Trudograd MOD APK 1.0.68 (Paid for free)

Trudograd MOD APK 1.0.68 (Paid for free)

ATENT GAMES LTD Paid for free

Trudograd is an atmospheric RPG that takes you on a challenging journey to a desolate city, filled with secrets and a harsh environment to survive.


Explore the stylized and brilliantly crafted worlds in Trudograd, with post-apocalyptic settings, classic turn-based RPG actions, and captivating stories.

Featuring the war-torn world after 22 years of the nuclear catastrophe between the USSR and the Western block. The world is now being reduced to own ruins and its civilizations was taken back to the Middle Ages.

Being a member of the notorious ATOM organization, you and other well-equipped peace fighters are tasked with saving the world from its nuclear inferno. With the world population being reduced to only a few percent and resources getting scarcer, the fight for survival is rough and brutal.

Trudograd immediately introduces gamers to their survival adventures, where they get to explore the war town city and its remaining inhabitants. Learn their stories, craft your own experiences, and learn from this profound roleplaying game.

Enjoy the new game with new characters or old favorites

Fans of the famous ATOM game will have the chances to play the game with many of their favorite characters. Choose any of your interests and start playing the game. Although this would be more difficult since you have to take a few extra steps, you can inherit many of their abilities from the past. Or you can create a new character with Trudograd and enjoy a whole new adventure.

A vast open-world setting with amazing adventures

Have access to a vast open-world environment in Trudograd, which features multiple locations each with its own settings and in-game interactions. Unlock stories, interactions, and new adventures with each new location. Have the most complete experiences in the game, thanks to its comprehensive settings. Enjoy 45+ hours of non-stop gameplay, as you explore more than 45 locations in the game.

Exciting combats in unique locations and interesting foes

With an incredible combat system, Trudograd allows gamers to have the most fun fighting their enemies and taking on different challenges. Enjoy the classic turn-based RPG actions while exploring new perks and interactions with the post-apocalyptic mechanics. Unlock 30+ combat locations, with unique enemies, cool battles, and awesome weapons to make uses of.

Or engage in vast bunker puzzles

Along with epic actions, Trudograd also features incredible bunker puzzles, which offer hours of addictive quest-solving gameplay. Enjoy both logic and guns in this brilliant game from ATENT GAMES.

Colorful characters with unique designs and dialogues

Never have a dull moment in the game while interacting with many of its colorful and unique characters. With cool designs, interesting portraits, and characteristic features, the 300+ NPCs and playable heroes will make your adventures a lot more exciting. Not to mention that the detailed voiceovers and interesting dialogues will make your characters a lot more fun to play with.

Captivating adventures and story-driven quests

Have access to a huge collection of 200 interesting quests, each with its own stories and in-game progressions. Unlock exciting stories, multiple pathways, interesting solutions, and unthinkable plots. All will make the game a lot more unpredictable and fun.

Excellent graphics and well-executed visual text

Have no trouble playing the game thanks to the optimized graphics and visuals. Here, you can enjoy high-quality visuals with 3D gameplay, well-designed characters, and smooth gameplay. Plus, the intuitive UI makes your in-game interactions a lot more casual.

Amazing weapons and armor

Have access to a huge collection of weapons, armor, and many other props in the game. Explore 100+ guns, melee weapons, and explosives, all can be fully utilized during your battles. Plus, the added 75+ weapon mods will make the combat a lot more exciting.

Also explore different armor options, each with its own unique abilities and playstyles. Combine them with your unique weapons and brilliant modifications to ensure your advantage against the enemies.

Have access to our modded app

To enjoy the game, you’ll have to pay for the premium version of Trudograd on the Google Play Store. But if you want the free game, our modded version of Trudograd is always available. Simply enter the website and pick up the paid for free version with ease. Download, install, and start having fun whenever you want.


Have the most fun with the post-apocalyptic adventures. Charming actions, brutal combats, and heart-warming stories. Everything will be featured in the game.

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