Strange World MOD APK 1.0.22 (Unlimited Money)

Strange World MOD APK 1.0.22 (Unlimited Money)

August 22, 2023


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Seasun Game Corporation limited
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Unlimited Money

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There is no doubt that each person has, at least, watched a science fiction movie in their life. They are all about living in the future but in different scenes. However, not all of them can experience a truly outstanding sci-fi game. In this review, we are going to introduce to players, who enjoy a futuristic experience, a brand-new futuristic game.  

Not long ago, in 2021, Seasun Game Corporation released “Strange World-RTS Survival” and it has been warmly welcomed ever since. Although it is said to be a strategy game, the developers of Strange World have designed it so differently. Thanks to its uniqueness, the game has caught the attention of players all over the world.


After a long cryosleep, a group of survivors wakes up to an unfamiliar world with strange and dangerous creatures. Their mission is to escape this murderous land and try to find the answer for the cause of an apocalyptic event. In this world, no one or anything can be trusted, all the survivors must protect themselves and fight for their own lives.

As you can see in the title of the game, RTS stands for real-time strategy. Strange World is a hybrid genre game that contains some unique survival game elements that can keep players’ attention for a long time. Each player can control up to four characters in order to explore, craft, survive and thrive in this treacherous world.

In the Developer Notes, they said that Strange World was based on the inspiration from their memories of playing RTS games on their computers. Since not every player has a computer to enjoy, the developers want to bring this experience into the mobile gaming world through “Strange World”.


Simple and easy to understand gameplay

At first, players may find this game difficult to play by looking through some introductions. However, as they jump into “Strange World”, players can easily understand and realize how easy it can be. A quick but detailed tutorial is introduced when they enter the first level, each movement is done with just a simple tap.

There is a storyline for players to follow during the gameplay. It is extremely intriguing and well-written. Personally, while playing “Strange World”, I was drawn into the storyline and completely forgot about the game. It is quite understandable that many players do not pay attention to the storyline because of its length. However, I recommend any “Strange World” players to take notice of what happens in the game since every detail is fascinating.

Strange World screen 1

During the game

In “Strange World – RTS Survival”, the players’ main mission is to finish tasks and challenges in each stage in order to move on with the story. All you have to do is follow the specific instructions for each mission, tap to collect items and weapons, move around and use your special skills to defeat the enemies that prevent your path.

Do not worry if the road ahead is foggy and blurry, the fog will be cleared, and the path is opened as you go. Each level has three stars equivalent to three challenges that players must complete, for example: finish without any deaths, defeat all enemies, finish within 30 minutes, etc. Finishing these requirements will earn you stars as well as blue gems. In addition, the mission bar is displayed on the right corner of the screen, next to the setting icon.

Some monsters and creatures may come out of nowhere, so remember to mind your health and hunger system. On the lower of the screen, players can see the number of their health, strength, speed, and hunger. Defeating them will give you materials, which can also be collected on the road. After gathering all necessary items, players can craft the stuff they need.

Strange World screen 2

The stationary base

Remember to protect your base with turrets or animal traps to stop beasts like wolves. While exploring, your base might be attacked if no one is guarding it. The game will give you a warning on top of the screen. Tap on the message when you see it and select survivors to protect the building if there are no turrets.

Strange World screen 4

A variety of characters to choose from

Players are allowed to bring along up to four characters. If one runs out of health, they can switch to another character at any time. Each character has a unique skill, which can be seen on the bottom right corner of the screen while playing.

Leveling a character will help them improve statistics such as health, damage, speed, etc. They will be able to fight more powerful rivals as players progress through the story mode.

Players can also awaken their character to improve their skills. To do so, a duplicate fragment of the character is necessary, and you can use gems to purchase one in the shop. However, if you log in to the game every day, it will grant you a fragment from the Daily Reward.


To craft a suitable weapon for each character, you must gather enough resources for them. Tap on the base then the hammer icon to access the crafting station. Greyed out weapons are not available to be crafted because some materials are missing. Normal weapons require stones, scarp, and iron. Some advanced ones may need uranium or pink crystals.

Strange World screen 3

Unlimited money

Strange World – RTS Survival Mod APK has supported players with an unlimited money feature where they can freely purchase whatever they prefer and need. Normally, coins can only be acquired through in-game levels. However, with this feature, players do not have to bother playing a level repeatedly just to earn some coins.


“Stage World – RTS Survival” is such a well-designed and high-quality 3D game with fascinating content. The frame rate is steady, and no bugs or lag are found during the gameplay. As for the sound quality, the soundtracks and sound effects are suitable for the game theme and very pleasing to listen to.


In conclusion, “Stage World – RTS Survival” is such a worth-playing game, and since it is an offline game, players can enjoy it wherever they are. It is, without a doubt, an intriguing and uncommonly amusing game to enjoy in their free time or for relaxation.

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