Toon Blast MOD APK 13612 (Unlimited Resources)

Toon Blast MOD APK 13612 (Unlimited Resources)

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Find yourself relatively bored with the intensive and stressful action games? Looking for a simple yet addictive casual game to enjoy on their mobile devices whenever you have the time? Then this awesome puzzle-solving mobile game of Toon Blast will certainly be enough to satisfy you.

In fact, you’ll find it being a lot more enjoyable compared to other similar title due to its unique and refreshing gameplay. While it may look like other other match-three titles, you’ll find yourself completely surprised at the fun and interesting ways of match cubes in this game.

Explore a variety of interesting puzzle levels, play with the various-colored cubes, and connect them to unlock your special cubes. Unleash their unique powers to effectively clear the levels and enjoy the game even more.

Find out more about Toon Blast with our review of this amazing game.


For those who’ve been bored with the classic match-three puzzle gameplay, Toon Blast should definitely be your new favorite Android game as it offers all the interesting features that you would want to have, and more.

That being said, the game allows Android gamers to dive into the unique and refreshing puzzle gameplay with similar rules to the classic match-three titles but offers a lot more variety to it. Feel free to explore the epic world of Toon Blast as you enjoy a series of exciting puzzle levels.

In the game, players will find themselves in the similar puzzle boards just like other match-three games. However, instead of matching the three or more cubes with similar colors, you’ll just need to tap on two or more cubes with the same colors to pop them up.

Put multiple cubes together and pop them up to collect interesting cubes with certain abilities. Blast the board vertically or horizontally, unleash the special explosions that break the entire boards, and so on. Make uses of these unique cubes to overcome tough challenges and advance to the new levels.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple straightforward but take times to master

To begin with, you can find yourself getting familiar with the intuitive and straightforward gameplay in Toon Blast relatively quick. With simple mechanics and undemanding gameplay, it won’t take long for you to enjoy the game.

Plus, thanks to many intuitive initial levels and useful tutorials, you can easily learn to play the game. Just keep in mind that it wouldn’t be so easy for you to completely master the game. Get ready for a series of interesting and rewarding levels with escalating difficulties whenever you’re in the game.

Take on multiple in-game challenges and levels

Speaking of which, Toon Blast also introduces Android gamers to many interesting levels and in-game challenges that you can pick up and enjoy. Start with the initial levels and challenges with less demanding and more intuitive gameplay, you can find yourself advancing to the more challenging gameplay as you progress. Not to mention that with the higher levels, your prizes and loots are also going to be more rewarding.

Complete interesting objectives and overcome unique obstacles

In each level, you’ll also find yourself being challenged by new obstacles to overcome and objectives to complete. Explore the in-depth and interesting puzzle gameplay in Toon Blast as you find yourself enjoying a completely different adventure. Make uses of the unique puzzle mechanics to solve your quests and overcome the unique obstacles. It’ll be a lot more interesting than your normal match-three games.

Unlock awesome boosters to assist you in your puzzle challenges

And for those of you who’re interested, Toon Blast should definitely surprise you with the number of interesting boosters that it offers. That being said, like other match-three puzzle games, you can connect multiple cubes with the same colors to create interesting boosters. Make uses of their unique and awesome effects to effectively wipe out the entire board. Feel free to blast off lines of cubes with your rockets, smashing the whole board with your disco ball, and so on.

Collect full stars in each of your levels for special rewards

In addition, with each level, you’re also allowed to collect up to three judging stars, which depend on how you perform in the game. Hence, some of you might find it quite tempting to go for the three-start completion in each level to win some special rewards. Plus, with many three-star levels, you can even unlock and enjoy more interesting gameplay, which is absolutely awesome.

Compete with friends and online gamers from all over the world

To make the game more enjoyable, along with the single-player campaigns, gamers are also introduced to a series of interesting online gameplay. Here, you can join your friends and online gamers from all over the world in an epic PvP puzzle competition. Create your team and compete with others from across the world to rule the puzzle world. Work with your teammates and provide each other certain assistance to advance to the new challenge.

Link the game to your social accounts to unlock new features

For those who’re interested, you can always have your social accounts linked to the game to unlock many awesome features. Start by having the game to show your social friends who’re also playing the game. View their progresses and records whenever you have the time. Or sync your in-game progresses between your different mobile devices and never lose your saves.

Free to play

And despite having all those amazing features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. That being said, just look for the game on the Google Play Store and download it without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited resources with our mod

However, since it’s a freemium, you’re still bounded by ads and in-app purchases, which is something that not many of you are fond of. Hence, you might want to take a look at our modified version of the game instead. Here, you’ll have access to the unlimited in-game resources as well as enjoying the ad-free gameplay, which is always a big thumb up. Just download the Toon Blast Mod APK from our website and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Find yourself completely hooked to the dynamic and beautiful visual experiences in Toon Blast. Dive into epic puzzle levels and enjoy watching the awesome cubes poping offs in different directions and styles. Plus, the undemanding graphics also make the game extremely playable on most of your devices. Hence, it’s quite easy for you to enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay with Toon Blast.


And for those of you who’re interested, Toon Blast also features interactive and responsive audio experiences.

Download Toon Blast Mod latest 13728 Android APK

With simple yet addictive gameplay, in-depth puzzle-solving mechanics, and hundreds of interesting levels for you to enjoy, Toon Blast is undoubtedly one of the best casual games for Android gamers. Plus, with our modified version of the game, you’ll also the chance to enjoy the game to the fullest without having to pay anything.

And if you’re interested in this type of game, then Toy Blast and Candy Crush Saga are also two great titles that you can enjoy on our website.

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