Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Outfit7 Limited Unlimited Money

In Talking Tom Time Rush mod apk, you will be involved in an exciting world with attractive gameplay. A brand new adventure between the cat Tom and his animal friends is about to begin in Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK. This is an endless running game where players will accompany familiar characters to complete challenging levels. Experiencing difficult obstacles, the cat Tom will have abundant rewards.

The My Talking series of the publisher Outfit7 Limited is so familiar to all players around the world. Recently, they have just released the latest product called Talking Tom Time Rush. In this game, players will explore exciting endless running levels along with a brand new story.

Rush through the Magic Gate! Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger, and Becca go on a great adventure together! You will accompany familiar animal friends to complete endless runs with many difficult challenges. Discover the outstanding features of this exciting new playground by downloading now via Google Play or the APK below. This is the right time for you to show your control skills to overcome all dangerous obstacles.

Explore a whole new world of fun

For a long time, Talking Tom has been a game brand that is already too famous with its coverage everywhere. The game has created a huge attraction in the global game market. The story in this game about a cat named Tom is full of humor. A whole new world of fun will be opened as soon as you experience Talking Tom Time Rush. More specifically, Tom and his friends found a magical portal that changed Rakoonz completely. He and his gang stole the Crystal and fled into a wonderful world filled with numerous obstacles. Join the game, you will accompany Tom and his friends to explore this wonderful world. The goal is simple, it’s to chase Rakoonz and get the Crystals back as soon as possible.

Unlock animal friends from the start

Unlike other games of the same genre, players will be able to use any familiar animal friends in this game. Those are all familiar names like Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, and Ben. You will run with these animal friends through different locations with the appearance of hundreds of dangerous obstacles. All characters will have the same starting point and your control skill will be the deciding factor in the outcome of each level.

Cheerful and vivacious friends have learned to penetrate parallel dimensions. There, the guys found a lot of precious gold and crystals. But the malicious pandas appeared and stole all the treasures. The thieves managed to hide in one of the worlds. The player chooses any of Tom’s friends and tries to stop the threatening bandits.

The gameplay is quite simple

Basically, the gameplay of Talking Tom Time Rush is really simple and familiar to many players. More specifically, players just need to choose their favorite character and accompany that character on this endless journey. Accordingly, the character will automatically run continuously forward and you will control it by tapping and swiping on the screen.

Going left, right, or jumping up depending on the game screen helps the character to ensure safety from the appearance of dangerous obstacles. Besides, you also have to control your character to collect other help items such as magnets to attract all nearby coins for a limited time or protective shields, etc. Don’t forget to collect gold bars on the screen to unlock many cool accessories in the shop.

Lots of obstacles

Like many other games in this genre, Talking Tom Time Rush mod apk unlocking all characters will also take you to and confront challenges with increasing difficulty from easy to harder. The first stage of the chase with few obstacles and Tom’s running speed is quite slow. But later on, the running speed will increase gradually, and accordingly, the difficulty will also increase gradually. What you need to do is help the cat Tom move skillfully so that he can avoid the signs in the city area or the traffic on the road. The more obstacles, the more you will require your dodging technique to be skilled.

Diverse inventory of items

During the course of the race, you will have a lot of really unexpected choices. With Talking Tom Time Rush, support items will help your character Tom move faster.

The shoes will help increase running speed, jump high as well as avoid obstacles more easily. Or the magnet in this game also promotes magical use. It will help Tom be able to suck all the gold on the way back to the bag without having to move complicatedly or go the right lane. In addition, the inventory of items is still a lot of diverse items with many different uses such as airplanes, rockets … in addition to that, full of attractive effects are waiting for you.

Collect interesting costumes

Talking Tom Time Rush allows players to customize the appearance of each character through interesting costumes that appear in the store. The items available in the store have many different prices, so you need to choose carefully before deciding to buy. New costumes will make your character more impressive at each level. It can be a fashion accessory, a dress, a pair of shoes, etc. At the same time, new skins will be unlocked continuously to meet the diverse experience needs of players.

Unlock many new worlds

In the process of chasing Rakoonz to get back the Crystal, players will have the opportunity to explore many new worlds. Each area has a very new shape with different obstacles that will surely make players feel new when enjoying. Sometimes you will move to an environment with lots of volcanoes or beaches with endless sands and so on. No matter what environment you explore, you can use special vehicles to increase your speed and complete challenges faster.

The game is worth experiencing

If you love the endless running genre combined with the appearance of familiar characters in the My Talking series, Talking Tom Time Rush will be a great choice for you. This game will bring these cute mocking cats to extremely challenging high-speed chases. At the same time, the gameplay of this game is quite simple to reach any player. The game has 3D cartoon-style graphics with the creation of extremely cute characters. The moving images of the characters are shown quite smoothly with extremely vivid sound effects. Accompanied by unique background music with cheerful melodies to help create a comfortable feeling when experiencing. In general, Talking Tom Time Rush has a simple but very fun gameplay that is worth your try.

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