School Girls Simulator MOD APK 1.0 (Unlocked)

School Girls Simulator MOD APK 1.0 (Unlocked)

October 22, 2020


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MOD Features

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School Girls Simulator is a game that simulates the school life of a schoolgirl on a mobile. School Girls Simulator also incorporates elements of horror and entertainment role-playing. In the School Girls Simulator, you can experience a girls’ school life, take classes, extracurricular activities, buy food or talk to classmates, and ride a bike or a car.

However, the game is not just like that. Join the game, players will stand up and destroy all the zombies so they cannot eat their friends. Weapons will be dropped randomly on the campus and you can buy ammunition in the shop.

The graphics of the School Girls Simulator are anime. It decorates characters with a variety of shapes, creating a novel experience, and unlike other games. Also, in School Girls Simulator, the player lives as an actual student, also goes to school, takes part in school activities, and talks with friends like everyday life. You can buy other items to increase your bond with friends and teachers.

General Information

School Girls Simulator is a role-playing game with the theme of the first round launched on mobile games. Through School Girls Simulator, it challenges players in the role of schoolgirls. It is a free mobile game with a simulation of school activities. The game is easy to play with keys displayed on the screen. You can experience life at school. One point worth noting in the game is that when you attack others for no reason. You will be expelled immediately, so be careful before you act.

School Girls Simulator is a fun game with exquisite graphics that simulate the adventures of college girls. In the game, players can control girls to do various things, such as listening to teachers, chatting with classmates, and going together in the swimming pool. You can also use weapons to attack classmates and teachers with a rich gameplay.

School Girls Simulator is a game that simulates the school life of a normal girl growing old in a high school in Japan. You cannot let them bully all your friends. So, get up and beat them all. Weapons will be randomly dropped on the campus and ammunition you can buy from the shop in the school. Successfully, defending your beloved school will increase your popularity throughout the school and will make it easier for you to befriend other students.

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How to Play School Girls Simulator?

School Girls Simulator offers a very authentic immersive experience when you have to live like a real high school student, cycle from home to school, or study on a schedule. These activities will help develop your character in the eyes of everyone, such as increased intelligence when learning the full range of lessons. You can buy candies from the surrounding vending machines and invite friends to improve their popularity. Or you can join school clubs to interact with teachers.

There is a tiny detail that if you attack another student. You will be expelled immediately, so be careful about this. The control mechanism of the School Girls Simulator provides a group of virtual keys on your right with simple movements such as chatting, attacking, and moving to more difficult things like throwing objects or even dragging a zombie corpse.

One thing that makes the game even more special is the cartoonish graphics and the scenes. The decorations for your character are also diverse. All these features combine into a new simulation experience and unlike anyone else.

You can experience the girl’s life such as going to class, confessing to classmates, buying sweets, and chatting with classmates. You can admit when your evaluation exceeds 50 people. Your success depends on his/her feelings for you. Besides, zombies are coming, so please fight back to protect your friends. You will become a zombie when attacking the zombie. When you attack a classmate, the witness will report to the teacher. Whoever receives the report, the teacher will give it to you.

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Game Features

Changing background music volume

You can speed up the progress of the game or proceed in one hour. People who don’t like to see blood are attacked by the option of not dripping blood. You can immediately move to various parts of the campus, such as your seat, shop, roof, and swimming pool.

Also, you can change clothing, hairstyle, hair color, and eye color. Players can also change the dressing room of their dressing room. We can change the gamepad of the right analog pad on the axis.

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Gamepad recommendation

In a smartphone with a USB host function, it can be operated by connecting a gamepad. If you cannot operate the correct simulation pad well, try to switch the axis setting game.

It is still under development and can test the VR mode. It is necessary to operate the gamepad connection. When you set the VR setting game, it divides the screen into two. So, please set up the VR headset of your smartphone. It will link the viewpoint of moving the head and the camera.


The game uses 3D modeling to create a realistic campus environment, where you can experience the real and interesting campus life. The game is about the rich daily life of a little girl. The plot is full and waiting for you to understand step by step.

We adopt the operation method of the virtual keyboard. It is easy to understand and easy to use. If you have a VR device, you can also experience the genuine excitement brought by the VR mode.

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School Days is a high school simulation game from MDickie for free on mobile. The game offers players a new dimension where you can do everything you like from participating in school activities and social activities.

Through School Days, you will live every day and every hour in proper time, from getting out of bed one morning to attending a scheduled class, exploring and interacting in a city full of objects. Choose the answers in ten different subjects when you want to have high scores to graduate. School Days have competitions held in halls where you have to answer questions to decide whether they fill your day with joy or sadness.

Although School Days are almost free to play, you can still make it your school thanks to the mechanics built into the game. Start with a student-created by you or change all staff and teachers of the school. The game comes with open world mechanics. You can customize everything to make it more attractive than ever. It promises to bring exciting and unique experiences for players.

Final Words

School Girl Simulator MOD APK is a casual game based on the daily campus life of a little girl. In the game, you will start a new day of campus life with the class bell. It will take you to experience the joy of campus life again with a new perspective.

School Girls Simulator is a very magical school shooting gun battle game. You will play the role of a JK. When wandering around the campus, you will find quite a few familiar faces. Just as it immerses you in the leisurely campus life, many zombies have entered your school.

Your different student experience will bring players and friends a wonderful and alternative fun perfect simulation campus adventure game world experience. How about it, do you still like this game? If you like it, you might as well enter the game and try it.

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