Thumper: Pocket Edition 1.13 (Paid for free)

Thumper: Pocket Edition 1.13 (Paid for free)

February 20, 2020


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Drool LLC
7.0 and up
98.5 MB
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Paid for free

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The Android smartphone has always been a great platform for gaming. Their portability and capable hardware allow users to enjoy playing their favorite games anytime anywhere. That being said, if you’re looking for an exciting pocket gaming experience, Thumper: Pocket Edition might be a great choice for you.

With thrilling and action-packed gameplay, the game allows players to enjoy countless hours of excitements. Put your skills to the test with this amazing title.


The game takes us to the faraway galaxies where players are caught into fast and furious space racing and shooting experiences. Enjoy fast racing with exciting music and sound effects that would provide a totally immersive experience.

Those who love music would find Thumper: Pocket Edition extremely interesting as the game features a combined rhythm and action gameplay that would keep your eyes on the screen for hours on end.


Playing as a space beetle, you find yourself caught in an unlikely adventure involving classic actions, stunning effects, accurate physics, and incredible speeds. Go against the giant boss that are ravaging your homeland on an exciting journey. Here are the amazing features of Thumper: Pocket Edition that you would love:

Simple yet still exciting controls

As a space beetle, you receive massive boosts in physical traits and special powers. Travel between different planets with incredible speeds and momentums. Using the simple and exciting controls to glide your directions as you travel in extreme speeds. Make uses of the simple movements of swiping and tapping to overcome obstacles as you go deeper into the enemies’ lair. Or perform incredible combos to get you out of difficult situations and land massive blows to the enemies.

Endless fun and excitements

Featuring a considered “rhythm violence” gameplay, Thumper: Pocket Edition provides great experiences for those who’re looking for a fun and satisfying game on their Android devices. It’s hard to describe the amazing sensations that it provides, you’ll just have to experience the gameplay by yourself. With nine epic levels, players will have their chances to travel through different realms in the galaxy and encounter various specious in the endless galaxy.

Thrilling boss battles

With amazing gameplay, each moment spent on Thumper Pocket Edition is another exciting adventure for players. Here you’ll immerse yourself in the incredible racing and shooting gameplay as you experience the incredible, yet mesmerizing world of Thumper.

In additions, players are also introduced to thrilling and exciting boss battles that allows them to put their skills the extreme. Pump up your Adrenaline as you control the space bug crashing through the exciting levels of Thumper Pocket Edition.

Smooth gameplay

In additions to the amazing gameplay and exciting level designs in Thumper: Pocket Edition, players will have their chances to experience the smooth gameplay with incredible features. That being said, for capable devices, you can enjoy the game with the great visual quality of 60 FPS gameplay. The smooth gameplay will greatly enhance your in-game experiences. Plus, you can play it in both portrait and landscape mode on different devices.

Enhanced experiences

And if you think that the current speed and difficulties are not yet matched your skills and abilities. If you demand a more challenging gameplay that could satisfy your needs for actions? Here in Thumper Pocket Edition, players will have their chances to take their skills and abilities to the extreme. Increase the speeds and difficulties of your levels to the maximum to see if you have what it takes to be the best in Thumper: Pocket Edition. Select the Play+ whenever you want to add a little bit of challenges to the game.

Visual and sound quality

Here you’ll find the amazing visual and sound features in Thumper Pocket Edition:


Beautiful galactic setup

Graphically speaking, this is definitely one of the best games that feature awesome graphics on Android devices. Here you’ll have your chances to experience the incredible visual elements with an amazing galactic setup. Fly through spaces as you passing by huge planets and big stars. On top of that, the majestic 3D graphics make you feel like you’re traveling in an actual world.

Stunning visual effects

In additions, the game also introduces stunning visual effects which add lots of realistic elements to the game. The crashes, explosions, animations, and the speeding effects are truthfully depicted with great fashions.

Continuous experiences with no lags or stutters

And despite all the graphical demands, the game is still relatively playable for different Android devices. You can easily maintain a smooth framerate of 60 FPS throughout your journey. And even for the low-end devices, the game is still relatively playable with the average framerate hovering at 30 FPS. Still extremely enjoyable for Android gamers.


Mesmerizing original soundtracks

As you could have guessed since the game is categorized with “rhythm violence”, you can really experience the rhythmic elements in Thumper Pocket Edition. Every step you take, every move you make as you travel through the realms of Thumper, you’ll be experiencing mesmerizing soundtracks. The music will have great effects on the pace of the game, you’ll need to pay good attention to this factor as it would be a decisive factor when playing.

Epic sound effects enhance your overall experiences

In additions to the exciting soundtracks, the game also features incredible sounds effects that enhance your overall experiences when traveling. The game allows players to remain stimulated with powerful sounds effects whenever you’re in it.

Download Thumper: Pocket Edition latest 1.13 Android APK

With a simple, yet addictive gameplay, Thumper Pocket Edition is a perfect title for those who’re looking for a quick and relaxing portable gaming experience on the Android devices. In additions, you’re also in for a treat with the amazing visual and sound effects that it brings. Download and install the game on Apkdone now to start enjoying.

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