Sea Battle 2 MOD APK 3.4.11 (Unlimited Money)

Sea Battle 2 MOD APK 3.4.11 (Unlimited Money)

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Everyone has their childhood game, something which makes them memorize so well that they have to find and play again. Before technology was created and played an important role in everyone’s life, games are somewhat related to hand-drawing. Back then, one of the most popular games of all time, among little kids and students at school, is Sea Battle. There are two players and provided with ships, the rule is simple: whoever destroys the other ships, wins.

Now, there is no need for papers and pens to draw the fields and ships, players can directly download “Sea Battle 2” on their mobile phone and enjoy it effortlessly. “Sea Battle 2” reappears in everyone’s favorite board game from their childhood with new additional features and an expanded arsenal. Until now, the game has had millions of downloads from people all over the world. “Sea Battle 2” is the sequel for its origin “Sea Battle”, and it has been warmly welcomed ever since the release date.


Like its name, “Sea Battle 2” offers a variety of features with battles on the ocean and battleships, airplanes, submarines, etc. Players firstly enter their name and choose a nationality you prefer, such as American, German, French, and many more. There will be a tutorial but for those who are familiar with the game, it is not necessary. “Sea Battle 2” is so easy that even a small kid can play!

There are enemies across the world that you will need to defeat in order to rank up and get on top of the chart. This game offers a diversity of weapons that you can sink the enemy’s naval fleet with and win the battle. Build your strategies, tactics, purchase some of the most powerful weapons and quickly defeat the enemy’s army.


Uncomplicated gameplay

“Sea Battle 2” is a game that allows you to carry out battles against the enemies in such an enjoyable way that can bring you a fun, relaxing moment by yourself or with your friends. Early the 90s 2000, when technology barely developed, students hung out with each other by board games. If you miss the feeling of an innocent, carefree time, “Sea Battle 2” can surely give you that.

In this game, all you need to do is to have a bright strategy, place your weapons on the map wisely and start the battle. If you want to surely win the game, more powerful weapons are always ready to be purchased.

Before entering a game, more advanced tools can be bought from the store. Use your money wisely and select the best weapons. After that, players can reorganize the ships, bombs, submarines, etc., or let the system do it for you. I am not sure if the system has any strategy while placing the weapons randomly, but it is recommended that you do it by yourself. Besides a bright strategy, players also need a bit of luck. Once you have finished organizing, press the battle button and ready to fight your enemy.

All the squares are covered so if you hit a ship or a weapon, you will get another turn. On top of the screen, there is the arsenal button for you to choose the weapon to go next. To win, all of the enemy’s weapons must be destroyed. You will lose when all of yours are down. The rule is as simple as that.

Game modes

There are various game modes for you to choose among, you can play against your Android device, against other people from all over the world, or play with your friend on a single phone with an invitation. After choosing the game modes, you will select between Classic mode and Advanced mode. In Classic mode, players can only bring a gun while Advanced Mode offers you more, such as anti-aircraft, submarines, etc. The rest is simple, arrange and bring the weapons you prefer along, start the game, select a quadrant to land a shot, and win the battle.

In Advanced mode, players can use planes to bomb a certain area on the grid, select the submarines to shoot torpedoes. After each battle, you will receive experience to rise in the rank chart.

During the battle, you can interact with other players using texts and emojis to make the game more fun and relaxing.

AI training

If some of the opponents you have met do not satisfy your high quality, you can choose to train with the AI (artificial intelligence). Choose the appropriate level of difficulty that you desire and compete with it. The AI is the most intelligent technology with billions of numbers and moves that they have stored in the system. If you can beat the AI at the hardest level, I would say you are incredibly clever.

Build your own city

If going into battles sometimes bores you, “Sea Battle 2” has supported players with a city that they can create, decorate, and gain bonuses. Build your city and collect multiple rewards. The more arenas you win, the more buildings you can unlock, such as military bases, factories, skyscrapers, and so much more. Win many battles and become the hero in your own city.


Tournaments are opened frequently. Players can participate in special tournaments to win trophies and gain experience to level up their rank. There are several levels that you can choose from. For example, Fiery Land requires you to defeat three opponents in a row in order to receive the prize. You can choose between classic or advanced mode. To enter the game, you need a hundred coins. If you win, you will be rewarded 400 coins. Taking part in tournaments can be one of the easiest ways to collect more coins.

Winning or losing will both gain you points to rank up, however, it is easier to increase your rank based on your number of wins.

Unlimited diamonds

You can get rid of your lack of money worry as Sea Battle 2 Mod APK has enabled the unlimited diamonds system, allowing you to purchase weapons, buildings, designs, etc. without any limits!


“Sea Battle 2” is such a high-quality game with beautiful 2D graphics in hand-drawing style. Players only see the colors blue and white, yet it does not deny the fact that “Sea Battle 2” is well designed.

Personally, I think the developer has put a lot of effort into the sound effects because they sound so realistic that I feel like I am in a war zone during the gameplay. From the bullets to the submarines’ sounds are nicely done.


In conclusion, “Sea Battle 2” is one among the most worth playing games that players can have fun by themselves, with their friends, or other online gamers.

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Sea Battle 2 3.4.10


Sea Battle 2 3.4.9


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