Speed Reading MOD APK 4.7.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Speed Reading MOD APK 4.7.2 (Premium Unlocked)

March 2, 2024


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Speed Reading is a fast reading training app that improves your reading speed as many times as you want. It also helps you to understand and remember information thanks to the simulations such as Schulte Table and exercises to develop memory and increase concentration.

The ability to read quickly is an essential skill, especially for people who need to read large amounts of text every day, such as students, editors, and book enthusiasts. The app allows readers to grasp what is reading much faster and cuts down on time spent reading text.

If you want to practice quick reading skills, Speed Reading can help you get there and more. This reading booster app uses simulators to enhance your memorization and vocabulary while helping you speed up your reading speed multiple times and say where to read. Speed Reading also supports e-books in epub, fb2, and txt format.

General Information

Reading is one of the four primary skills that show a person’s language proficiency. Speeding Read helps you to read faster and thus improves your study skills. The app is useful for students and increases productivity. Many of us, out of college or university, pay little attention to developing our reading skills to reading comprehension. Gradually, our reading speed will be much slower than the potential speed, and find it difficult to read. It makes reading a frustrating and time-consuming undertaking.

Fast and efficient reading is crucial in all areas of life, such as personal, social, academic, and professional. Therefore, we need to take specific measures to improve our reading skills. Learning to read fast is only half the battle. Reading comprehension and remembering information while reading at a high speed is the real challenge. Speed ​​Reading can help you read faster without sacrificing your reading comprehension.

When there is so much to read but too little time to do it, having the ability to read fast is helpful. You can practice reading faster on your own with a stopwatch or a timer, but you can improve your reading better by downloading Speed ​​Reading as it will guide you to read at the most appropriate speed with you and read it most effectively.

What is Speed Reading?

Speed ​​Reading became very famous in the years 1947-1959, creating a phenomenal reading about the fast reading movement across the US and other countries in the region. They have networked the concept of Super Reading courses since 1976 and were very successful, leading to a fruitful step forward for readers. American readers, researchers, and students have worked more efficiently by improving their reading speed.

Any student in America goes through a speed reading course when they are required to read a lot of books, process a lot of information. They brought speed reading to Asia through the global education joint-stock company SR transferred and provided to the Asian community with the desire to provide fast reading comprehension skills for Asian people to process information, increase labor productivity.

Every day, civil servants and leaders come to work with piles of files and documents, solving mountains of work in limited time is a big question in the booming information society. Speed ​​reading helps readers quickly classify the amount of information to be processed, type out unnecessary information to focus on the core information to be solved. Increasing reading speed and understanding rate helps readers make quick job decisions. From there, we will read more books in the same time spent.

There is up to 70% of the knowledge gained from students is derived from reading. When equipped with reading skills, fast comprehension, very beneficial for research students when they need to read a lot of documents, speed reading helps you quickly classify the amount of knowledge, and keep important issues.

An important factor in reading comprehension skills is that you retain a lot of information for a long time. You often have problems when you cannot remember all the information, or forget the amount of information you loaded. Quick reading improves memory and helps you keep information for a long time.

App Operation

Speed ​​Reading works with the primary goal of increasing the user’s reading speed without having to undergo complicated exercises or courses. In-app simulators such as the Schulte Table and exercise sets that focus on increasing concentration will help you develop reading speed, peripheral vision, attention, and visual perception.

The most important reason to practice reading fast is that it helps you to read more than your normal reading ability. They say average reading speeds to be between 200 and 400 words per minute, with the help of Speed ​​Reading, which can double in most cases to around 600 words per minute with comprehension full news. It saves time and improves reading comprehension because users can better grasp the arguments and concepts presented in an article.

Speed ​​Reading helps you develop the following skills:

  • Scan: Scan the dominant idea is the most important skill. It involves learning to look for related words in the text and not read every word of the sentence.
  • Read: Read relevant sentences in a paragraph, especially if you are familiar with the topic. Stop reading out loud while you are reading. Pronunciation slows you down.
  • Comprehension: Reading involves understanding information and Speed ​​Reading. It enhances your comprehension when you read and understand at the same time.
  • Focus: Concentration is the key to speed reading. It involves a sustained focus when you do multiple things at once, like seeing words, searching for keywords, understanding ideas in the text.

Overall Assessments

Speed Reading is an app for training thinking skills. Speed Reading includes a lot of different games and exercises to practice thinking skills, but in this lesson, I only focus on Reading.

The Game Reading section has many reading lessons such as finding synonyms, antonyms, reading comprehension lessons, quick reading lessons, practice reading contexts to guess the meaning of words, and scanning skills. The Study section has exercises, including assessing reading speed by completing reading and answering comprehension questions.

The first time you use Speed Reading, you can only play from one to two games for free. Want to unlock all the games and exercises you need to practice hard, reaching different milestones. Some games and exercises require you to upgrade to the MOD APK version.

Speed ​​Reading includes many practice games from simple to complex. Every day you go to the application and choose to play a few games to practice. The game is easy to understand, so you will quickly understand how to play. There are quite a few exercises with different play styles. They have trained you in speed reading with both numbers and letters. There are many popular games out there, but still very attractive. Some games are quite interesting and strange to practice focus, quick eyes.

Speed Reading offers a beautiful, modern, dynamic interface design, exciting sound. They vary design exercises with attractive interactive movements. The games and tutorials are rich and varied, with different levels of difficulty, supporting many skills to improve reading skills.

There are quite a few exercises with different play styles. They have trained you in speed reading with both numbers and letters. There are many popular games out there, but still very attractive. Some games are interesting and strange to practice focus, quick eyes.

Because reading is only one of the 5 skills of the app, if learners only need to practice reading, they will have to pay a large fee compared to other applications to practice reading skills.

Besides, the application is designed sophisticatedly, so first-time users will not be familiar with it and will find it difficult to understand how to use it. The application has free reading games. But it takes a long time to play and accumulate points to unlock difficult and important games with reading comprehension skills.

Final Words

Speed Reading is not only about speeding up reading but also has many benefits. It will help you a lot in life, such as improving social interaction, improving memory and ability to focus, increase confidence, add knowledge, improve problem-solving skills, encourage innovation and help develop leadership qualities.

Speed Reading is the only reading practice app that gives us such a learning experience while playing. It also presents the paragraphs with fun illustrations, so you will not be as boring as reading a full text. Game-oriented learning should be quite fun, and you get bonus points for correct answers. The best is when you can play against another friend. The two friends practice together. What is better than having a companion to conquer English challenges?

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