Turbo Dismount MOD APK 1.43.0 (Unlocked)

Turbo Dismount MOD APK 1.43.0 (Unlocked)

April 2, 2020


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Secret Exit Ltd
4.1 and up
84 MB
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Turbo Dismount poster

At the moment, in our current market, there are a variety of films which become a huge inspiration for several games. Have you ever ended up watching thrilling car or motor races for many hours?

Many of us are intrigued and fascinated by fantastic moments and magical speed on every track. Of course, we have a big chance to enjoy the beauty of superb cars or motors. For a long time, racing games have become more and more popular.

Then, are you interested in playing a racing game with death-defying motors? If you say “Totally,” I’m here today to recommend you an exciting game, which is inspired by a kinetic tragedy about Mr. Dismount and the cars that love him.

Does it sound amazing? Let’s take a look below right now to see what’s waiting for you.

Turbo Dismount

A small warning and some necessary information about the game

Turbo Dismount game is an official sequel to the extremely popular and successful personal impact simulator – Stair Dismount. This game is a symbol of the legendary crash simulator which is mainly designed for boys

Of course, we have to say “Safety first”. You should not perform thrilling and beautiful stunts for sure, especially without any observation. Otherwise, it can cause some troubles. Even, it affects the rest of your life. I think you know what I mean.

However, the need for performing death-defying motor stunts is increasing day by day. Many of us want to try and observe them. Let’s imagine every day we need to do the same routine or even do something we are not interested in. We’re stuck into a boring rat race. More than that, sometimes you feel like you want to punch someone as hard as you can to relieve your power and to see how painful you are. It sounds crazy, right? But somehow it’s true.


It’s apparent that you are a gentle person, you shouldn’t do it. And outside there, a lot of people are bothered by boring life.

That’s why the developer created this game. It can meet your requirements to enjoy your time with motor stunts, wall crashings and having fun with other friends. Turbo Dismount is a fantastic game to relieve your boredom and stress. The whole game is mainly around hurting the stickman by breaking bones and destroying vehicles.

I hope that you can feel better after this game.

I don’t get you to wait anymore. Let’s go through main features of Turbo Dismount right now.

Turbo Dismount

Spectacular features to let your hair down

The simple main concept

Turbo Dismount will allow you to start with a lot of painful collisions. You can have a chance to unleash on an unsuspecting stick figure. You can indulge yourself with attacking a stickman.

This game concept is elementary. What you should do is too hurting a stickman. You can throw the stickman down some stairs or any other construction. After that, see how they break various bones in their body. By doing it, you can get more points.

The more incredibly the fall or unbelievably crash impact on the stickman, the more points you get.  Even you can make use of larger solid objects on the street to attack him. This may lead to rotary saws, explosives or worse.

From scratch, you are allowed to pick a pose for your stick figure as well as choose the strength with which they are hurled forward. Throughout the gameplay, you can accumulate points to unlock wheeled objects, to place them on or in. Then you can watch them sit in a trolley, a chair or a hospital bed and push them into a pile of explosives.

After all, you can come up with new ideas to maximize damage; the stickman will get thrown into the air violently and suffer from huge pain. Besides, you can get them flipped in the air variety of times and make a great achievement out of it.

Perhaps you will think about violent scenes as in a horror movie. Well, it will not be like that.

Thanks to its ragdoll physics engine, Turbo Dismount will not give you crazy and disgusting drop. Instead of that, you can watch dramatic drops and enjoy with a weird sense of physical comedy about them. It will be a good time for you to relax and relieve your pressure by laughing. You even can make your stick figure fall down gain and gain, then see them break every single bone in their bodies.

Also, there is a huge range of vehicles such as cars, trucks, construction vehicles and a skateboard. Therefore, you can be more creative to think about how to make your stick figure drop dramatically and hilariously. Moreover, you can take advantages of various levels, obstacle types and characters in Turbo Dismount to entertain yourself.

Turbo Dismount

Great sound effect and amazing graphics

In order to make the best moments with incredible drops and severe damages on a stick figure, it is designed with crunchy sound effects and beautiful graphics. This feature helps you experience more authentic. You shouldn’t miss out these stunning effects on the actual damage you cause. These damages will be combined with a slow down in animation and a quick x-ray view of the limbs. As a result, you can see every broken and cracked bones in their bodies.

Everything you do on stick figures, its sounds and graphics will satisfy your quench of violence. From this, it will help you calm down and relieved.

Character customization

How can the game increase your satisfaction? It provides you a new customization feature. That will let you personalize your character and vehicles with your photos. Is it exciting? Right now, you can make everything with your preferences.

Download Turbo Dismount Mod latest 1.43.0 Android APK

In general, Turbo Dismount is one of the most excellent game to help you relieve your anger and boredom. If someday you feel frustrating and want to do something violently, this game is perfect for you. It also can make you laugh with impressive stunts and amazing drops.

Turbo Dismount is one of the favorite game of many players. How about you? Don’t hesitate to give it a try right now.

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