Ticket to Earth MOD APK 1.7.9 (Unlimited Money)

Ticket to Earth MOD APK 1.7.9 (Unlimited Money)

October 28, 2023

Role Playing

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Robot Circus
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Unlimited Money

Ticket to Earth

Embark a whole new journey as you join Rose, one among billions of homeless child being abandoned on a human’s colony. Rises above the adversities and challenge the dictator rulers. Experience RPG gameplay like never before with exciting and addictive gameplay. Find out more about this amazing Android title from the famous game producers of Robot Circus.


The game takes place in the fictional human future, in which we’ve totally mastered the intergalactic technologies. This allows mankind to make huge progress in space dominations. Hence, it’s only after a couple of centuries, but we’ve already established a huge number of colonies on faraway planets.

With new facilities being constructed on these planets, many people have chosen a new lifestyle by inhabiting in our so-called new homes. However, centuries passed and we have already polluted our new homes with all kinds of machines and contraptions. Lives in here have become extremely harsh.

Hence, more and more people are trying to buy their way back to Earth, which has already returned to its former beauty thanks to the great migration. However, things are not that easy anymore since returning to Earth has become a privilege that not everybody can afford.

This sparks riots in many colonies from all over the universe. However, the corrupted government is determined to prevent the people from returning to Earth as they want to keep these amounts of cheap workforces for themselves.

Being an orphan in one of the new colonies, Rose, our main character must take on her missions to free all the trapped citizens of the colonies and returning them to their beloved home – Earth.

Ticket to Earth


With only one available ship to return to Earth, you and your friend must risk it all and fight for what you believe. Find out all about the amazing features that the has to offer:

Tactical battlefields with varied strategies

Here in Ticket to Earth, gamers will be introduced to impressive battlefield tactics, in which players are able to make various changes and adjustment during the battles. That being said, the game allows players to select their own team with the proper composition against that of their enemies. While you’re on the battlefield, you can position your characters around the maps to gain the advantages over your enemies. Running around to dodge their attacks as well as keep gathering resources for your characters.

And once you decide that it’s enough, you can start your offenses with epic blows to the enemies. Lure them to the right spot to deal maximum damages without wasting too many resources. Remember, you are fighting a one-sided battle with the advantages fall into the enemies, so it would be wise to slowly but steadily collect powers for your own.

In addition, depending on the enemies that you’re dealing with, you can switch your team formations and select the most suitable candidates. Make uses of the varied skills and abilities systems.

Ticket to Earth

Unique and addictive tile-matching puzzle

By combining the traditional JRPG combat system with the addictive tile-matching puzzles, Ticket to Earth introduces unique gameplay, in which gamers will rely a lot on their movements on the tile maps to gain advantages and pick the right position.

To move around, you must essentially select your characters and move them around following the tile-matching puzzles. There will be different tile colors which resemblance varied powers and abilities. Depending on your character traits as well as the enemies, you can come up with the right attacks.

Select the right tiles and collect a lot of them to store massive energy onto your characters. Then, you can deal devastating damages to the opponents.

Explore captivating stories of different characters

Along with our main character – Rose, you’ll also have your chances to play as other characters. In addition, you’ll be introduced to their own stories, which combined to deliver a complete story of the abandoned humans of the colonies. Experience different level of emotions and completely varied stores as you progress further into the game. Gain a complete insight of lives in the sci-fi futures, maybe you’ll get yourself some new thoughts about this.

Ticket to Earth

Develop different powers

Apart from their different backgrounds, your team members also have their own powers which make them effective in certain situations. That being said, make sure you manage your team powers effectively and level up your members frequently. This would allow them to gain new powers as we as strengthening their old ones. The powers in Ticket to Earth are separated into 4 major categories, which are Hand, Eye, Heart, and Mind. Although every character in the game can use all four powers, the effectiveness would vary depending on the users.

  • Hand – Hand powers are the type of energy that you’ll need to recharge whenever you want to do some melee attacks. These are powerful moves but will require you to close up your distances with the enemies. This might not a good idea if your character is quite fragile.
  • Eye – On the other hand, if you’re a conservative player, then the skirmishing styles might be more suitable. Having said that, you’ll need to collect a lot of Eye energy to recharge your ranged damages. However, don’t be too caught up into charging the energies since you might accidentally bring yourself closer to the enemies.
  • Heart – And if you find yourself kind of low on health, you might want to run around collecting Heart energy to refill your health bar. In addition, as you take down your enemies, you’ll earn yourself a heart that can restore a decent amount of health on your characters.
  • Mind – And last but not least, we have the Mind energy which can have many incredible effects. If being used cleverly, your Mind attacks can change the entire course of the battlefield. For example, you can teleport to a low-health ranged enemy and take it down easily.

Ticket to Earth

Complete achievements and challenges to earn epic prizes

Along with the exciting missions, gamers in Ticket to Earth are also allowed to take on different challenges and complete achievements to earn themselves epic prizes. Uses these incentives to give your characters huge advantages over the enemies. This would make your story mode a little bit easier. In addition, this is also a great chance for you to hone your skills as well as keeping your characters well-trained.

Free of ads and in-game purchases

Not like most other games on Google Play Store, this game offers no ads or in-app purchases, which is quite rare for Android games. Nonetheless, this allows gamers to enjoy their game without being disturbed by ads or in-app purchases.

Ticket to Earth

Enjoy the multi-awarded Android game

For those who haven’t know this, Ticket to Earth is one of the few Android titles that receive countless prizes right in the first year. More specifically, the game is the winner of Australian Game Developer Awards 2017, Game Development World Championship 2017, and many other prizes. So you’re guaranteed to have a quality game with exciting gameplay.

Visual and sound quality


Ticket to Earth features vivid and crisp graphics which would definitely satisfy you. In addition, the modest designs make everything look like they come from the future. This makes you feel like you’re truly caught in a journey into the future with the group of friends.


No powerful sound effects, the game is still able to deliver a complete audio experience to gamers. Here you’ll find every action extremely real thanks to the accurate sound effects.

How To Install Ticket to Earth APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /Android/obb/com.robot_circus.TTE. Ensure that the OBB file (main.112.com.robot_circus.TTE.obb) sits within the com.robot_circus.TTE folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Ticket to Earth Mod latest 1.7.9 Android APK

Ticket to Earth is one of those good Android games that aren’t always available every day. Hence, make sure you get the game as soon as possible to start enjoying it.

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