Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK v1.0.34.2004 (Unlimited Money)

Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK v1.0.34.2004 (Unlimited Money)

May 13, 2023


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Hyper Dot Studios Limited
165.36 MB
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Unlimited Money

Swamp Attack 2 poster

The house is a place where contains happy memories of many people. But have you ever imagined that your small house is attacked by the monsters? If not, you can install Swamp Attack 2 to experience that. Swamp Attack 2 is a game of the action genre. In the game, first the monsters are coming for the swamp, then the entire world. So you will fight the monsters to protect your beautiful house and the world. Swamp Attack 2 will take you to hard – fought battles. Let’s fight your enemies and product your house right now.

Attractive 2D graphics

Swamp Attack 2 has been built and developed by Hyper Dot Studios Limited. They are a mobile game publishing house, fully owned by game developer and industry leader, Outfit7. Swamp Attack 2 is available on both Google Play and App Store, so you can install the game on devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. Swamp Attack 2 is free to download.

Besides, Swamp Attack 2 is designed quite simply. And background is also similar to cartoons. Your house can be on a lake or a river. But sometimes you will fight the monsters in a forest with many old trees. In some different levels, you will live near a city. The game also will take you to Siberian, Russia or China. Changing the background of the battles will bring an interest for the players. In addition, colorful 2D graphics can make you feel cheerful and comfortable while you are playing Swamp Attack 2. Moreover, sound of the game is very vivid. You can hear the sound of gunshots, bomb explosions or howl of the monsters. Exciting soundtrack is always turn on during the game. But you still can turn off the sound in Setting of the game.

Swamp Attack 2 screen 0

Fight to protect your house from the monsters

Swamp Attack 2 is an action-packed attack and defense game filled with guns, the monsters and zombies. In Swamp Attack 2, your friend is Slow Joe. He is just sitting on his porch, minding his own business. But something unexpected happened. A lot of monsters are preparing to attack his house. So you need to help him to protect your house from the monsters. That also is your main goal. With Swamp Attack 2, you will use different weapons to fight the monster. To use them or shoot, you need to tap or hold on the screen. There are a lot of weapons in the game such as shotguns, rifles, rayguns, rockets, bombs, grenades and so on. But when you start to play Swamp Attack 2, you won’t own all weapons of the game. You will have to overcome the certain levels to unlock the new weapons. With some weapons, you can earn them by killing the monsters. The faster you kill the monsters, the faster you will receive the weapons. Let’s unlock many new weapons to win the battles more easily.

Swamp Attack 2 screen 3

Especially, you will face many different monsters in Swamp Attack 2. Evil crocs, grizzly gators, bloodthirsty beavers and rabid rats. Or chickens are bringing the dynamites. They are mutant creatures. Each monster will have their own strength. The level of difficulty will increase gradually in the level. You also will face many more the monsters. These things will be a challenge for the players. You will need some good strategies to defeat the strongest monsters. In each place, you will meet the different monsters. This will make you feel new when you play Swamp Attack 2.

Swamp Attack 2 screen 1

Meet the new characters

Slow Joe isn’t a sharpest shooter in Swamp Attack 2 and he’s going to need help defending his swamp. So the game has provided many new characters to support Slow Joe. Meet flamethrowing Cousin Welder, armed and dangerous Uncle Hairy and the not-so-sweet Grandma Mau. To meet the new characters, you will have to overcome the certain levels. You also can upgrade your characters so they can be stronger. To upgrade the character, you will have to use gold coins. Cards also enable you to upgrade characters. you can receive the cards when you overcome the level or you also can collect them in Daily Delivery. Upgrading the character also can help you to own the new characters.

In addition, the publisher has provided 3 languages for the players to select. Those languages are English, Spanish and Russian. They can bring some interesting words for the players that know them. They also help many players to understand the missions of the game better. Let’s open Setting and change the language that you want to display.

Swamp Attack 2 screen 2

Relax with Swamp Attack 2

With simple gameplay, you just need to tap or hold on the screen to shoot your enemies. Swamp Attack 2 will be suitable for many players of different ages, from children to adult. These monsters are racing straight towards Joe’s cabin. And they are very strong. The different monsters lurk in different regions, and you’ll need strong tactics to defeat some of these zombies. So you will need many good strategies to defeat all monsters. This will improve your agility and ability to think. Besides, colorful, attractive 2D graphics and vivid sound will take you to the real battles.

In addition, the diversity of the characters and weapons will bring many attractive things for the players. You can upgrade your guns as you go to kick up a monster storm to defeat the strong monster. Some guns are effective on the small, quick monsters while others are better on big, slow beasts. You also can combine lethal weapons with lethal family members for the best attack. These things also will bring the attractive battles for you. Moreover, you can play Swamp Attack 2 whenever you want. Because the game doesn’t require connecting the Internet. This also helps you to relax every time. You will have relaxing moments after a long day. Let’s take part in Swamp Attack 2 and experience the interesting and new things.

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