SD Maid MOD APK 5.6.3 (Pro Unlocked)

SD Maid MOD APK 5.6.3 (Pro Unlocked)

September 17, 2023


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Continuing the success of SD Maid for Android, SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool proves itself a helpful app in helping your devices stay clean and tidy.

Would you need that kind of app?

Well, of course! We- the phone users, now take organizing files for granted. When malfunctions happen out of nowhere, we could not understand how it’s even possible. Besides, trash and unused running files are hidden in the corner. We would never have enough time to reach. Too much storage taken for nothing useful surely slows our phone down. If you want a smooth and fast experience of using mobile phones, you need this app.

The Unlocker version keeps your previous version updated so that, provides speed and accurate detection. It expands new options in tidying up your internal mobile machine with a more accessible interface.

How does it work for specific? Let’s take a closer look at its features and offers!

General Information

At the moment, SD Maid is available on Google Play for purchase. It originally is not an independent app; hence, you need to have SD Maid Installed in advance. This one, in other words, could be a version to update.

Speaking of download, the app now supports only Android in managing and cleaning files. The size varies among mobile phones according to the version of the operation. As a result, we suppose any Android operating system devices could be compatible with SD Maid.

Founded by Darken- a creditable Germany firm, the app sustains very well. You can also verify it in the language you want, not just English and German. Rare languages you can find in SD Maid Pro are Vietnamese or Arabic. Feel free to run this app with a thorough understanding.

Moreover, the interface displays the exact options you could use. It presents functions and is well organized, which we considered user-friendly.

Background Story

Born after SD Maid- System Cleaning Tool, but SD Maid gained a more positive reaction from users. It’s said to be updating the version to Pro package of SD Maid to clean your phone more efficiently.

By reviewing numbers in distribution and average rating, SD Maid Pro outnumbered its precedent significantly. For example, while SD Maid –System cleaning gets around 4.5/5 stars, SD Maid goes around 4.7/5 since the debut. Distribution by SD Maid also prevails.

However, comparison barely speaks everything as the apps appear at different times. Until now, SD Maid is still collecting positive comments. However, until the app can stand independently, it’s still a pain in the ass for numerous users.

How to Use SD Maid Pro Unlocker

Have the app activated

It would be confusing to inexperienced users at first. Standard apps like games or photo editors don’t need activation. You use them when you want to, and they are not supposed to be running when you don’t need them to.

However, with tools like SD Maid Pro, you need to activate it in Setting beforehand. For the app to manage and keep track of your files and other apps, SD Maid must be running all the time. It’s like the maid in your house. The facilities stay clean and organized only when the maid works.

So, allow it to run no matter what and grant it permits on accessing every kind of files on your devices. It will be a good and loyal maid to you.

Check out tools

Let’s see what we can do with our files from SD Maid.

Overview of your devices

The app, when accessing your device, can aggregate data distribution and location. It shows you how much is left in your storage, how much is used, and where the files are saved.

By seeing it, you would see how you have treated your phone’s storage. Will it be enough for more downloads, or should you need time to clean up.?

Click on bullets and see yourself the details of each folder. This job would be done effortlessly with SD Maid.

App Control

Going further, you have access to apps you have installed. These apps must exist on your phone at the moment of viewing. This function will let you know which app takes up how much space on your phone. In particular, SD Maid Pro presents to you the history of apps, relating information such as account, version and source of downloads, and so on.

Corpse Finder

There are apps that no longer exist but leave files behind. Commonly, these files are trash, but the system does not remove them with the app. SD Maid will find them out. Then you will decide if to erase them or not.

To do it thoroughly, SD Maid will scan both SD cards and internal storage. The file presented to you welcomes your check-in case you doubt detection by the tool app.

System Cleaner

SD Maid also detects folders which are concluded safely to remove. The app will ask for your permission, of course. However, the function always happens in safe areas.

If you can file an order of which files are safe to remove regularly, it could be the best.

Besides, it detects folders that are duplicated by scanning the device. Therefore, you can clear them off as you wish.


To get you a better view of your storage, SD Maid proposes a list of what is taking up your space. This function occurs according to location so that users can make a comparison of what and how.

Final Words

SD Maid Pro APK works very well in its profession, proven by thousands of users. With this tool, you can safely manage your device in terms of storage and apps. In making a healthy and organized environment for your operating system, SD Maid Pro’s worth your money.

Purchase it today on Google Play and enjoy this professional planning maid!

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