Space Marshals 2 MOD APK v1.8.4 (Unlocked)

Space Marshals 2 MOD APK v1.8.4 (Unlocked)

September 4, 2023


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- Purchased the premium version and paid DLC

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We all have watched a lot of the western world and sci-fi in space movies, but have you ever played a game that has two categories above? You might have heard or even enjoyed playing “Space Marshals” or “Xenowerk”, two of the most worth-playing top-down action shooter games. Good news for Pixelbite’s fans, Space Marshals 2, the sequel well-received original “Space Marshals”, has been released and it is even better, more engaging with several new features.

If you are familiar with “Space Marshals” ’s gameplay, you will find its sequel more fun and challenging. But if you are not, no need to play the first part to understand the story, “Space Marshals 2” has its own storyline, it is super addictive and high-rated. The reason why “Space Marshals 2” is more recommended than the original is that you have to kill the enemies in silence.


Space Marshals 2 is a thrilling sci-fi tactical top-down shooter mobile game that requires players to be sneaky and quiet to take down the enemies.

A former Space Marshal, named Burton, got released from jail during a prison breakout. The player has to help Burton in hunting down the bad guys and rescuing hostages across the galaxy. To get the best results, players have to sneak up on enemies and have tactical combat. While playing the game, there is also an entertaining story for players to follow and enjoy.

Players sometimes may also find the dialog quite hilarious with the dopey and easily distracted protagonist, snarky Al, etc.


Innovative and uncommon gameplay

This game is not about spraying bullets and killing enemies as quickly as possible. It is designed as a mix of action and stealth; players can customize their firearms and complete them with new equipment and mechanics which will expand the tactics of their choices.

For gamers who prefer stealth for action; heavy outfits, lightning guns, etc. will help them take on bandits and space pirates. But for those who are into tactical actions, they can finish the rivals without making a shot or having the ability to turn turrets into allies by using computer terminals. Even though it may look like heavy work, gamers will not find it too hard to kill the enemies.

One more thing that needs to be mentioned is players now have a new option called the sleeper hold. A player can put a sleeper hold on the enemy without firing a shot. Hence, silence will not be broken, players will not be easily noticed.

Space Marshals 2 screen 0

Numerous items to collect in 20 different missions and more

Space Marshals 2 has simple, straightforward missions that gamers will not find them confusing at all. The better the performances, the more and the rarer items they will get.

Rewards can be weapons, armors, distraction devices, etc., each weapon has its own distinct properties. Over 70 different weapons and gears are included in the game but remember, only one can be taken at a time.

In 20 distinctive missions, players are allowed to fight against multiple factions. You never have to worry about mission time since getting five stars is based on the number of deaths you have. The more levels you pass, the more difficult it will be. Sometimes you will feel a little lost and find yourself on a bigger map which takes more time to complete, but they are never too vast to really confuse you.

Each mission comes complete with rankings to achieve and hidden collectibles to find. There are secret coins to be found and hats which can be collected throughout 20 levels.

Space Marshals 2 screen 1

Dual stick controls

The controls in “Space Marshals 2” are simple enough though it might take you some time to get used to things. One joystick moves your character around and another one aims your weapon. You can change the setting of the controller as you prefer.

If the controls do not satisfy you enough and you have an MFi controller around, you can use that as well, but you will need to have the extended layout on first.

Space Marshals 2 screen 2

Internet connection is not needed

What is more special about this game title is that you can pull out your mobile devices anywhere, sit down, relax, and play it without an Internet connection.

Space Marshals 2 screen 3

Unlocked Mod Menu, purchased the premium version, and paid DLC

Some of the features you might find amusing will be unlocked and if you would like to experience them to the fullest, the premium version is always ready for you.

Cloud save game support

If you accidentally delete your game or you want to reinstall after a long break from it, no need to be concerned about re-doing the levels you have passed since your data will be saved.



Gamers will immediately dive in that downright stunning 3-D graphics as everything is rendered in high definition with Metal. As you play, you will not notice any lags or stuttering, and the visual runs smoothly. The spaceship or saloon has sharp designs, character models have realistic movements. The dynamic lighting effects just make the game look more dazzling.

Sound and Music

The soundtrack is on point, it fits well to any map with ambient, atmospheric melody. While not having a variety to it, when stressful moments come, there is tension with some action in its sound to make gamers feel more adventurous.


Players who have experienced “Space Marshals” will find its sequel quite similar, can be called repetitive, and does not contain a lot of surprises.

Besides, when finishing a level, players only get one item for one round. Therefore, for example, they will have to play four times to get all four items, which can be a bit annoying sometimes.

Occasionally, the controllers make it hard to reach out to the middle of the screen to tap something. They can be fixed but not so much.


Space Marshals 2 Mod APK is a game title not to be missed, Pixelbite takes features that work well in the first part and add more smart choices on top of it, from the sneaky actions to a diversity of items and the HD graphics. It is fun planning which enemy to slay first and trying to figure out which way you need to take to reach your goal.

This title has a retro-futuristic style with the sci-fi western setting. You will find yourself sometimes on a spaceship of a saloon. If you like your gaming on the go and like west world sci-fi or a jovial storyline, Space Marshals 2  is well worth your time.

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