The Little Acre v7 (Paid for free)

The Little Acre v7 (Paid for free)

March 14, 2020


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Curve Digital
5.1 and up
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The Little Acre

For those who’re tired of the casual games that we often see on Android devices and are in need of an impactful story, The Little Acre is definitely the game for you. The story-driven gameplay and intuitive controls will leave you speechless and hooked into the game. Find out more about this amazing Action & Adventure title from Curve Digital with our reviews.


The game takes place in the country of Ireland in 1950 where a family of two, the father and daughter, suddenly find themselves caught into an unlikely adventure to another world.

The story begins as Aidan – the father, accidentally discover some clues about his missing father. Thus, the man starts his investigation and was unwillingly transferred to another dimension. Here, he was introduced to a whole new world and experienced a strange adventure.

While on the other hand, Lily – the daughter, was anxious about her father not returning for a while now. So, like father like daughter, she also set out on an adventure to find him. She then discovered a mysterious path that leads to a whole new different world at the family’s garden shed.

Thus, beginning the story and adventure of both the father and daughter in a strange new world.

The Little Acre


Follow the two separated adventures of the father and the daughter, players would slowly find themselves hooked into the captivating stories as well as exciting gameplay. Find out more about the amazing features of the game:

Experience two connected stories

With a unique storyline that follows a father and a daughter’s separated stories, players are introduced to an interesting adventure that is not like any other games before. Here you’ll discover the lives of the people of Ireland in the 50s. Experiencing their daily activities and learn more about what’s going on in the mind.

The two playable characters allow for a much complete experience where you can see the world from the eyes of a child or from the viewpoint of a grown up. This sparks unique thoughts that you’ll never think would come to your mind.Enjoy the gameplay in different perspectives
In additions, having to playable characters mean that you can see things in different perspectives and would have the chances to enjoy unique perspective transitions. This enables more throughout and immersive experiences that are not like any other games before.

Lots of discoverable elements

In additions, with The Little Arce, players are also introduced to lots of beautiful original score and many discoverable aspects of the game. Enjoy the life of the Ireland people back in the 1950s or experience a strange life in a completely different world. Explore the secrets in the game and enjoy playing through the exciting missions.
The Little Acre

Simple point-and-click gameplay

If you miss the good old point-and-click adventure games in the past, then The Little Acre is definitely a great game for you. The simple yet intuitive gameplay allows for immersive and exciting experiences for the players. Which is quite different from the current games on Android devices.

Interactive and characteristic characters

With The Little Acre, players will have their chances to interact with incredible characters from the two different worlds. Here you’ll find interesting characters that bring joys and excitement to your adventure. Interact with them as you find yourself caught into the middle of two worlds. Learn about their stories and discover interesting secrets.

The Little Acre

Explore the stories in your own ways

With deep stories and various character developments, players in The Little Acre will have their chances to explore and enjoy the game in their own ways. That being said, there would be multiple choices that need to be made in order for you to progress in this game. Choose the one that sounds to you and experiences the stories in your own ways.

Enjoyable puzzle funs

For those who love discovering secrets and solving interesting puzzles, The Little Acre would bring great joy to you. Here in this amazing adventure game, players will encounter dozens of difficulty exciting puzzles that stand in their way. Spend time cracking them as you experience the fun and excitement along the way.

Play the game with your family and friends

With impactful stories and relaxing gameplay, The Little Acre is great for family get-togethers or parties with friends. You can share this incredible experience with your family members or friends to make the game even more satisfying.

Enjoy the game in your languages

For most players, language barriers might be the biggest reason why they can’t enjoy their favorite games. That being said, here in The Little Acre, players can enjoy playing the game in their native languages. With more than 6 languages available, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and so on, players will have no problem enjoying this amazing game on their Android devices.

Visual and sound quality


Your first impression with the game is probably the amazing hand-drawn images and animations in The Little Acre. Every character has their own personality which makes the game so much more captivating.

In additions, the game can be played on HD resolution, allowing for crispy and refined graphics. Plus, you won’t likely to experience lags or whatsoever.


With fully voiced dialogues, you’ll find the stories and characters a lot more appealing. It makes you feel like a part of the story.  In additions, beautiful and calm soundtracks allow for relaxing experiences for those who’re looking for a quick rest.

Download The Little Acre latest 7 Android APK

With captivating stories and simple gameplay, gamers will have their chances to enjoy this amazing game anywhere anytime on their devices. Great characters, heart-warming stories, and lots of fun puzzles will keep you entertained throughout the game.

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