Superstar Fashion Girl MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

Superstar Fashion Girl MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

October 13, 2020

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iCandy Digital
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Unlimited Money

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Superstar Fashion Girl is a fashion game for girls. In the game, you will work as a vocal singer, famous dancer, and sports model to gain popularity in Hollywood. The road to glory requires you to have outstanding fashion outfits. It depends on your hard work and creativity.

In Superstar Fashion Girl, you will have opportunities to put on the best outfits, wear the hottest clothes, shoes, and accessories. Also, prepare with hairstyles and makeup to stand out from the crowd. You will also take part in activities that hone your talents in tennis, singing, and dancing. You will meet and socialize with celebrities that prove you are a superstar.

Superstar Fashion Girl brings over 500 of the hottest fashion models and accessories in 3D images. There are over 100 different quests that you need to complete. You will have the chance to date your boyfriend and receive exceptional gifts from them. Through the game, enjoy fun mini-games to earn prizes. Superstar Fashion Girl is not only a fashion design game but also a place for you to connect with many friends on social networks.

General Information

Superstar Fashion Girl is a simulation dress-up game. As a fashion superstar, you must always maintain a beautiful appearance. Use hairstyling, makeup, designer clothes, accessories, and high heels to highlight your celebrity style. You may be a popular tennis player, dancer, or queen of music. And you can also date boyfriends from different sectors.

In Superstar Fashion Girl, you must always maintain a beautiful appearance. Use hairstyling, makeup, designer clothes, accessories, and high heels to highlight your star style. You may be a popular tennis player. Also, you can attend a dancing event or music day. You can also date from different sectors.

From our perspective, Superstar Fashion Girl is one of the best 3D dress-up mobile games. The game has over 400 pieces of the latest and most popular costumes and over 100 special missions. In the game, players need to match celebrities from different professions, such as popular tennis players, dancers, or music queens. With the latest and most popular clothing, styles, cosmetics, and brand-name bags, you can always maintain a beautiful appearance if you can come up with unique ideas.

How to Play Superstar Fashion Girl?

Superstar Fashion Girl is one of the best fashion design games on the mobile platform. The game owns cute anime graphics and satisfies passion for fashion with thousands of outfits for players to choose from. The game has many modes but mainly revolves around competitions and costume competitions.

Superstar Fashion Girl has many modes but mainly revolves around competitions and costume competitions. It offers a diversity of different outfits and accessories. Players will design and remix based on the provided costumes and accessories.

It divides the game into many stages. For the victory, combine outfits and accessories to gain as many points as possible. The game has many effects such as in competitions, there will be score effects. Also, there are many side effects such as smiling and harshness to increase the score for the contest.

In costume competitions, the system will score itself based on many scales such as pure and cool. The costume of the person with more points wins. When you pass the stages, you will receive corresponding rewards such as gold coins and new costumes. Combine these new outfits with the ones you have to win the next level.

Overall Assessments

Superstar Fashion Girl is a very simple mobile game but is raging in the gaming community recently. It is a product from iCandy Digital, which has become a network phenomenon among young people, especially women.

The game offers cute and eye-catching graphics along with easy to get acquainted and fun gameplay. Along with the heat radiating from the international stars, even amateur players cannot standstill. What makes this game so successful? Let’s look at the analysis below with us.

Interesting story and character

To become a professional fashion designer in Superstar Fashion Girl, players will have to embark on a journey with different fashion styles. Each place will have its challenges that require a special mix for the player to pass. The cute characters will interest companions to accompany the player in becoming a professional fashion designer.

Becoming a designer is easy

Superstar Fashion Girl will allow players to match the character from clothes, shoes, hairstyles to makeup depending on different situations. It will spoil players from showing their aesthetic with a variety of clothing, stretching, and quality with modern outfits to classic, noble outfits. On the way to becoming a designer, players will sometimes encounter unexpected situations that make gaming no longer tedious.

Not only focus on competing, voting, and passing stages, players will have to complete quests and achievements to gain hearts, diamonds, and gold in Superstar Fashion Girl. Also, players must search for costume jewelry by designing, upgrading, and redeeming gifts. This game has very pure gameplay. Fashion games help women to have more understanding of costumes and will know how to match.

The difficulty of the game will be more difficult through each stage of the stage. Superstar Fashion Girl has brought the charm of today’s young people, especially to women. Although it is not too difficult to stop players, this game will also make you stop and use your fashion knowledge to pass the screen.

The sounds and images are amazing.

The voice of the characters in Superstar Fashion Girl to make the game even cuter and interesting. The images and graphics of the Superstar Fashion Girl are especially cute, romantic and familiar to those who love manga or animation.


Although many factors make the game Superstar Fashion Girl become an attractive game, there are still shortcomings or points that make players unable to love at all. The game requires players to log in with a Facebook or Google account to play this game. Also, with content that should be played in offline team mode, this game requires players to have an internet connection to experience this game.

Nicki Minaj is an American female rapper and singer-songwriter active in a wide range of activities such as releasing perfumes, cosmetics, and fashion brands. It spreads her name along with her musical activities. She is also famous for being supported by many young women on social media. We often talk not only about songs but also about unique costumes and hairstyles.

Nicki Minaj: The Empire is a lifestyle simulation game in which players create their avatars, complete quests for the advice of Nicki Minaj, and aim to become a rapper. Besides the ability to interact with other players in real-time chat during the game, there is also the ability to enter text and write lyrics or record your voice to create a rap.

Final Words

Superstar Fashion Girl MOD APK is a game that makes women crazy when they just hear the name. What are you waiting for, please download and play quickly? You can experience and explore this game offline.

They build characters in the game in a cute and romantic anime-style image. It is very suitable for those who love manga or Japanese cartoons. The game has a bright, colorful interface. It varies the outfits in the game, designed relatively but extremely eye-catching and splendid.

The background music of the game is light, melodious, bringing comfort and relaxation to the player. In costume competitions, the sound will be more exciting and exciting. Especially, the characters in the game are voiced with multiple languages to increase the player’s experience. We hope you have endless fun when playing this game.

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