Spyhuman 204 APK

Spyhuman 204 APK

May 22, 2020


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Happy Chick Inc
3.0 and up
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To say that this app is … interesting is an understatement. SpyHuman isn’t the first app of its kind I’ve seen and tried, but no matter how familiar I am with surveillance apps such as this one, their disturbing, but frankly, quite amusing capabilities never gets old.

If you’re confused at what I’m talking about, the point of this app is described wholly by its name: To spy the user of the phone you installed this on, and given that you’re the one who installed and directed the programme. Of course, anyone hear this might shudder at the implication of how anyone can spy on anyone else with this app, and yes, that is a concern. But legally, SpyHuman has very practical and beneficial application you might want to consider.


The user interface for SpyHuman isn’t exactly superb. Even though it has successfully moved away from the clunky, default Android material design that we have all seen most of the apps on the Store abused all the time – and that’s a plus for more. Their efforts weren’t really that great. But all in all, the UI is functional enough that it’s quite easy to get used to once you first booted into the app.


You can control every aspect of the app from this menu, including the impressive list of all of the things that the app can do:

  • SMS Record: The app will log all of the SMS messages being sent to the phone, the timestamp, and the sender’s information.
  • Call Logs: In the same fashion above, but instead with SMS messages, the app collects call information – from the number of the caller, to the caller’s name, country, e.t.c.
  • Call Recording: Besides recording the log, the app also collects the content of the call. All calls made after the installation of the app will be recorded and notified to you as the controller.
  • Contact Tracker: The entirety of the phone’s contact will be backed up to an encrypted server that only you would be able to access, and this contact dictionary will be updated regularly.
  • GPS Tracker: The phone’s location would be continuously tracked, and you will also have a list of all of the past location that the phone (Along with its carrier) has been.
  • Images & Photos: All of the photos snapped by the camera or downloaded into the phone will be made available to you and backed up. And it will also be updated regularly.
  • Ambient Listening: You would be able to access the phone’s camera and listen to the sound of the environment the phone is in remotely, and live.
  • Application History: You can get information on all of the apps installed on the phone.
  • Battery Status: The phone’s battery condition would be on display.

Now isn’t that impressive?

But that also gives rise to a concerning (And legitimate) privacy threat. Who knows, this app could be installed on your phone right now and tracking every thing that you do on the phone without you knowing about it. Since the app also has a ‘Stealth’ mode that does not indicate anywhere at all that it is running on your phone, you would never know that it’s there. However, if you are a concerned parent who wanted to keep tab of all of the things their children do on their phone, it could come in handy. Or you’re an employer handing out work phones to your employees and you would like to know what they do with the phones during work time.


From an app perspective, SpyHuman is a very well coded and structured app. It is not easy to build an app of this scale, and especially with the secure encryption that it puts upon the data being gathered by the app, it is masterfully done. And even with its high possibility of being misuse for bad purposes, it can also contribute to the security and wellbeing of your loved ones, or ensure that your organisation’s productivity is at best at it could be if you allow it to.

Download Spyhuman latest 204 Android APK

You can install Spyhuman on your Android devices by going to the Google Play Store and Apkdone.com, respectively. Just download Spyhuman APK on Apkdone and install it.

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