The Burgle Cats MOD APK 1.8.3 (Unlimited Money)

The Burgle Cats MOD APK 1.8.3 (Unlimited Money)

December 14, 2023


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PONOS Corporation
86.10 MB
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Unlimited Money

A funny game will bring happy moments for you. But the strategy games will stimulate your thinking. And if you would like to play a game that brings happiness and requires using good strategies to win, The Burgle Cats will be a good choice for you. The Burgle Cats is a game of the strategy genre. In the game, you will be a cat, infiltrate the enemy mansion and snatch treasure. This won’t be easy. You need many skills to be able to escape the mansion easily. Let’s start to experience that in The Burgle Cats now.

Graphics, sound and support

The Burgle Cats is one of the games that has been built and offered by PONOS Corporation. Established in 1990, PONOS Corporation is a video game company in Kyoto, Japan. The Burgle Cats is available on both Google Play and App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android or iOS Operating Systems. The Burgle Cats is also supported on tablets like iPad. The game is completely free to download and is just for single player. But in some countries, The Burgle Cats isn’t available. Moreover, you need to connect to the Internet to play The Burgle Cats.

Besides, the graphics are nice and outstanding. In The Burgle Cats, you will meet cute cats or cruel dogs that are designed to be very unusual. Moreover, bright colors will bring a comfortable feeling for you. In addition, an exciting soundtrack will always be turned on while you play. This makes the game more vivid. But if you don’t want to disturb others by the sound of the game, you can turn off Sound in the Settings of the game. In addition, there are four languages in The Burgle Cats. English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. They help some players to understand and complete the missions of the game more quickly.

Start to look for the treasure

Like many different games, the players will be instructed basic tutorials. With The Burgle Cats, so are you. There will be a boss cat in the game that teaches you everything you need to know about Burgle Battles. For example: you need to sneak into the Manor. Or swipe on the screen to sneak inside. After you have learned the basic tutorials, you will look for the treasures by yourself. And in the game, you won’t snatch the treasure alone. You will do it in a group. Working in a group will help you to earn many treasures. In each battle, your group will have five members. And you can select the members for your group in all following cats: The Cat, Sean, Mikkel, Dorakichi, Pono, Mia or Antonio, … You also will be a person who assigns tasks to the group. After you have got the treasure, you need to leave the Manor instantly so as not to be caught. Run to an open door to escape.

In particular, you need to pay attention to Willpower. Your Willpower will go down as time passes. And once your Willpower bar is completely empty, it’s game over. In addition, making noise also hurts your Willpower a bit. So watch out for Traps that a clever master sets. They will make noise if you trip over. Furthermore, noise also will startle a guard doge. This will make them come running to catch you. Always be careful. Also, to make The Burgle Cats more interesting, the publisher sets some fake vaults in the Manor. Opening a fake vault also will release hidden guard doges to catch you. And if three cats get captured, it’s also game over.

Build a might crew of thieves

In The Burgle Cats, if you want to open the treasure, you need keys. But if you don’t have enough keys, you can’t open the chests. However, the keys will increase gradually over time. So don’t get too nervous when you don’t have any keys. Besides, each treasure chest will contain its own loot. They will help you to upgrade your Cats. Moreover, you also can change your cats’ outfit. Outfits will be the main way to gain Willpower for the heists. And in the game, there will be a lot of outfits that you can select. For instance, Gamatoto Pack, Ancient Toga, Bandit’s Belt, Power Bowtie, Crimson Scarf, White Wrap, and so on. Each outfit will tie with one or multiple snack types. If the cat’s favorite snack matches with any of the outfit’s tied snacks, the cat will be added Willpower. Some outfits have additional Premium skin with an extra passive effect in battles.

In addition, each cat will have their own skills. For example, The Cat will have Cure-All which can recover X% Willpower and Y% chance to cure debuffs. But when you choose Mikkel, you will use Disguise Kit. It helps the cat disguise yourself as a Doge for X seconds and become invulnerable. However, if you step into any damaging trap, the disguise will be canceled. So earn new abilities and unlock many equipment. Furthermore, the game also allows you to catch strays and put them to work as new cat burglars by using cat tickets, rare tickets or cat food to pay the hunter for new cats.

Confront other cat burglars

To make the game more dramatic, the publisher has allowed other players to attack your Manor. So you need to defend your Manor by making it a deadly maze of ingenious traps. This will help you repel invaders and protect your loot. Besides, the publisher also has designed a special feature in The Burgle Cats. That is Friends. This feature allows you to meet and play with many players. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to make new friends.

And with this simple and interesting gameplay, The Burgle Cats will be suitable for many players of different ages, from children to adults. In addition, you can relax with the game after a long day at work. Because you won’t have to think too much when playing. Furthermore, your brain also will be improved and developed thanks to analyzing the game’s map. So download The Burgle Cats and enjoy happy and attractive moments. master the art of the thief and earn your place among the ranks of the Burgle Cat Legends.

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