SLOTS MOD APK 1.116 (Unlimited Money)

SLOTS MOD APK 1.116 (Unlimited Money)

July 16, 2020


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Online Slots games for the phone are always attractive games that have a high downloading rate. Firstly, it is very entertaining. Secondly, you don’t need professional skills or logical thinking to play this game. And last, the Slots games often come with good security, stable servers and don’t consume much memory.

And the SLOTs APK is a very famous Slot game recently. With the thoughtfully graphic design and so many beneficial features, this game can make you feel like you are in the real casino slot machines. But the fact is you are using it on your smartphone.

However, the most important thing is you don’t have to pay any money for the apps. And it also doesn’t require Wifi or internet, which means you can play online and offline.

Let’s check out our reviews to understand more about this fantastic game.


Downloading Slot APK means that you are downloading the real Las Vegas Slot Machines without paying any money. This game is a free collection of 50 different slots games. And all of them are simulated from the famous casinos of Las Vegas.

As you can see, it is a slot simulating game, which means that there is no concept or story behind the fight. Everything this game can help you is to satisfy your interest in gambling games without getting out of hand. As we mentioned from the beginning of this article, Slot APK 1.116 will bring you original and popular Las Vegas Style games.


50+ Free Slot Machines

This app’s strongest point is that it has gathered more than 50 slot machines instead of just a few ones like other apps. And it means that this app really can entertain you and satisfy your passion for gambling. And the most important is: it is FREE. You don’t need to pay any cent and don’t lose any cent even when you lose it.

Moreover, every two months, the app will update again with two more free bonus slot games. For example, if you play one game per day, you will need about 50 days to experience all the games of Slot APK 1.116. And this number will be even higher if you maintain the game long enough.

In the range of quantity, 50+ slot machines are the ideal amount. This number is excellent for anyone who never gets bored again. Feel free to enjoy the game anytime you like, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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Unlimited Coins

You need to have coins to play games. It is an essential face in all games, including gambling. The coins are also a highlight for Slots Mod APK 1.116 to describe the real gambling game in Las Vegas correctly. But as mentioned many times, this game is entirely free.

The system will offer you a certain amount of coins when installing the game on your phone. After that, you only need to register to get unlimited coins.

For more information, you need to click on the menu bar at the screen’s top right. Then you select options and contact us buttons. Next, you only need to wait for about 30 seconds, and the system will transfer unlimited coins to your account. With these features, you will unlimitedly reach all the games and benefits of the Slot Mod APK 1.116.

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Unlimited Wheel Spins

When playing gambling games, everyone hopes to get Jackpot. It is not that easy, no matter if you are in a real casino or a simulation app. However, to satisfy users’ wishes, Slots Mod APK 1.116 provides you the Unlimited Wheel Spins feature.

When playing gambling, you will have a certain number of spins (usually three times). After spinning for three times, if you don’t hit the Jackpot, you will have to start over. And it is where the unlimited wheel spin helps. It provides you additional spins to enhance your possibility of achieving the Jackpot.

Moreover, this game is also a free 2nd jackpot wedge for users. And it is a controversial issue. For some people, this feature alleviates the challenge of the game. But with many gamers, especially amateur gamers, this is a great feature that they enjoy.

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Maximum Level and VIP

All you need to do is click on the menu at the top right of the screen. After that, you continue to select options and FAQs. And that is all. You have received 100 Player level and 100 VIP lever.

For your more information, the VIP level and Player level will enhance your experience with the game. For example, you need one day to play a game with about ten levels. So if the game has 100 levels with increasing difficulty, how much time will you need?

As you know, Slots APK 1.116 application is for adults. It is not for kids unless you want your children to love gambling from an early age. Moreover, it does not require you to spend real money or collect your money at any cost.

This game is merely a simulation game that is best for entertaining and relaxing after work and study. That makes it legal, and you don’t have to face any risks when playing this game.

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Other Features

Other features of this game must include user profiles. When logged in, the system will automatically create your player profile and collect achievements in each game.

Besides, this game allows you to play online and offline. If you play offline, the system will record your score. No need for Wifi or internet, you can entertain anywhere.

If you play online, you can make friends and make the team. When you have a team, you can chat with your teammate. Also, you can compete with other clubs to double the points of your club. This feature is an exciting feature that makes the game much more attractive.

Lastly, don’t forget to try functions like Vault, Fasst Fortune, and unlock more coins!

Visual and Sounds Quality

Graphics Design

Regarding graphics, this game is not a game with a top-notch graphic. Although it is a simulation game, it will be a joke if you compare Slots APK with games like Counter-Strike, Half-life, and more. Please, never make a comparison like that.

Firstly, this game has insufficient capacity. You cannot demand the perfect graphic design with a 46-MB app. Secondly, its graphics are enough for the idea and capacity of the game. It is not too real, but not too bad. It is just enough.

We love this game because it has a very logical design that is simple to understand and play. Also, the colors in the game are honest and easy to follow. Also, all the movements are very flexible and smooth. And that is more than enough for a phone game.

Sounds Quality

APK slots include over 50 different games. And each of those games has its own set of sounds. The sound effect is also a strong point that makes this game more attractive.

This game’s sounds are perfect, even when you take a spin or when you hit the Jackpot. Besides, you can also easily adjust the volume/ mute if you forget headphones or when playing the game in public.

In short, we have no complaints about the sound effect of the Slot Mod APK 1.116.

The Bottom Line

In short, we believe that the Slots Mod APK deserves to be rated as 4.5/5 stars. The missing 0.5 star is because of the gambling nature of the game. Except for that, there is nothing to complain about the available features of this game.

All the features like graphics, gameplay, difficulty, sound effects, and more are very suitable. It is excellent entertainment for all users, especially those who have an interest in this gambling game. And please remember, it is not for kids!


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