Spiral Roll MOD APK 1.20.2 (Unlimited Money)

Spiral Roll MOD APK 1.20.2 (Unlimited Money)

August 1, 2023


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Get ready to engage yourself in this simple yet surprising gameplay of chiseling with Spiral Roll, in which you’ll be working on different pieces of flat materials to create the chiseled pieces of wood with a spiral shape. Not weird enough? You’ll be using these rolling spiral objects to break obstacles in front of you and earn high scores with your spiral shots, which is absolutely out of this world.

With the weird yet surprisingly interesting game concept being enough to keep you engaged, Spiral Roll offers the simple and accessible gameplay for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Simply hold on their smartphones or tablet devices and enjoy playing the addictive gameplay of chisel and aim for the top with your spiral shots.

Find out more about this interesting mobile title from VOODOO and all of its in-game features with our in-depth reviews.


Here in Spiral Roll, Android gamers can enjoy playing the simple gameplay of chiseling, featuring a relatively simple concept, in which you only need to chisel forward and create wooden spirals that can be sent forward and destroy obstacles. Make sure to always clear the road head while planning your next moves with your special chisel tool.

The interesting items can work on wooden logs, metal frames, fabrics, and even the finish line can be chiselled up in Spiral Roll. Enjoy digging and sending spirals to break objects and unlock your special rewards. Enjoy advancing through a series of different in-game levels, each featuring its own gameplay and chisel interactions for you to explore.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive touch controls

To start with, Android gamers in Spiral Roll can quickly engage themselves in the exciting gameplay of arcade action, thanks to the simple and intuitive touch controls. Here, you only need to work with the one-touch controls to send the chisel flying off the wooden boards or let it work deeply into the pieces to create your rolling spirals. Send your spirals flying forward and into the obstacles or rush through the jackpots.

Have fun with many levels and escalating challenges

Here in Spiral Roll, Android gamers can enjoy playing their favorite mobile gameplay of action with many exciting in-game levels, each featuring its own unique gameplay and elements of actions. Plus, thanks to the escalating levels of difficulty, you will never find yourself being bored in Spiral Roll or find the game overwhelming with challenges.

Aim for the jackpots and many random rewards in the game

Throughout the game, you will be able to pick up many special rewards including the amazing jackpots at the finish lines and the random rewards that are available with your spiral shots. Enjoy destroying things, firing your spiral shots accurately, and earn your awesome rewards.

Customize your chisels with interesting tools

To make the game more fun and interesting, Spiral Roll also offers its interesting chisels with many unique elements of customizations. Feel free to select your preferred tools to work with, each having its own unique looks and in-game animations, and have absolute fun with the game.

Interesting maps with unique objects to interact with

Here in Spiral Roll, you will not only be digging up wooden logs, but also metal pieces, concrete, gold bars, or even the finish line itself. The versatile and powerful chisel lets you freely interact with the game and have absolute fun with its features.

Realistic in-game physics to keep you engaged

For those of you who are interested, you can now engage yourself in the realistic in-game physics from Spiral Roll, which allows Android gamers to truly enjoy the game. Make accurate jumps by calculating your velocity and momentums, unleash your perfect chisel shots to generate enough force to break through the walls, and more.

Enjoy the offline gameplay on the go

With the offline gameplay of Spiral Roll now available for all Android gamers to enjoy, you can now have absolute fun playing the game even when you don’t have the Internet ready. Feel free to connect and start your chiseling adventures with many in-game features and offline gameplay on the go.

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free gameplay of Spiral Roll, which is always available for Android gamers to have fun with. Simply pick it up from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything and start exploring the interesting in-game elements. However, since it’s still a freemium title, there will be ads and in-game purchases that might bother you. Hence, you might want to go for the free and unlocked version of Spiral Roll on our website instead.

Have access to the modded game on our website

And speaking of which, unless you are willing to pay the premium prices for Spiral Roll, we also offer our modded version of the game for all Android gamers. Here, you can have absolute fun with the unlocked mobile title, featuring unlimited money for customizations and removed ads to make sure that you aren’t interrupted. All you need is to download the Spiral Roll Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start having fun with it.

Visual and sound quality


Here in Spiral Roll, Android gamers can enjoy its amazing graphics and interesting visual elements, which keep you always engaged in the 3D chiseling adventures. Plus, with responsive physics and interesting animations, the game lets you become one with the chisel and multiply your fun in the game. And of course, the simple and undemanding graphics also enable the smooth and satisfying gameplay of Spiral Roll on all of your Android devices.

Sound & Music

Get ready to engage yourself in the awesome world of chiseling actions while having fun with exciting soundtracks and relatable sound effects from the game. Here, Spiral Roll allows its gamers to truly immerse themselves in the addictive gameplay by featuring its amazing audio elements.

Final thoughts

Together with Paper.io 2, you will now have another simple yet extremely fun and addictive mobile game to have on your Android devices. Feel free to engage yourself in the special levels, explore the dynamic chisel actions, and have fun customizing your tools in many ways. And the free and unlocked version of the game on our website will certainly give you better reasons to enjoy it.

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