Sky Whale MOD APK 3.1.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Sky Whale MOD APK 3.1.1 (Unlimited Coins)

December 11, 2020


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Sky Whale is a loveable side scroller gaming app that challenges your motor skills and time management. Based on the Nickelodeon TV show “Game Shakers”, the game needs you to fly up in the air and bounce as long as possible. It perfectly fits kids’ entertainment, especially when they can jump on different doughnuts like how they did on a trampoline.

All players love the app because it’s fun and addictive to play, but be careful since the game gets harder whenever you return from underwater. The main objective here is keeping the whale up in the air and collect as many doughnuts as you can. Don’t waste any cloud and cool object so that you can bounce higher and farther than ever.

General Information

Here comes your opportunity to experience the brilliant game from Nickelodeon’s amazing show: Game Shakers. Bear in mind that the more doughnuts you gain, the longer you can fly through the sparkling sky. What makes this game better than others of the genre is probably the ability to use insane item combos and add boosts to your jumps.

A few of the most common items you can tell are Double Money Monkey Toilet, Double Sushi Pig Nose, Monkey Chicken Boot, Double Eel and more. Together with these, the players can freely collect the eye-catching rainbow doughnuts to avail the ultimate Sugar Rush. Well, the more you unlock, the higher and farther you can bounce, so don’t miss the chance to grasp all of them.

Once open the app, you will be first brought to its home page that contains one full-screen picture of a pinkie whale. The animal gets covered in many little LED lights, which looks so cute and sparkling. Here, you can notice a big Play button in the bottom corner, one Setting icon, and one symbol with a picture of a treasure chest. This is how you encounter the game for the first time.

In AR mode of Sky Whale, players get to hunt for the in-game objects just by using their phone or the camera of the tablet. Join this endless runner game, where you must keep the lovely whale airborne by letting it bounce off of the clouds. Don’t forget to give it a boost by utilizing doughnuts you collect while it soars through the air. Longer distances will earn you more coins, which can be availed for more power-ups later.

Sky Whale screen 4

If you can’t move ahead or run out of doughnuts, your whale no longer has bouncing power and it will fall into the sea, which immediately ends the game. So the goal you need to aim is to maximize the distance it traveled. For anyone who likes to know the details of the distance for each attempt, just look at the end of one level as the Sky Whale falls into the ocean.

That tends to appear alongside the player’s best time. As you know, the augmented reality is always a cool and desirable feature in every app. And once it turns into the game, this naturally makes it a fantastic experience for all kids. Sky Whale follows that basic concept by adding the treasure hunt. The app makes it more engaging by using the phone or the player’s imagination.

The game is not too much challenging overall, but kids cannot stop enjoying it since they can explore the virtual world in another fantasy space to boost their game score. It’s the blend of the actual and virtual worlds but in an approachable fashion with some of the newest technology. The app also entertains kids long enough to introduce them to the Nickelodeon show.

Sky Whale screen 2

Overall assessments

Sky Whale is pretty fun and amazing to play for sure. It was made by two girls named Cree Cichino and Madisyn Shipman who work in one company named Game Shakers in New York City. Most players love the app especially when they receive the huge doughnuts while many other doughnuts show up during the whale’s adventure.

However, the maximum doughnuts a player can have is only 12, so it would be better to have more than that. Sure enough, it’s a good game to kill your time, but you just get up to 12 doughnuts while you can even hit five of them. It means that while you’ve already got 12, you can’t get more. Well, to make up for it, the app doesn’t have any annoying ads.

The players can enjoy Sky Whale without the interruption from the ads, which is unlike most free games these days. But there’s one little thing we can’t neglect: The app could own a power-up instead of a sugar rush. Instead of it, how about adding a power-up button to the app and put it on the side of the game screen? This element will make the game hotter than ever.

Sky Whale screen 3


The Sky Whale’s gameplay mainly relates to the side scroller-style view of the sea line setting. While you’re playing as Sky Whale, you must tap the display to make it bounce and stay in the air above the sea as long as you can. Each time the players jumps, they will use one doughnut, but remember that your doughnuts can run out anytime.

Come to tap the screen constantly to make Sky Whale jump through the air. Every time you tap it, the animal tends to bounce higher for two seconds before it falls into the sea again. Simply keep collecting doughnuts along the way to progress through the app. You have to bounce off the clouds to enable your Sky Whale to move ahead without using a doughnut.

Along the way, go to collect green dollar bills that can be used to make them move forward through the sky faster. Feel free to obtain new items if you want to help yourself travel further. Do this while you’re purchasing with the in-game coins and boosts of varying degrees. These coins come with each classic play-through and more coins appear when you travel a greater distance.

Sky Whale screen 5


Undeniably, the graphic is superb and suitable for all ages. The game has reached almost 30 million global downloads since its launch, making it show up again in a new AR mode. It will turn the player’s physical space into the Sky Whale sea and sky when they viewed through their phone camera in a 360-degree challenge.

As for the gameplay, you still steer the whale to move through space and soar through the sky or swim underwater. In the race, always get items and accumulate your points for the victory.

Final words

Sky Whale is based on the popular Nickelodeon show Game Shakers. There’s no pop-up ad appearing within the game, which is a big relief for everyone who loves this genre. Throughout the game, you can exchange your points for bonuses to help you stay up longer, including monkeys, bottles of soda, or even pieces of pizza.

And after getting enough points, go to take the snorkel. This tool will let you fall into the water and move further in the game. Go to try it and experience by yourself. Not only is the app hilarious, but it’s entertaining enough to keep you close to the phone for hours on end.

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