Tabou Stories MOD APK 2.20 (Free Choices/Store)

Tabou Stories MOD APK 2.20 (Free Choices/Store)

November 15, 2023


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Tabou Stories is a unique storytelling game on mobile. It includes a lot of top stories, but its progress and end will depend on the player’s decision. Download Tabou Stories for free now if you want to change the course of your favorite stories.

Have you ever watched episodes of your favorite TV show and imagined yourself as the principal character? Tabou Stories is an interactive novel role-playing game that will let you do your wish. You will make important choices such as dressing well, navigating the excellent movies, and getting in love. In these romantic stories, you can make your secret dream come true.

Tabou Stories contains a fascinating collection of comics. However, all of their developments are in full control of the reader. Your choice in Tabou Stories can change everything from love, solving crime, or embarking on an epic fantasy adventure.

General Information

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is a game specially produced to give players a novel experience. Players can play a variety of roles when coming to this game and that will bring to the player. You will gain lots of significant experiences. If the player is looking for an interesting but equally romantic love story, this game will be a perfect choice for you.

The gameplay of this game is easy at all. Players only need to use fingers to manipulate the screen. They build this game in the style of a dating game. So, the gameplay of the game will mainly focus on story exploration. And players will only need to choose to continue the game’s story. But it is also the difficulty of this game giving players, and players will have to make the correct decision to continue playing. Each option a player makes will cause a different outcome. Some features will be an excellent result and some will be the opposite.

There will even be some outcomes where players will lose their lives. So, be careful as far as possible if you don’t want to be a loser. There are usually three different options for players to choose from and continue the story that is going on in the game. They will base each choice that the game makes on the character and what happened before to choose the player. If the player wants to make the best choice, the player needs to find out about what happened before to do that.

If the player is not watching, it will be very simple to make the wrong choices and affect the whole gameplay. Then, the player will have to play this game again. But before it leads to a tragic end, players also get some chance to correct their mistakes. So, you do not have to worry too much.

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Background Story

One of the unique features of this game is that no story expands the entire gameplay but a combination of different stories. Therefore, when players come to this game, they can completely get a fresh experience with many stories. Among them are some following outstanding stories.

The player becomes a girl and is searching for the man of her life through a matchmaker. But unexpectedly, players are chosen to join a reality show with all famous people such as singers and actors. All of those people are attractive and famous. Their mission is to flirt with that girl. So players will dominate them. And who will you choose now?

In this story, the player becomes an ordinary college girl, but one day, everything changes. On that day, she met Henry Lockwood, a young millionaire and he asked her to be his fake girlfriend. But he is a very complicated person, and his family is full of mysteries.

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The Game’s Popularity

Recently, in the top 100 best-selling games on the App Store in the United States (data on April 23), there are four narrative interactive games, namely Episode at 17th place, Chapters at 33rd place, Choice at 54th place, and Tabou Stories.

Although the total proportion is not high, in terms of long-term performance, we have ranked these narrative interactive games among the best-selling games in the U.S. App Store. And we cannot underestimate their ability to attract money, even surpassing many moderate to heavy games, which also makes narrative, interactive Category games have frequently received investment from giants.

According to public data, in 2015, Tencent invested US$60 million in Pocket Gem and got a 20% stake. In 2017, Tencent invested US$90 million, increasing its shareholding ratio to 38%. In November 2017, South Korean gaming giant Nexon (DNF, running kart developer) gained Choices developer Pixelberry for $100 million.

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So, what is the ability of such games to attract money? According to the narrative, an interactive mobile game report released by the overseas tripartite data company, in the first quarter of 2018, there were six head narrative interactive games in North America with a monthly turnover of over 14 million US dollars. Among them, Chapters: Interactive Stories successfully went overseas.

The life cycle of such products is long, and head games are more concerned with long-term revenue. According to Sensor Tower’s calculations, the Episode of narrative interactive games has been online for over six years, and the monthly turnover is still around US$6 million. Chapters: Interactive Stories currently ranks among the top 50 best-selling games in the U.S. App Store.

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According to the data analysis of the overseas version of DataEye-ADX, the narrative interactive games represented by Chapters: Interactive Stories pay great attention to satisfying the emotional needs of women in the purchase promotion, which is also an important reason this game can break through the hearts of millions of female players. Most games on the market pay more attention to a sense of coolness and sense of conquest in terms of gameplay and purchase creativity. However, the emotional level of female game players is stronger and more common.

Chinese Online ranked 30th in App Annie’s overseas publisher revenue list in January, and its mobile game Chapters: Interactive Stories rose to the 32nd in overseas revenue of Sensor Tower’s domestic mobile game in February. The plot interactive mobile game has shown its ability to attract money overseas. According to Sensor Tower data, the iOS and Android version of the game’s global turnover in February totaled US$4 million.

Another highlight of this month’s list is the Chinese online drama interactive mobile game Chapters: Interactive Stories, which was shortlisted in the top 30, which marks the success of Chinese mobile games in another segment of the overseas market. At present, the largest market for the game is the United States, accounting for 70%. Although there are competitors in the US market such as Choices: Stories You Play and Episode-Choose Your Story, both the game packaging and advertising materials are very similar, but the flow of these two games is relatively stable. It can be seen that once the plot interactive mobile game finds core players in the buying market, the follow-up investment return is relatively secure. According to data from the Sersor Tower advertising intelligence platform, this game has recently been advertised on Facebook and Applovin platforms.

Final Words

Tabou Stories is a mobile game that focuses on love story play. Rich storytelling, diversified choices to bring you a better experience, they provide more story content to you, let you enjoy the fun of the game. What are you waiting for? Your heart is not as good as action. Come to 2265 Android network. Have you ever imagined that you are the protagonist of your favorite romantic movie? Tabou Stories lets you do this. Make important choices-wear beautiful clothes, browse the drama, and fall in love. In Tabou Stories, you can realize your secret dreams.

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