Ski Safari 2 MOD APK 1.5.1279 (Unlimited Money)

Ski Safari 2 MOD APK 1.5.1279 (Unlimited Money)

Sleepy Z Studios Unlimited Money

In case you have played and enjoyed “Ski Safari”, the game which had remained highly ranked for a long time back in 2012, its sequel will not make you disappointed. “Ski Safari 2” is developed by Sleepy Z Studios, a mixture of extreme sports which is skiing, and endless running. The game is the update of its original with high-quality visuals and more features to experience.

Ski Safari 2 is an uncommon theme game that certainly stands out with positive feedbacks and high ratings. The game seems like its original, however, plenty of new content í waiting for you to explore by yourself or with your friends.


Players will play the role of Sven or Evana, which is a big difference since the original only has one character. While you are asleep, an avalanche rushes in and pushes you out of the cabin and first land on a penguin which becomes your snowboard. After that, you will crash into a cabin and your new snowboard is a tub. There is more appealing content, but I will let you explore them by yourself.

Your mission is to fly down the slopes as far as possible with boosters that you find on the way to attain high scores. If you have played “Ski Safari” before, you will not have a struggle with the gameplay because it is the same concept.

The game options are understandable so that players will not have any difficulties in finding different categories. You will be able to see the map, your game profile, your highlights, the game challenges you have and have not achieved, the store which offers plenty of cool customizations, and the game’s setting altogether.


Fun gameplay with easy-to-learn controls

You are sliding down on wintery slopes by skiing or using a snowboard, whichever you like, and a catastrophic avalanche is chasing you fast.

A simple tap on the screen will help you jump; a longer press will make you spin and backflip in the air. If you happen to fall, just tap the screen to make your character get back on their skis or snowboards. Doing all these skills will give you points and do not mess up because the avalanche will come closer.

If you want to earn more points, you can swipe up, down, left, or right on the screen and earn up to 400 points. By swiping and holding, you can also flip at the same time. These stunts need to be practiced competently as in some cases; they are the only choices to receive high scores.

If you still think the control is troublesome to learn, there is a tutorial that might help you.

Four astounding environments to experience

Besides the default map, which is Penguin Peaks, you can try Jurassic Lark, Twisted Canyon, and Monster Mountain. Maps can be purchased with coins that you have collected in the game.

Penguin Peaks is where you start and get chased by an avalanche. While in a prehistoric stage called Jurassic Park, you will face a tidal wave of lava with dinosaurs and stone houses. In Twister Canyon, you will race a tornado, ride on minecarts, and in Monster Mountain, watch out for a massive pumpkin. Besides, you could mount on a variety of animals. Eagles let you fly to great heights, frozen mammoths smash everything on their way, etc.

There are 130 diverse missions to complete as well as each of the environments has different sets of tasks. In every run, you will be given three jobs to complete to increase the combo and to earn more score. Missions can be riding a penguin for a certain amount of time, flying with an eagle, breakthrough several rocks, etc.

On each map, there will be different traps and animals to ride on such as penguins, yetis, minecarts, etc.

Competitive game mode to play with friends

Ski Safari 2 has introduced to players multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends over a local wi-fi network or via Bluetooth in two game modes. In multiplayer, it is another dimension and

In the first one, players will compete to finish a set of challenges and whoever fulfills five challenges first is the winner. On the other hand, the second challenges ask players to collect 200 rings to be the first. Each character will be equipped with weapons and power-ups to defeat the opponent by smashing crates to collect snowballs.

Neat camera mode allows players to screenshot

There is more fun to explore. The developer has added a fun photo mode for players to save all their funny, silly moments. If you see your friends are bragging about their skills, take a screenshot and show what you have got. You can pause the game at any moment, move the camera positioning options freely to get the angle you want, and snap it. After that, you can choose to post images to your social media or save all of them to your profile, they will be kept forever.

Free Shopping

In “Ski Safari 2”, it is sometimes a challenge to collect as many coins as you can. Before you can even collect a certain amount for a snowboard, you will be covered under the disasters. No more worries because you can now shop as many as you want without any charges.

If you want a makeover, a diversity of snowboards, vehicles, outfits, etc. are waiting for you. There are lots of power-ups and bonuses to help you survive, though, you cannot upgrade one-time power-ups, they only work for a short time at the beginning of the run and you will have to repurchase them.



The visuals are more polished, catchier, and more 3D than the original. The graphics are colorful and full of details. While being chased by a catastrophe, you still can zoom in to see specific details on each map. The control is well-designed and easy to use, the game’s framerate is smooth.


With each theme, there are tuneful soundtracks to enjoy. Sound effects work well together with the gameplay making players feel excited during the game.


There are some few drawbacks, but they are not major like when you let the game run by itself for a while, you will still get a decent score as well as you might see few lags and bugs in some maps. Yet, Ski Safari 2 Mod APK is a fun, potential game that will keep you coming back for hours. If the original does not satisfy you enough and you are a fan of the endless-running genre, “Ski Safari 2” will not waste your time.

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