Vidma Recorder MOD APK 3.7.27 (Vip Unlocked)

Vidma Recorder MOD APK 3.7.27 (Vip Unlocked)

Vidma Video Studio Vip Unlocked

Having troubles recording your screen or capturing screenshots? Use Vidma Recorder and you can immediately see the differences.


Many apps now support the screen recording features, so you can capture your many on-screen purchases, but none of them can offer you the complete package like with Vidma Recorder. Here, the powerful mobile tool from Vidma Video Studio allows Android users to freely capture their screen recordings and freely edit them using the built-in options.

Have no troubles getting the HD videos recorded at 60fps and with sounds in Vidma Recorder. Enjoy the convenient and advanced editing tools, which will let you freely customize the videos however you want. Enable internal and external audio on your videos to improve the footages. And feel free to work on the different editing features to export the perfect recordings.

Find out more about this awesome mobile application and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Vidma Recorder, Android users will have themselves the fully-featured screen capture and recorder tool, which is capable of recording all your onscreen experiences and capture screenshots with little trouble. At the same time, also enjoy the high-quality recordings and footages of your onscreen activities which can be easily edited using the built-in features.

Have no troubles working with the advanced video capture tool which features many handy features to help you capture your on screen footage and images. Also be able to record your videos with different settings and addition features, so you can have the best footages enabled. Enjoy the intuitive and accessible tools from Vidma Recorder, which is suited for all Android users. The list goes on.


To start enjoying the video recorder app, Vidma Recorder users can simply pick up the free version of the app on the Google Play Store and start enjoying its many features without any troubles. Feel free to select and edit your captured videos so you can generate the perfect footage for your different uses. Adjust the video capture settings with many built-in features so you can always make the most of the app. But the free app will require you to watch ads or pay for in-app purchases to unlock its complete features.

And speaking of which, most of the in-app features will require certain access permissions from your Android devices, which will enable its complete functionality and allow you to further enjoy the app. So, make sure to always consider the prompting requests upon your first time entering its home menu. At the same time, also have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, so you can enjoy the fully compatible and stable application on your devices.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

A handy screen capture tool

For those of you who are interested, you can now get your handy screen capture tools for mobile users, using Vidma Recorder. Simply enter the app and start enabling the floating window on your home display. Select the start button and begin your screen recordings whenever you want. Have no troubles hiding away the window while recording or enabling it to make your quick adjustments if needed.

Make use of the convenient shaking actions to start and stop your videos without having to touch the display. Make uses of Vidma Recorder to capture both screenshots and screen recordings with little troubles. The handy screen capture tools will make it a lot easier for mobile users to work with.

Record your screen with face cam enabled

With face camera enabled, Vidma Recorder users can record their onscreen videos, together with their many reactions. Have no troubles recording the videos while playing games or watching videos, as you’re free to show your many reactions.

Record screen with audio enabled

For those of you who are interested, you can now make uses of Vidma Recorder to record your screen with audio enabled. Have no trouble recording high-quality videos with internal sounds from your games, video playbacks, or in-app experiences. And at the same time, also enable the external sounds from your microphone to make the screen recordings a lot more interactive and intuitive.

Enjoy unlimited recording time

With the unlimited recording time from Vidma Recorder, Android users can freely record their videos for as long as needed. Have no troubles getting your many onscreen video recordings with different lengths and recording time.

Convenient shortcuts for ease of uses

By allowing Vidma Recorder users to enable convenient shortcuts at the home screen, Vidma Recorder will make it a lot easier for you to access the app and make use of its many features. Here, you can freely select the screen recording app and make use of its many features on the go. Feel free to enable as many shortcuts as needed for your different recording or screenshot options.

Work on all your non-root devices

Have no troubles working with the app on your many non-root devices, since Vidma Recorder is designed to work on all your devices with little given permissions. Simply enter the app and start capturing your screen videos or screenshots whenever you want.

Have fun using the brush tool

With the interesting brush tool being available, Vidma Recorder users can now have fun capturing their onscreen videos, together with their live drawings and doodles on the display. Have no troubles using the built-in brush tools to draw on screen and direct the recordings however you want. This would make the app a lot more convenient and powerful when creating instructional videos.

Many video editing tools to work with

For those of you who are interested, you can now enable many video editing tools in Vidma Recorder, which will allow you to freely work with the app and your recorded videos. Choose to rotate, cut, and crop your videos using the app, so you won’t have any troubles formatting and customizing the videos. Trim unwanted parts of the videos and remove footage that is no longer needed. Add music and audio tracks to your videos, and make use of the editing tools to freely edit them. Customize the video playback speed using Vidma Recorder. Add and adjust your many texts and stickers in the recordings. The list goes on.

Record your videos at high quality settings

With Vidma Recorder, Android users can enjoy recording their high-quality videos at 1080p and 60fps. This will enable the smooth and beautiful footage for all Android users to enjoy. Simply record and save the high-quality videos on your devices.

Export and share your recordings with others

And speaking of which, Vidma Recorder provides users with different export options, in which you can freely and professionally export your videos with different settings. For sharing and uploading your videos online, Vidma Recorder will provide the many quick options, which offer the optimized formatting for your different platforms.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app using our mod

With Vidma Recorder, Android users will have the fully-featured and powerful video editing app on their mobile devices. But if you want to get rid of the annoying ads and in-app purchases, you might want to go for the modded version of the app on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked app with removed ads and unlimited features, which you can make uses of on the go. Simply download the Vidma Recorder Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Final verdicts

Together with XRecorder and DU Recorder, Vidma Recorder will have themselves the perfect screen video capturing tool which is capable of capturing your screen shots and recordings.

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