The Escapists: Prison Escape MOD APK 636064 (Unlimited Money)

The Escapists: Prison Escape MOD APK 636064 (Unlimited Money)

October 30, 2020


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With tactical gameplay and many notable improvements, The Escapists: Prison Escape will bring players the stressful experience of escaping from a prison hidden deep in the jungle. Taking part in the game, it will unleash you your creativity with a variety of options. Players will make the escape game even more fun.

Similar to the arcade games, The Escapists: Prison Escape turns the player into a prisoner that is thrown into a tight security prison. Plan and execute your escape from prison. For success, players will have to spend a lot of time complying with the rules and monitoring the schedule here. Players also have to complete several quests and earn money to buy the items for the escape.

The Escapists: Prison Escape is a great 8-Bit prison escape game in which you play as a prisoner. Unlike other games where you find clues to escape, you need to find clues and create useful items right under the guards. Once you have all the tools you need, you can plan a sweet escape from prison. The best part of this game is that it requires strategic gameplay to get out of different situations.

General Information

You probably know that the series Prison Break used to be popular. And here is The Escapists: Prison Escape. It will incarnate you in the prisoners in renovating to look forward to freedom. But the game’s goal is not to survive in prison. It’s about escaping prison.

The Escapists: Prison Escape brings unique sandbox-based prison escape experiences to your gaming world. The missions in the game revolve mainly around collecting items combined with the journey of finding freedom. Prison life in The Escapists: Prison Escape keeps you on the alert every minute because of the harsh rules. You must overcome and escape.

The guards outside are always blocking all attempts to escape from prison. So, you may not act suspiciously by participating in roll calls, doing prison jobs, and hiding the manufacturing table. The interesting point of The Escapists: Prison Escape is that you only have a single chance to design your escape route with everything at hand.

The way to escape is completely up to you. Motivating prisoners to rebel or dig a tunnel right below the prison wall. Or you can steal uniforms to disguise themselves as a prison guard. They are all interesting experiences that you will get when you download The Escapists: Prison Escape.

About the graphics, the game is like the 90s games. And our experience is fun. They develop the game by Moldy Toof Studios released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2015. By 2017, versions for iOS and Android are available. So, it is available on most platforms already.

The game includes full DLC from easy to difficult for you to escape from prison. When one prison passes, the next will be unlocked. This game requires your brainstorming. It is not simple. Please download and fight now.

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Overall Assessments

Recently, developer Moldy Toof Studios and publisher Team17 have officially released the sequel to the very popular action game. It is the sandbox combination strategy, The Escapists: Prison Escape. In this part, players will experience tension when escaping from a prison hidden deep in the jungle. Similar to the other games, you will escape from prison with your friends through the local or online game mode that supports up to four people. You will still be creative with a lot of different options. It makes the escape game even more interesting.

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The Escapists: Prison Escape is a tough game. It is even impossible to win if it is the first time you experience this game. In particular, the game is even more of a headache when the tutorial only gives players very little valuable and necessary information for the experience. Instead, it is like suggesting the right direction that you can apply later.

Then, the game immediately throws the player into the prison, leaving you alone to turn around. We are sure their patience will challenge anyone who comes. It will cause a lot of inhibitions because you will not know what to do.

The gameplay of The Escapists: Prison Escape is a combination of action-adventure and tactical simulation in a sandbox environment. Therefore, a very in-depth crafting system is the most interesting element of the game. Experience in the game revolves mainly around trial and error. You rarely know what the ingredients to make a certain item without seeking help from outside the game. The game does not have any hint of what the player’s escape plan must be. It leads to you being in a dim state of not knowing what to do.

Therefore, the most difficult thing in the experience of The Escapists: Prison Escape is that you have to find out the recipe or experiment hard rather than using trial-and-error factors. Sometimes, it takes a little luck as well. But it is not the only problem that players have to solve.

Eventually, you also realize that any plan to escape requires careful preparation and thoughtfulness. You not only need the tools needed for the escape but also have support items like a doll on the bed when you need to sneak away in the middle of the night. Or you can use a fake wall to hide the entire process. Prison break is going on again.

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Graphic Designs

The Escapists: Prison Escape’s pixel graphics remain the same as the original version. While it is cute and brings humor to the experience, it is not true in all cases. This style of graphics often makes the players have trouble interacting with other characters since every character has many similar features from a pixel perspective.

Meanwhile, NPCs only show their names when you are near. And the game does not have any option to allow the game to always display their names. It causes no less trouble when there are too many characters appearing on the screen. It also makes you not know how to interact with a certain character.

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Final Words

In the latest free update for The Escapists: Prison Escape MOD APK, developer and publisher Team17 has brought to the jailbreak strategy game a complete set of customization tools called Prison Map Editor. All players can freely design and build their levels. It is a feature that is required and expected by the community of players of The Escapist series for a long time.

Prison Map Editor comes with a simple interface optimized for all players to get used to and use quickly with easy drag-and-drop operations. It allows you to build the prison system. You can share your works through the Steam Workshop system to challenge other players. With this feature, you can get rid of the security systems you have set up.

You can search and download achievements created by other players to try. There are many self-created levels with the Prison Map Editor toolkit. You can experience it in a single-player or team mode. The Escapists: Prison Escape is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch version of the game is currently developed by Team17 and is expected to be available to players soon.

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