The Office Quest MOD APK 6.00002 (Free Shopping)

The Office Quest MOD APK 6.00002 (Free Shopping)

June 23, 2023


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No longer will you ever find yourself having to work in a boring office environment, instead you can all dive into this awesome mobile title of The Office Quest where you can enjoy all kind of office fiesta, together with our bored protagonist. Join him in his exciting office adventures where you can discover and enjoy all kinds of shenanigan.

Explore the simple but fun and engaging gameplay of point and click adventure where you’re introduced to many cool and unique puzzles. Discover and complete them as you progress in the game and unlock new adventures. Never find yourself getting bored working at the office every again.

Learn more about this cool mobile game from 11Sheep and all of its interesting features with our comprehensive reviews.


It was just another day in the office, same old habits and boring tasks that you have been so familiar with. But something suddenly hit you, like literally hit you, as if it was some sort of unidentified flying object. Let your curiosity lead you as you try to follow it, discover and enjoy many cool puzzles during the process, and get ready to embark on an epic journey at The Office.

Quickly find yourself enjoying the game thanks to its simple mechanics and evolving gameplay. Explore many exciting levels with interesting in-game elements, following unique story progressions. Enjoy playing the addictive puzzle-solving and action game at your own pace. Have fun discovering and interacting with many cool and interesting characters from the game. The list goes on

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Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple mechanics and touch controls

With the simple point and click adventure gameplay, The Office Quest gamers will have no troubles getting comfortable with the game and its features. Simply tap on certain elements on the screen to move your characters, discovering their certain in-game interactions, unveil hidden clues, and to try all possibilities on the puzzle solving challenges.

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Enjoy the game at your own pace

Similar to LIMBO and Doofus Drop, the undemanding puzzle-solving and adventure gameplay of The Office Quest allows Android gamers to freely enjoy the game at their own pace and with their own personal approaches. Feel free to explore the unique settings in the game as you look for clues and interactive props that can be used to complete your quests. Also have access to the auto-save feature so you can always exit and return exactly where you left. Thus, making the game a lot more accessible and convenient.

Multiple chapters with evolving stories to keep you interested

With 4 amazing chapters featuring cool stories that follow one after the other, The Office Quest gamers will find themselves enjoying their exciting in-game adventures and the captivating storyline. Simply enter the game and start following your protagonist in his great escape from The Office, Into the Woods, to the Desert, and even reach for The Sky. Have fun exploring the exciting in-game stories and adventures as you progress while also getting introduced to cool puzzles and quests that will certainly improve your in-game experiences. Plus, the captivating and well-written stories will make sure that you’re always engaged in the game.

Hilarious characters to interact with

And at the same time, also find yourself interacting with interesting and hilarious characters, each having their own unique designs and will play a certain role in your office quests. Enjoy their many interactions as you find ways to get around and move on to the next levels. Or make friends with certain characters and allow them to help you progress through the many challenges.

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Interesting puzzles for the creative minds

With the interesting puzzles being featured throughout the game, The Office Quest gamers will always find themselves most interested in the awesome mobile title. Always enjoy solving challenging puzzles and riddles with unique and interesting setups and mechanics. Also find yourself working with that sharp and beautiful mind of yours to discover cool ways of solving the puzzles. Head toward your paths of freedom as you escape the office and into the world ahead of you.

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Use hints whenever you need

And if you ever find yourself getting stuck in the game and can’t seem to progress. Just keep mind that the puzzles are designed to always come with a solution. So, you can always try everything before using the hint options to instantly get you through the troubles. Just keep in mind that the game only offers a limited number of hints that you can get for free. So, make sure to use them effectively and wisely so you can make the most of them.

Log-in to your Google Play account to enable cloud saves

For those of you who are interested, you can now use your Google Play account to enable cloud-saving features in The Office Quest. This will make sure that you won’t lose your in-game data, even when accidentally removing the game or playing it on a new device.

Enjoy the offline game on the go

To make the game more accessible, 11Sheep also feature their offline gameplay of The Office Quest, which should be available for all of you. Now, there is no need to turn on the mobile data or to look for available Wi-Fi networks, just to start playing the game. However, you’ll still need the Internet for in-game purchases and online saves.

Free to play

With the game also available for Android gamers to enjoy for free on the Google Play Store, you can easily get the game running on your mobile devices and start enjoying its many features without having to pay. However, to complete the whole storyline, you’ll need to pay for the in-game purchases to unlock the next chapters.

Have access to our modded version of the game

And speaking of which, if you wish to enjoy the full game but don’t want to pay for the in-game purchases, you might want to consider the modded version of The Office Quest on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked game with removed ads and unlimited features. Thus, allowing you to enjoy its complete gameplay without having to pay anything. All you need is to download The Office Quest Mod APK, then follow the given instructions.

Visual and sound quality


Get ready to immerse yourself in this amazing mobile title of The Office Quest. With the unique art styles and cartoonish animations, the game allows mobile gamers to feel like living in their own cartoon adventures. Have fun engaging yourself in many cool office quests and venture through its interesting chapters. Enjoy watching cool animations, hilarious interactions, and cool visual effects, all contributing to the overall in-game experiences.

Sound & Music

With cool sounds and music in The Office Quest, Android gamers can always find themselves enjoying the awesome mobile title to the fullest. Immediately find yourself at peace with the relaxing and soothing soundtracks. Always engage in the gameplay thanks to its interactive sound effects. And the on-theme music will always keep you interested.

Final thoughts

Featuring many cool quests, interesting RPG adventure, and accessible elements of point & click puzzle solving gameplay, The Office Quest will make a great mobile title for all Android gamers who are looking for a quick laugh and long-lasting fun in your boring office.

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