Reality Clash AR Combat Game

Reality Clash AR Combat Game

November 19, 2021


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Reality Gaming Group Ltd
8.0 and up
180.78 MB
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Reality Clash

If you’re a hardcore fan of shooting games on Android devices, chances are that you’ve already grown tired with the current concept of every FPS game on the market. That being said, with the latest shooting title from Reality Gaming Group Ltd, players will be introduced to a realistic game, not like any game before. Find out more about it with our reviews.


The game takes us to a whole new world where you are the few chosen one to have access to the Reality Clash AR Combat. Join the battlefield and you’ll be transported to a different dimension, where each player would go against each other in realistic Augmented Reality shooting battles. Here you’ll engage in a unique virtual environment where everything around you can interact with.


Here you’ll find some of the most amazing features that the game has to offer:

Experience AR gameplay like never before

If you have played AR games before, you would probably know a thing or two about this technology. Now the amazing AR gameplay is available for your favorite genre, it’s time to explore the real world in this AR shooting game.

Enjoy unparalleled shooting experiences that are not like any other game before. Play the game just like you’re a real character in this virtual world. Experience realistic physics and movements that are only available with this game.

Explore in the real world

In additions to the exciting virtual combats, players are also introduced to the realistic Geo-location technology. It allows you to really engage with the real world while playing. You can travel to different locations around you to interact with virtual destinations in the game.

Lots of weapons and items

And since it’s a shooting game, it would be great to have access to some of the most epic firearms. And that’s exactly what happens in Reality Clash AR Combat Game. Players are introduced to a huge arsenal of different weapons with varied uses and abilities. Make good uses of them and bring devastation to your opponents.

Customizable in-game weapons and avatars

On top of that, each weapon in Reality Clash AR Combat Game is also customizable and upgradable, giving the users great flexibility as they participate in a different mission. Switch between different weapons and give them powerful upgrades to make them more useful. In additions, you can change your avatars to make your characters stand out from the others.

Play the game frequently for incredible prizes

To tributes the frequently active gamers, the publishers often roll out daily rewards and incentives to give them more advantages. So make sure you stay active to earn yourself valuable prizes. Allowing you to have better gears when dealing with the intimidating bosses.

Realistic movements and animations

In additions, with incredible combat animations and movements, players are truly engaged into the powerful AR world where everything you do in the real world would resolve in your character’s movements and actions in Reality Clash AR Combat Game. Enjoy AR shooting experiences like no other before.

Responsive gameplay

To make the players even more engaged in their shooting experiences, the game features vibrant graphics and responsive 3D maps that feel extremely realistic. All of your actions will be recorded with great details into the virtual world.

Join in real-time FPS battles

In additions, the realistic FPS battles in Reality Clash AR Combat Game allows players to join each other in real-time shooting battles. Travel your city, meet your opponents, and challenge each other anywhere you want.

Fight for the control of your region

Here in Reality Clash AR Combat Game, players will have the option to join teams and take control of certain locations. Use them to collect money and resources for the team so that you may progress. However, that’s not everything you need to know. Due to the resources that they possess, your regions would likely to be attacked by others. So make sure you defend it properly to keep the resources under your control.

Quick recover to start your mission

With constant battles, it’s not surprising to find your character exhausted, low in HP, and really need a quick boost. That being said, there are dozens of different SafeZones in Reality Clash AR Combat Game, in which you can travel to and recover your health.

Participate in real-time combat for incredible rewards

While participating in real-time combats, you’ll also earn valuable resources and Silver which can be used to purchase upgrades and customizations. Use them wisely to optimize your arsenal.

Exciting online multiplayer battles

With exciting online multiplayer, gamers in Reality Clash AR Combat Game and join others in amazing combats. You can join your friends in a co-op match, challenge your opponent for rewards, or take on giant bosses that you can’t handle alone.

Free to play

With lots of amazing features, it’s surprising to find the game still free-to-play. That being said, you can get Reality Clash AR Combat Game right now at a free price. Just go to Google Play Store, download and install the game to start enjoying it.

Visual and sound quality


Incredibly realistic and vivid graphics make the game looks like it’s not from our time. The amazing AR gameplay allows FPS fans to truly engaged in their shooting experiences.

In additions, the detailed and interactive 3D environments enable realistic gameplay that feels nothing like the old shooting games.


Powerful soundtracks, accurate sound effects, the game will make you lost in the realistic AR shooting experiences.

How To Install Reality Clash APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.realitygaminggroupltd.realityclash. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.realitygaminggroupltd.realityclash folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Reality Clash latest 1.26 Android APK

It’s hard to find a second game that comes with the same elements of realistic and accurate like Reality Clash AR Combat Game. That being said, FPS fans would have great times playing this game on their Android devices.

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