Secrets: Game of Choices

Secrets: Game of Choices

March 11, 2021


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Novel stories are always fascinating and exciting. Every time I turn the pages of the book, I think I am entering a new world. If you also have a deep interest in the novels’ unexpected details, you should not ignore Secrets: Game of Choices. When you experience this game, you will transform into a character in any romantic or mysterious story. I am sure this particular game will be addictive for you. If you are starting to get excited, let’s explore Secrets: Game of Choices with me!


Secrets: Game of Choices will lead you to situations that you might never have seen in real life. As the main character, you can easily control the storyline as you like through choosing the right answer. Besides, each story has other characters involved so you can interact with them. New and exciting journeys await you ahead.

In particular, Secrets: Game of Choices does not just have a single story. You can freely choose between many different storylines and originals. For example, I love romance and adventure. So, I often look for stories with the genres that I like. I became the protagonist of a love story and had to choose the ending for myself. Naturally, players who play Secrets: Game of Choices will not end up with the same end as each person’s choice will change. But that’s also a pretty curiosity.

Thanks to the simple and straightforward gameplay, Secrets: Game of Choices will be the game for everyone. Just make your choices wisely because they will directly affect the storyline. The story will happen according to your wishes. It’s great because now this game will satisfy your dream of being immersed in exciting stories.

Do not worry that you will join all the stories because it has countless genres for you to choose from. Moreover, the developer regularly updates many more stories at a fixed time.

Secrets: Game of Choices will have several options in different genres for you to experience. I cannot deny that the stories in this game are fascinating. Besides the options, the developer offers Secrets: Game of Choices also has more premium stories, and you have to use diamonds if you want to play them.

Naturally, the premium options will have a distinct difference to the usual stories. They contain exciting secrets and can give you more interaction. The end of these stories is also broader and more unpredictable. But do not pay too much attention to this issue. Secrets: Game of Choices will always be free and waiting for you to experience.

Story of Secrets: Game of Choices

I am often attracted to the unique attraction of fantasy stories or dramas. Those who have always wanted to play the main characters, Secrets: Game of Choices, would be a great choice. The emotional levels of the main character in the story will become the player’s emotional bar. It was such a wonderful experience.

Thanks to this application, players can live more of their character’s lives in stories of romance, mystery, or adventure. Your life will go in any direction based on the choices you make. Your imagination will be used to the fullest in any game. The diverse storylines of Secrets: Game of Choices will bring many new things, not just love.

There is no denying that sometimes I also feel exhausted and depressed in real life. And this game has become a great savior for my emotions. Secrets: Game of Choices includes unique genres, from love, romance clubs, fantasy to mystery, horror. Award-winning authors write stories in this game so they won’t be repetitive and boring.

Before starting to experience these stories, you will be selected and named for your desired character. Once all the preparations are done, you are ready to begin your journey. I firmly believe that you will not regret participating in this game.

Do you want to be a great doctor and cure sick patients? Or do you play the role of a famous giant in Las Vegas? If you like love stories, you can become an innocent high school girl. As I said above, the story’s choice and direction are entirely up to you with a multitude of choices.

Features of Secrets: Game of Choices

Feel Free to Choose The End of The Story

It is boring if you can easily guess the end of a given story. If you could break the usual rule and spice things up, how would you do it? With Secrets: Game of Choices, players do not have to follow a single rule but build their own story according to their rules. You are the one to decide the end of the story.

Each story in this game has different endings with different dimensions. If you don’t like the ending of your original creation, you can replay it repeatedly to know the end of it. This advantage of Secrets: Game of Choices is a big plus. This game has no shortage of stories for you to interact with.

Different Genres of Stories are Waiting for You

Secrets: Game of Choices contains lots of stories for you to experience. Besides the usual love storylines, players can also freely choose between other genres, such as mysterious adventures, meeting new characters, or reliving a golden past.

This game’s style is made up of its simple gameplay and diverse storyline. You are the main character and decide for yourself what will happen to you. Here are some exciting stories from Secrets: Game of Choices:

  • College Desires – In this story, you will play as a teenage girl and experience a college romance for the first time. Prepare yourself as you meet cute girls, charming guys, and hot teachers! You will be able to interact and find yourself a suitable lover. Be ready to face your choices. College Desires is also LGBTQ-friendly!
  • Summer Love – Take part in a world-famous reality show with a real-life story full of attractions. While luxurious resorts and great beaches can dazzle you, don’t be fooled by it. In addition to love and fashion, Summer Love also forces you to decide on tough challenges!
  • The Haunted Hotel – This story begins when a friend invites you to their party. Even though the manager is very enthusiastic and takes care of you, you know something is wrong. Rest assured because it is not too horror! You need to prepare yourself mentally to get goosebumps or laugh at the multitude of situations in this comedy-horror story!
  • Broken Souls – A young gay teen begins to experience the most sensual and romantic love story in the flesh. Are you ready to discover the love in this LGBTQ story? What could be better than a lovely week out with your best friend and potential lover?
  • My Perfect Mistake – Not all mistakes are bad. A frightful mistake on Friday night will turn your life on the other side. The new relationships will be a massive threat to your love for your high school boyfriend; there is also a baby’s appearance?

Whichever direction the story goes, it will reflect the choices you have made. Can you make the right decisions and create the story your way? Secrets: Game of Choices has loads of secrets waiting for you to discover!

Make Decisions with No Regrets

Think about the correct direction of the story you want. Try to lead it as you please. Secrets: The game of Choices requires high interactivity, so the choice is unlimited.

Besides, on Google, there are also many suggestions for you to consult and understand more about the story you are participating in. Please control the game so that it suits your mood and find the perfect romance. However, to ensure surprise and spontaneity, I recommend choosing your desired response in each story.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Playing Secrets: Game of Choices

Try to  Get to The End of The Story

Whenever you want to start a new story, you have to spend time playing through that story until it is over. Compared to quitting halfway to start another story, this would be much better.

It not only helps you to know the end of the stories, but you can also receive rewards for completion. If you don’t accumulate diamonds very often, you will have a rare chance to experience premium options because diamonds can unlock them.

Diamond Accumulation for Premium Options

Each time you complete a level, the system will give you a certain amount of Diamonds. It is great because, after every chapter, you can accumulate more diamonds again. Therefore, you should play as many chapters as possible.

Besides, watching ads is also a suitable solution for you to increase your Diamonds. The system will give you some ads. You may request one Diamond for each ad you take time to view. If you work hard on this, the number of Diamonds you will get per chapter is 4. It is the easiest and best way to accumulate Diamonds and save them if you can activate the high options. Level. I know saving will be difficult and time-consuming. But believe me, it’s worth it!

As for the wrong answers, it’s probably not too late to correct. It is a little tricky because you will have to try and go wrong. This tip I have learned from countless times of limited choice of answers. But do not emphasize this issue. I do not always understand the psychology of the characters in the story. It is expected that you make the wrong choices and make the characters dislike interacting.

The fastest way to solve this problem is to choose to return to the menu quickly. Then you reopen the unfinished chapter. The system will continue the story from the last checkpoint. It will fit the usual options and not overly change the character’s life. You should try this good practice if you accidentally choose the wrong answer. While it will work case by case, it will help you avoid mistakes and confusion.

Using Diamonds to Dress is Wasteful

The costume change in the story is unnecessary as it does not significantly impact the game. Moreover, you may have to spend quite many Diamonds to change each outfit for your character. If you want to accumulate large amounts of Diamonds, then you should not waste them with clothes.

Prices will depend on the different costumes. Usually, the cheapest one will be on the left side. It may even be free. In the middle is the average price. Finally, the costumes on the right will be the most expensive.

If you find your Diamonds running out, choose any two free chapters of the stories and play it. As I said above, this will help you get some Diamonds.

To save 20 Diamonds, players need to experience five separate stories and diligently watch ads for each of them. Then you can unlock a premium option. I know this can be time-consuming but think about the results you will get. It’s not that bad either. You can play the first two chapters of each story for free.

Accumulate As Many Tickets As Possible

After you play the first two free chapters of the stories, you will need to use Tickets to continue. After the Ticket is used up, the system will replenish the Ticket for you, but it takes time! All you need to do is wait patiently for the additional Ticket time. If you want to continue your story, please try to wait for free tickets. Also, you can use real money to buy them.

It will take up to 4 hours to get a free ticket back. To avoid wasting time, you can spend this time and play free episodes of other series. If you do not want to lose focus on the current plot, wait and think how you should steer the story.

Final Thoughts

This game genre is quite popular in app stores. When it comes to exciting and straightforward gameplay, BitLife: Life Simulator, Journeys: Interactive Series or Chapters are options that should not be ignored. However, Secrets: Game of Choices MOD APK is at the top of its world. New experiences await you in this game.

Taking part in colorful lives is an exciting thing. Hopefully, through this article, you are ready to go with Secrets: Game of Choices.

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