from fusing dogs, you can also do other things such as.

  • Do daily missions: Each mission completed, players will receive an extensive amount of money.
  • Achievements: It is where you achieve statistics to unlock achievements from completing the requirements will also help you earn more money in the game.
  • Double the money: Here people will see the ad, then receive double the amount they have.

Above is the instruction for installing and playing the game at Puppy Town. Hopefully, with this unique game, you can entertain and relax after many hours of study and stressful work.

Tips and Tricks for Puppy Town

Catch a new dog

As you know, you can merge dogs in Puppy Town just by pairing two dogs into one. And every ten seconds, one puppy will appear free to you when the icon at the bottom of the screen changes from black and white to their color.

And besides the manual upgrades, you can also buy the dog straight from the store if you have enough money. Although they are relatively cheap at first, the more you buy them, the more they will cost.

Each puppy breed will increase in price permanently when you buy them. So, try not to buy them early. If you do so, the price will be higher and harder to purchase. Instead, by upgrading by hand, you will save a lot of money.

Try to receive as many gifts as possible.

Occasionally, instead of receiving a dog, you will see a gift box. And in the next free receipt may also be a gift box. In this gift box, you will receive random dogs. The dog you get can range from a low-grade dog to a senior dog. And you will not know what you will get out of this gift box. You can get these gift boxes at random while playing. But you can also get a gift box from the store every few hours.

Complete daily missions

To have more money, you need to work hard to complete a daily quest list. You can access a to-do list in the upper-right corner of the screen. There are six quests to do every day that give you a decent income.

If you are running out of money, make sure you have completed the quests to get the reward. Try to do them before the date ends, as they will cycle through tasks when the new day starts. Then the old ones will disappear.

View advertisement

If you have more free time, you can watch more advertisements to increase the value of the rewards you receive. Watch ads when opening gift boxes, watch ads when opening new pens, and watch ads when a puppy-shaped ball flies over. Anytime you watch the ad will help you double your reward. Or open something for free.

To the right of the main menu, you will see a star icon. There is an ad in this section to reunite your dog. It is useful when you take a break and do something else. The second time, also in this star, there will be double the money. It will double any money you earn.

Level up and open a new barn

As you merge and unlock new puppies, you will earn EXP to level up. The bar displays your EXP in the upper left corner. Earn enough experience and you will level up. Whenever you level up, you can unlock a new barn and keep one more dog. So, try to merge as many dogs as to get more stables.

Always check your puppies after leaving the game for a while. The barn will be full of dogs. Then continue to merge to receive new puppies and increase your experience.

Final Words

Puppy Town MOD APK is a dog game suitable for those who idle like Coin Master. You will start with a basic Shiba Inu and unite them. Then, you will have a Husky Sibir. And just like that, merge the dogs to create other breeds.

Puppy Town also gives you surprise gift boxes. In this box, there are random dogs that can range from a low-grade dog to a high-class dog. To have more money, you need to work hard to complete the daily task list. Each day, there will be new tasks. If you have more free time, you can watch more advertisements to increase the value of your rewards. Besides, the game also requires you to level up, unlock new puppies, and increase your experience.


Additional Information

  • Version 1.3.2
  • Requires Android 5.0+
  • Update December 4, 2020
  • Developed by MeetJoy Studio


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