Star Music Tag Editor 2.4.2 (Pro Version Unlocked)

Star Music Tag Editor 2.4.2 (Pro Version Unlocked)

May 19, 2022


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Star Music Tag Editor
Star Music Tag Editor (Unlocked) – We have always found ourselves in a great dilemma whenever we try to build our own library of music on our phone to put a little melodies into our daily lives: It can get a bit cluttered. Personally, with someone who has up to 250 or more songs stored locally on my device, of course it’s going to be hell just to manage them all. To be completely honest, it was already bad trying to find an individual song in a literal sea of files.

If you’ve ever found yourself in the same kind of situation (Or is trying to find a solution to rectify that at this exact moment), fear not, all you need is a music tag editor. And this one can surely do the trick.

It will not only create folder, album, and artist listing on your device. The app also came pre-equipped with a search function to keep you from spending fifteen minutes trying to find that one single song that had been stuck in your head for days now in your library. While all of the things I’ve mentioned above is, more or less, could already solve all of your problem with managing your music library. The editor still has a few more tricks up its sleeves to not only organize your library, but also to brush it up better.

First, let’s begin with the album cover modification feature.

Now I’m not pointing fingers here, but for people out there who download your music directly from YouTube through third parties, or through other more … illegal means. Then you must surely be familiar with having a completely blank album cover when you fire up the song on your preferred music player app. Certainly, when you’re playing music, most people don’t really care about whether it has album cover or not. But it would surely help – not only with satisfying your eyes – but also to discern from one album to another graphically if they all have their own album graphic.

This is where the editor comes in. You would be able to search online for the respective album’s cover art, as long as you have the name fixed in place. The editor will do all of the technical job embedding the art into the song, and that’s it. Enjoy your song’s new look.

In recent iterations of Android, or newer music players, lyrics are now available. And if you have the need to add some lyrics to your favorite songs, the app would help you with that. You can add and remove lyrics from whatever songs you want, anytime you want from the interface of the editor

This app is, overall, is everything that your messy music library is in need of at the moment. As you can see, it will not only put everything where it’s supposed to be and give you a much better time changing, adding, or searching for songs in the future. But also, it will give your songs all of the new bells and whistles for you to immerse in the tune in the fullest way possible.

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