Ultra Charging Animation MOD APK 1.5.9 (Premium Unlocked)

Ultra Charging Animation MOD APK 1.5.9 (Premium Unlocked)

June 21, 2023


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Intellectual Logic Studios
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For those of you who are interested in having their Android charging animations elevated, then Ultra Charging Animation is definitely a great app to enjoy.


When it comes to your Android charging animations, you might find your stock system being quite boring. So, if you’re looking for a change, using the most amazing charging interfaces, then Ultra Charging Animation is definitely the right app for you. Simply enter the awesome mobile application and start making use of its many features whenever you want.

Here, the app will provide you with the most beautiful charging animations, which you can simply select and immediately enable on the go. Have no troubles playing with the most unique charging animations in the app, which offer the most amazing colors and cool visual elements. Have fun playing with the most interesting charging options to improve your on-screen experiences.

Find out more about this awesome mobile app from Intellectual Logic Studios and all of its features with our most comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Ultra Charging Animation, Android users will have themselves the best tool for enabling cool charging animations to replace their old and boring interfaces. The app offers the most amazing charging animations with beautiful effects and stylistic designs to make your Android devices a lot cooler whenever you plug in that charger.

Enjoy using the most simple and easy to use application of Ultra Charging Animation on any of your mobile devices. Make the most of your new custom charging screen by featuring cool customizations and visual elements. Enjoy playing with many live animations in the app whenever you’re charging your devices. Make good uses of the most convenient alarms in the app. Feel free to keep track of comprehensive battery info in the app. Feel free to monitor your device info. The list goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free version of Ultra Charging Animation from the Google Play Store, which will be available for all Android users to enjoy on the go. Simply enter the app and you’ll immediately have many of its features enabled for free. Just keep in mind that the freemium app will come with forced ads that might bother you a little bit. Also, if you want the premium app, then there will be in-app purchases to pay for.

And like other Android applications, Ultra Charging Animation users are required to have their mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 and up, so they can enjoy the most stable and compatible version of the app. Also, don’t forget to always provide the app with certain access permissions, which are prompted upon your first time entering the app. You’ll need these to enable the fully functional version of Ultra Charging Animation on your devices.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and easy to use

To start with, Ultra Charging Animation users will have no troubles enjoying the app and its features. All you need is to have it installed and enable your charging animations from the settings to enjoy the best Android interactions. Here, there is no need to open the charging app manually. Instead, Ultra Charging Animation can automatically activate when you connect the charger to the devices.

Enjoy the most amazing battery charging animations that will replace the boring interfaces from your stock application. Here, you can always choose to disable the charging animations from the settings if you don’t want them. Or feel free to use the double-tap action to minimize the charging animations whenever needed.

Enjoy your new custom charging screen

With Ultra Charging Animation enabled, you can have your new charging screen whenever you connect the charger to the mobile app. Feel free to enter the application and have yourself the fully customizable charging screen of Ultra Charging Animation. By featuring many custom charging screens, the app will make sure that you’re able to enable different charging interfaces on your devices.

Enjoy using the feature with normal charging animations when your devices are on and with the lock screen turned off. Feel free to work with many interesting themes and various styles, which will allow you to customize your charging interfaces with ease. For those of you who are interested, you can always pick an image from your gallery and have it as your new charging screen background. Also enjoy working with different theme settings of both light and dark colors, which will allow you to implement the best charging animations.

Have access to live animations

With live animations enabled, Ultra Charging Animation users can now enjoy using the app to keep tracks of their current battery conditions. Here, the app provides a variety of different animations with interesting designs and various uses. You can have it enabled for your lock screen, charging animation, and battery animations.

Feel free to choose from different categories of neon, heart, circle, funny, avengers, cartoon, animal, car, and many others. Each of them will provide you with dozens of different options to work with. In addition, you can now customize the charging animations in Ultra Charging Animation to make better uses of the app. Or you can simply select any video animations from your device gallery to use as the new charging screen. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the most interesting charging interfaces.

By featuring live animations of different colors and themes, you can make your phone looking absolutely stunning when charging. In addition, the one of the kind animation app will offer the best battery animations for you to enjoy.

Feel free to set your alarms

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy using Ultra Charging Animation to set your own alarms to the app with just one simple click. Here, it’s possible for you to enable the alarms whenever the battery is fully charged. This will make sure that your devices will never be overcharged. Here, you can simply choose the default tones for the alarms using various in-app options or your own audio libraries. Make uses of the low battery warnings to quickly inform you of depleting power, so you can immediately start charging whenever possible.

Keep tracks of comprehensive battery info

And to make better uses of the mobile application, Ultra Charging Animation users can now access the most comprehensive battery info on their mobile devices. Simply enter the application to easily get your full details regarding the battery and its usages. Here, you can check on battery type, health, capacity, battery life, and temperature on the go. In addition, you can take a look at the charger type and in-depth charging details whenever your charger is plugged in.

Monitor your device info

For those of you who are interested, you can now monitor your device info with the intuitive app interfaces. Here, Ultra Charging Animation will show you the complete details regarding the system, available hardware, and your current OS. All of which will allow you to keep tracks of your devices with ease.

Enjoy our free and unlocked app instead

And last but not least, if you’re interested in the free version of Ultra Charging Animation and don’t want ads or in-app purchases, then you might want to consider our modded app instead. Here, we offer the modified application with Premium Features Unlocked and ads removed. All it takes is for you to download the Ultra Charging Animation mod APK, then follow the given instructions.

Final verdicts

With amazing features and useful tools, Ultra Charging Animation will make sure that Android user are making the most of their charger devices.

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