SHAREit MOD APK 6.34.69 (Premium Unlocked)

SHAREit MOD APK 6.34.69 (Premium Unlocked)

October 18, 2022


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Now that both business and personal works require the exchange of files and information across devices and platforms more and more with the digitalisation of the working space. We are in a dire need of good file transfer systems than ever. Even though we have had a ‘sort of’ solution to the problem decades ago in the form of Bluetooth, it is slow, it is clunky, and sometimes, it doesn’t even work with files large enough. Contemporary programmes have also caught up trying to fix this little obstacle in the form of Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, e.t.c. But they are primarily cloud storage services. Though they made it hugely more convenient than Bluetooth to share files, they are still not the best they could be in term of file exchange.

That’s where SHAREit comes in, as a one size fit all solution to this problem.


SHAREit allows you to share files – no matter their types – across a wide variety of devices. From phones, tablets, to computers, and also through a variety of platforms that support the app such as Windows and MacOS. The best thing about SHAREit is that it grants you the ability to share your file in speed dramatically faster than traditional Bluetooth sharing. Instead of utilising the low bandwidth Bluetooth connection, SHAREit utilises the speed of direct wireless hotspot to transfer your file. Note that there is a difference between general WiFi and wireless hotspot. The latter – which SHAREit uses – connects directly to the recipient device in technically the same way Bluetooth does, yet far more efficient. Not Internet WiFi.

For this direct connection, large files such as videos, executables, and maybe zip files aren’t really that tiresome to share anymore.

In the past, when you have to utilise cloud-based storage services, you have to go through a lot of complicated steps. Such as uploading the file(s) to the storage server, acquire the share link, give it to the recipient, and then the recipient himself have to spare the time to download the file that could take a mighty long time if it is heavy. SHAREit allows you to bypass all these steps and allow direct device to device sharing. The file you want to share goes directly to the recipient device without having to pass by the hands of any man in the middle. SHAREit connects all of the user’s devices into a small, private network that would allow free, unfettered transfer of data between them quickly and efficiently.

However, the one little disadvantage it had over traditional Bluetooth is that it is not that universal. While Bluetooth is equipped on virtually all contemporary smart devices and you could share files immediately without having to download anything beforehand. SHAREit, as you can guess it, only allow you to share files between SHAREit enabled and running devices. Though the moment you know of this app, you probably would’ve already expected this for it to be too much of a problem.

But due to the fact that SHAREit tries to unite and support as much platforms as possible, from Android, to iOs, to Windows, and down to MacOS. It can be troublesome if you use devices across these platforms. Since each platform has problems of their own, once you ran into troubles, troubleshooting them can be entirely different from each other and require different procedures.

The app itself is also not perfect. Even though it is built upon a relatively solid concept and ‘workable’ coding, it is still buggy, and lack a lot of instructions and documentations for new users. If you are new to using SHAREit, chances are, you would be mighty confused the moment you enter the app since it doesn’t offer you any tutorials or instructions on how to use. This probably wouldn’t be that bad of a problem if you are a technophile. However, for the average consumers, it can be a straight turn off. But mostly, it boils down to initial configuration. You have to, first of all, adjust your settings, particularly your WiFi setting so that it is compatible to SHAREit within the app’s menu.

The app sometimes doesn’t work, too. Like I said, I guaranteed you that if you twiddle with it enough, it will work, eventually. But that doesn’t mean the road up to that point would be all good and dandy. Many a time, not only I, but also many other people as reported, experienced freezes and errors while trying to transfer some files. Sometimes, the app outright crashed and required restart of the app on both devices until it works. But beware, it doesn’t always work, some files have strange problems and they never seemed to be able to get through to the other device. But they are separated cases.

Medias transfer noticeably quicker on SHAREit than on Bluetooth. And files are breezes, especially documents. Nonetheless, the problem is once the file is transferred, the app automatically disconnects from the recipient’s hotspot. So if you want to transfer another file, you have to painstakingly connect once again to transfer, then rinse and repeat once the operation is done. This is pretty annoying, but at least it is quicker than having to use Drive. But at this point, I’m just trying to tolerate it more than anything.


Even though SHAREit does work, yes, that is undeniable. It still has a long way to go before it is completely reliable enough for me to sometimes having to turn to Drive for data transfer. While after a bit of digging I can find the steps to use the app, not a lot of new users would be able to do the same. They are looking for simple solutions, with simple steps, and SHAREit has yet to achieve such thing. The code base still need a lot of works regarding its bugginess, particularly in term of platform integration. It seems like the developers were trying to cover as much ground as possible that their stances on each wavered as their efforts thinned out. While it surely is good to have supports for the large majority of devices out there, they ought to focus on a small number first, before they try to move to more.

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