Touch VPN MOD APK 3.2.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Touch VPN MOD APK 3.2.0 (Premium Unlocked)

May 16, 2024


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With your Internet connection being blocked by certain service providers, it’s difficult for users to easily access certain websites. Hence, it’s totally reasonable if you wish to use certain VPN services to get past the barrier. Unlike Proxy, which is browser-based and won’t work on certain websites and services, with VPN, users can enjoy their complete access on the Internet. And at the same time, the effective VPN services will also ensure your complete anonymity and safety while staying online. Which is why many people are getting interested in these types of Internet services.

For that reason, if you’re looking for a capable VPN service to use on your mobile devices, then Touch VPN should definitely be your first choice. With simple and accessible features, it allows for all Android users to effectively use the VPN features without running into any problems. And at the same time, the functional and powerful in-app features will make it extremely easy for you to get past the Internet barrier or restrictions from your service providers.

Find out more about the interesting app of Touch VPN with our complete reviews.

What does it do?

So basically, Touch VPN: Free Unlimited VPN Proxy & WiFi Privacy is a proprietary mobile app that was created by TouchVPN Inc to assist mobile users in using their VPN services. And with the app being installed and enabled on your Android devices, you can start using it to access the internet without getting blocked by geo-restricted contents, private websites for only VPN users, and more.

At the same time, with VPN services available on your mobile devices, you can also protect yourself from many unwanted scams from hackers, trackers, and malware that can potentially access your devices through certain exploitations. Here, you can enjoy your complete anonymity and will always stay safe from these unwanted threats on the Internet.

Plus, along with the other great VPN providers such as VPNhub, Hotspot Shield, and a few others, you can always find Touch VPN your place to go when it comes to your connection stability and speed. The service offers great Internet connection with amazing speed and consistent performances.


To start using the app, you’ll need to have your mobile devices that’re running Android 4.2 and up ready. This is to ensure the complete compatibility with the in-app features and guarantee that you can enjoy Touch VPN services to the fullest.

Also, make sure that you’re using a decent Internet connection because you’ll be expecting some dips in the connection’s performances due to the VPN services. And with that, you’re set to enjoy all the available in-app features

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy your instant access to the open Internet

For those of you who have had problems connecting to certain internet services that are either geo-blocked or not accessible through normal networks, then this is definitely the right tool for you. As a result, you’ll find Touch VPN offering a wide range of different in-app features, which will allow you to access multiple websites that are blocked by the government, school, or your workplace.

Feel free to get pass the annoying firewalls unnoticed and enjoy the complete Internet experiences whenever you want. Hence, you can enjoy movies on Netflix, explore the different social networks like Facebook or WeChat, enjoy videos on YouTube, and have fun with geo-blocked live events, all at the same time and on your simple smartphone devices.

Protect yourself from the potential hacks

And if you’re so fond of protecting yourself from the potential online threats from hackers, it’s also possible for users to protect their devices through a secured connection from Touch VPN. With the app, you can rest assured when connecting to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot or even to your private networks. All the important information about your connections such as your username, passwords, personal data, and other information will be safe from hackers thanks to the encrypted data in Touch VPN. And to top that off, even the service providers themselves won’t be able to read your information.

Simple and accessible VPN service

For those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy the simple and accessible VPN service in Touch VPN. Feel free to have fun with the one-click access that will take you to the world’s best VPN experiences. Simply select the app, click on the connect button, and you’re up online. Here, you’ll receive complete protection from threats as well as having full connection to all the different websites and online services while also keeping your anonymity.

Prevent any type of tracking and targeting

Speaking of which, with many useful features, Touch VPN will help to prevent others from tracking and targeting your Internet-connected devices through your ISP. And at the same time, it also prevents scams from ad tracking and targeting you, which allows Android users to enjoy the complete experiences with the VPN services. And most importantly, it’ll also prevent websites from sending malware to your devices, thus, minimizing the threat of you getting hacked.

Dozens of worldwide servers to ensure your connection speed

By connecting through the VPN, your internet connection will need to go through another step of anonymity before it can reach the Internet. Which is why, many people often experience certain reduction in their connection speed with their VPN services enabled. And that’s also what you’ll experience in Touch VPN. But with the highly optimized services and speedy servers all over the world, you can enjoy the best internet services, with your VPN still being turned on. Feel free to watch live streaming or even play competitive games with little problems.

Free to use

For those of you who’re interested, you can now even enjoy the app for free on the Google Play Store. Therefore, Android users will find it quite easy to download and install the app onto their mobile devices, no payment is involved.

Have fun with the unlocked application with our mod

Also, if you’re interested in the completely unlocked and free experiences in Touch VPN, it’s also possible for Android users to download our modified version of the app. Here, you can enjoy unlimited money, removed advertisements, and enjoy your full VPN connection with no limitations. That means you can have fun exploring the Internet without getting bothered by any unwanted features. And all it takes is for you to download the Touch VPN Mod APK from our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good go.

Final verdicts

For internet users, having complete transparency to their global Internet connection is quite important. So it would be nice if you can get rid of the annoying barriers and restrictions that were created by your governments. Hence, with Touch VPN, users will find themselves enjoying the completely unlocked Internet, as well as keeping their anonymity while browsing the online services. And all can be accessed through your mobile devices. Plus, with our unlocked and free version of the app, there is no reason for you to deny it.

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