Smile Inc MOD APK 1.1 (Unlocked)

Smile Inc MOD APK 1.1 (Unlocked)

August 23, 2020


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Smile Inc is a straight parkour game. The game screen is simple, and the screen adopts a slightly inclined 60-degree angle style, which increases the authenticity and excitement of the game. Is Smile Inc. fun? Although most players review that the Smile Inc game has not yet been tested, it is still one of the best arcade games to try.

The principal character is just looking for a job, but when he goes to the company, he encounters various obstacles, traps, and unexpected organs. There are multiple gift boxes and props in the game. They will help the protagonist reach the company faster. If you like it, download it with your friends via this link.

The game of Smile Inc is exciting. There are not only many game tasks but also various unexpected traps in the game. It mainly tests the player’s ability to reflect and operate. Welcome to try it!

The Smile Inc game is still on the breaking news stage. If you want to know the gameplay and details of the Smile Inc. game, please pay attention to the below section. The editor will provide you with the latest news of Smile Inc as soon as possible.

What Is a Parkour Arcade Game?

Using “parkour game” as a keyword and limiting the time to before 2008, the only video game that Google can search for free running. The “free” here has nothing to do with the sandbox, and the “running” here cannot be called human blood spurts, because this is just a sports name.

If it has a precise translation, they should translate it into “simulated parkour,” they destine the audience for simulation games to be a minority. Parkour is not a well-known name for the game genre.

The number one contributor to the word of parkour in the game media circle is Mirror’s Edge, produced by EA DICE. In the game, players will perform the movements of speeding, jumping, or falling on the top of skyscrapers. There are some activities such as chasing, fighting, or fleeing in the rain of bullets, rolling, sliding, shoveling, stepping on walls, and grabbing guns. You can do all the actions in one go.

Players use the first-person game method for the first time. After experiencing the wildness and romance of this extreme sport, parkour became famous for a while, and the media excited. Players were looking for similar works. Game manufacturers also added parkour labels to their jobs.

So far, in the European and American game markets, parkour games have a more precise boundary in the genre field and are still in use today. It not only refers to Mirror’s Edge, which uses parkour as the core gameplay but also applies to those actions or shooting games that incorporate parkour elements.

Parkour games contain high-speed movement and relaxed interaction with the terrain during the period into the protagonist’s movement or game flow, such as Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Fall of Titans, and here in this article, Smile Inc.

In Asia, talking about parkour games is another matter. When smartphones enter the mainstream consumer market in China, when the devices in Apple’s experience store become window models that can show off when you pass by, players with love devices want to show off the charm of games beyond the pixel snake.

An archaeologist who stumbled across Italy’s “Monster Park” jumped on the screen. The simple gameplay that can be operated with only one finger and the beautiful 3D expressiveness of the third person made “Temple Escape” virally spread. Potential, but players, media, and third-party application platforms urgently need a better memory and more interpretable translation.

In summary, the narrow or hard-core parkour game seeks to restore the movement in the parkour sport. It is more like a label name or an element name. In a broad sense, Smile Inc MOD APK’s casual parkour game is a subdivided game category. It has nothing to do with parkour. The protagonist of the game may not even be a human being. We simplify it from the more ancient game form. Then quickly multiply on the mobile phone. A platform built in heaven.

Background Story

In the game market, massive downloads and current times have made parkour another major category of games besides COC-like and card games. We can roughly divide the mature genres in this category into four types: horizontal scroll, vertical scroll version, third person, and first-person.

Mainstream parkour games are nothing more than 2D horizontal scrolls and 3D third-person forms. For tracing the roots, it simplifies the former from platform games. And the starting point is probably “BC’s Quest for Tires” and “Circus”. It simplifies the latter from a racing game as Smile Inc.

These antiques from the early 1980s have almost all the elements of today’s mainstream parkour games:

  • The primary operation of the horizontal axis parkour is jumping, and the primary process of vertical axis parkour is moving left and right and jumping.
  • The terrain is randomly generated and requires repeated challenges for the highest score.
  • There are two types of obstacles that need to be avoided in the game: lethal and slow.

Also, Smile Inc has squat avoidance and boss fight settings. The developer has added more vibrant gameplay, such as trampoline, horse riding, and even difficulty increases with the number of meshes. Smile Inc also introduces two critical systems: collection and props. The former is used to improve game scores, and the latter is used to gain invincible flight time.

Overall Assessment


Unlike other races, the contestants in this race all have the same speed. The difference lies in your Parkour ability. You must time when they jump, swing, and wall climbing so that you do not fall behind with other competitors.

The character runs forward by himself; all you need to do is touch the screen to jump and double-tap to jump higher. When taking part in the game, you will receive different gold bonuses depending on the level you join? After each milestone level, such as 3, 5, you will be on the map running to collect gold.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The 3D graphics system is minimalistic, so the game is light, to increase entertainment. The game also creates humorous celebratory dances. The game has no sound, which is a pity because if the game has sound, the races will be even more exciting.


The game has a lot of different maps for you to challenge and break your records. It will move you to new areas when you complete every ten levels. Each new level is the difficulty level will increase, requiring you to calculate more carefully in each movement. There are many different maps with mazes for you to practice your parkour skills.

The gift system is prosperous. After each level, it will give you gold, dance, or open chests as below. We can customize the outfit system to match your personality. You can buy costumes, dances, edit appearance, or equip special outfits to suit your character.


From our perspective, besides the physical weakness of speed, rhythm, movement fluency, and picture expressiveness, the fundamental reason is that Smile Inc uses the level mode to organize the game. But it contains the design between levels is extraordinarily homogeneous and lack of challenge, the player’s emotions cannot be continuously mobilized.

Although the scenes of Smile Inc will change with the level, the combination of obstacles and difficulty remains the same, making people lose the desire to continue to challenge.

Smile Inc provides five different levels. At each level, the repetition of a single element will make people feel flat, and in most cases, players can stay in place.

You need to wait for the least suspenseful opportunity to avoid obstacles, and it significantly weakens the sense of tension. And Smile Inc S developer limits the total time of the level to increase the pressure. But the problem is that after a few mistakes, players know that there is not enough time, the frustration of having to bite the bullet and play is enough to make them close the game.

Regeneration and Evolution

Maturity and peak mean aging and decline, and parkour games are no exception. The demographic dividend of social networks and mobile players is gradually declining.

The homogenized game design and repetitive experience mechanism have made players lose freshness and enthusiasm. When many swap skin washed out of users, it will inevitably bring about the continued malaise of market feedback.

Smile Inc was initially a new running masterpiece with a more sophisticated level design. It not only has productive action processing but also has a decent dystopian plot performance. However, Smile Inc has fallen into random repeating levels, evaluation, and sales plummeted.

Malaise means a new life. At the end of the year, “the strongest gambler” Nintendo (the flagship review defined Nintendo’s corporate genes as gambling in the article “Super Mario Run: A Gambling Market Research”) brought the “strongest IP” beard plumber to the mobile phone platform. It is an independent, cool running game developed by color-blind patients. They added it to the Apple Design Awards 2016 list by Apple.

These two things are not accidental. One is a sensitive company, and the other is a vulnerable individual. They instinctively grasped some of the most primitive tension in the game experience and a strong desire for fun.

Super Mario Run and Chameleon Run, the two games released simultaneously, are similar-that is the high emphasis on level design. They abandon the infinite model and in-app purchases. We have designed each level with extreme depth. It is easy to pass the standard, but to achieve the specific challenge of the degree requires repeated trials and deliberations.

In Super Mario Run, there are five big gold coins cleverly arranged in the scene on each level. And there are three distinct changes in their positions, accompanied by minor changes to the stage, so on each level.

Also, there are three different ways to challenge, and the difficulty is also progressive. Similarly, in Chameleon Run, there are three different ways to play each level. The first two are to collect items with different locations, and the third is to use a more difficult moving method to clear the level.

This ancestor of simplicity and complexity in design meets the needs of players of different levels for different challenge coefficients and allows many players who have never been exposed to platform games to appreciate its charm with the simple operation method. The player’s perception is magnified.

Also, as mentioned above, another ancestor of parkour games is racing games. Although many cool running games have joined the asynchronous online competition mode, their interaction is weak, and the experience does not differ from a stand-alone game.

However, in the real-time racing road, there are already runners. SpeedRunners was officially released in April 2016. It is a 2D horizontal cool running game with up to four participants. Players still use familiar jumping techniques, supplemented by exciting hooks. It has a high praise rate of 94% (16,040 people) on Steam.

Final Words

In Smile Inc MOD APK game, there are still only two types of obstacles, death, and deceleration, the protagonist can only jump. But because the length of the critical press can determine the height of the protagonist’s jump, it has considerably improved the sense of control.

Most players also love that the protagonist’s running speed is increasing. The faster your movements, the challenge will naturally continue to grow. Since the game has changed from a level system to an infinite problem, it significantly reduces the costs.

Survivor bias makes players willing to repeat the game. Coupled with the exquisite expressiveness of the scenes and actions and the more eye-catching highest score system, it is not accidental that players can’t put it down.

From now on is the stage of continuous experimentation and self-improvement of parkour games. With the steady development of social networks, Smile Inc MOD APK and the games mentioned above have swept through the hands with easy-to-play characteristics, minor frustration, repeatability, and high stickiness, and healthy competition.

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