Stickfight Infinity MOD APK 1.67 (Unlimited Money)

Stickfight Infinity MOD APK 1.67 (Unlimited Money)

February 4, 2024


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Stickfight Infinity is an infinity action-adventure game. Players control the stickman’s adventure in the game. The conditions for each level of the game are different. You need to defeat all enemies on the level to enter the next level and unlock. Then, you have a variety of weapons to choose from. You can download it on our website.

From the creator of Stickfight: Legend of Survival, now the second version has arrived. Stickfight Infinity is a physics-based combat game. With a new game mode, this version of Stickfight will give you the best experience. Stickfight Infinity belongs to the genre of a multiplayer fighting game with a pretty fun game style. In Stickfight Infinity, you will control the familiar stickman character to fight with others through the local or online multiplayer mode from two to four players.

Stickfight Infinity comes with innovative physics, 80 highly interactive levels with a variety of weapons that will give players exciting entertainment moments with friends. The game requires very light configuration and capacity. But the image quality is not bad, with vibrant tones and extremely eye-catching explosion effects. Control your fighting character with the help of weapons, to survive to the last table to destroy all opponents to win.

General Information

In Stickfight Infinity, players can choose teams from two to four players in internal or online multiplayer mode. However, the game does not have a single-player mode. The game operates fairly; you can use the W, A, S, D keys, or the arrow keys to control the weapon and character move. Then, use your mouse to shoot or hordes and right-click to lock the attack. Stickfight Infinity is an action game that takes players into the fierce battle of ninja revenge.

You can join Stickfight Infinity as a ninja and confront hundreds of enemies and powerful bosses. Stickfight Infinity also has a lot of tables, each corresponding to a different gaming context. For example, players can choose ice or rocky terrain with the Ice table. This terrain is suitable for skills such as sliding and destroying enemies with guns or throwing knives at close range. You can also choose a table in the forest with the forest for the convenience of hiding. Then, try the Lav table with the background made of stone and contain dangerous lava eruptions.

How to Play Stickfight Infinity?

Stickfight Infinity is a very fun stickman shooting mobile game with different level scenes. In the game, players will control their stickman and shoot with the gun if they have a gun. The game comes with many challenges, frozen enemies, protective shields, blood bags, and other props for players to enjoy.

You will experience a unique casual arcade mobile game. Stickfight Infinity is a fun fighting game based on real physics rules. With classic stickman game elements, you will start a wonderful duel with other players in the ring and enjoy the exciting battle of life and death. The game offers real physical effects bringing players a more exciting experience. It supports multiple players in real-time online battles to dominate the arena.

Fight in the brand new game mode with a fierce and refreshing arena battle. There are dozens of different weapons free to choose from. You will use various methods to defeat the opponent. It is not over until one party is completely knocked down. In the game, players can choose their weapons, such as spears, swords, and iron fists. Use all kinds of weapon skills to knock down the opponent by all means. Come to the game and see if you can dominate the ring.

Besides, players can choose their favorite stickman character to have a life-and-death duel with your opponent. Then, use the skills of various weapons to knock down the opponent by all means. You have wireless skills in the game and it is very challenging to play. Players can fight in the game and feel the thrill of action fighting. The game has a strong sense of substitution. And you can hear the real fighting sounds. So, we will bring you the unlimited gold coin with the MOD APK version. It allows players to enjoy the experience. We can get gold coins after entering the game.

Overall Assessments

Stickfight Infinity is a horizontal board adventure game with a matchstick human factor theme. The mobile game uses the storyline content to enrich the elements of the game. The game player manipulates the fire material in the game to carry out various copy challenges. According to the laws of physics, the game player can master the administrative agency game items of the copy.

Stickfight Infinity applies different combat professional skills to attract strong opponents. We can carry out the last event based on physics. You can grasp many professional skills and use firearms to strike opponents accurately and severely. Then collect as many weapons and equipment as possible.

With the help of new customs clearance methods, you can get the joy of market competition and enjoy fierce mobile games. Stickfight Infinity follows the laws in physics. For example, the posture boxing method has strong operability. The game also features exciting target combat, giving you the joy of unlimited finger-tip combat. We have opened up to 18 different new weapons and equipment. We have 60 daily target shooting missions with different difficulty coefficients are waiting for your challenge.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a free game released by NetEase. It is currently in the testing process on the Android operating system. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is quite popular in the past when it allows players to take part in extremely fun battles. Recently, the mobile version has been released by NetEase and is in a free trial period for all players to download.

Designed as a fun fighting game, the strong point of Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is its design based on real physics with the classic stickman image, promising to bring players moments of fun entertainment.

The gameplay of the game is quite simple when you have to control the fighting character with the support of many types of weapons. The goal is to survive to the end of the table and destroy all your opponents to win. There is no limit to your wobble in the game when gamers besides the normal sword also pick up a grenade launcher to drown the opponent.

Final Words

In Stickfight Infinity MOD APK, in the beginning, try to raise weapons and equipment instead of fighting your opponents with bare hands. If the opponent raises the weaponry first, there is no need to resist from the opposite side.

You can only attack, bounce, and up and down arrow keys. The actual operation is very simple. There is no intention to spot the target, and no inattention is enough. Two or four matchstick players fight separately and target each other. Weapons and equipment fell from each other, including sniper rifles, spray guns, sniper rifles, and other weapons and equipment.

Stickfight Infinity players can use the Stickfight Infinity discount software for discounts. Stickfight Infinity recommends the software app for merry games on mobile phones. We hope that Stickfight Infinity players will like it.

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