Virtual Town MOD APK 0.7.14 (Unlimited Money)

Virtual Town MOD APK 0.7.14 (Unlimited Money)

October 8, 2020


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Last Day of Work, LLC
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Unlimited Money

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Virtual Town is a free virtual town-building simulation game for Android devices. Here, you will create a vivid world according to your imagination on beautiful hand-drawn graphics.

Virtual Town is a casual game developed by Last Day of Work, LLC. In the game, build and manage your city. Employment is important to the economy. As the mayor, you must do everything you can to ensure the operation of the economy. Stimulate economic development by building public transportation and developing public transportation systems.

Virtual Town is a business simulation class for mobile games. You can build homes, urban planning, and construction as you are the city managers. The establishment of various tall buildings, planning and transportation facilities and entertainment makes the city more prosperous.

You will immerse yourself in a world that is constantly changing and changing with Virtual Town. The city will transform from day to night according to the changing weather and external aim factors.

Besides managing the town in Virtual Town, let’s strive to develop it every day to create a true megacity. Your principal task is managing a lively, ever-changing, and growing town. Real-time gameplay takes you through a cycle of day and night and four seasons of the year. Finally, collect dozens of rare insects, precious stones, and diverse plants.

General Information

Virtual Town is a city building game introduced by Last Day of Work, LLC. With this game, you will develop your city from the wildest to turn it into a dynamic, modern city. Also, send your hot-air balloon to explore new islands to expand the territory.

These things create a unique appeal for this game. It is not a killing time at all, but you need to calculate and arrange everything properly. With the standard version, you also need to be smart about finances.

Virtual Town inherits the quintessence and experience drawn from the previous versions. Virtual Town is the greatest gaming product ever created. With many challenges, it gives players a lot of land to build their city. In the game, you can place houses, malls, shopping, high-rise apartment buildings, and public property.

This game aims to build a beautiful city and always balance the happiness index with the modern city index. If the happiness index is low, the population will evacuate to another place. They will leave you immediately.

How to Play Virtual Town?

In most other city building and management games like Dream Town Story or Little Big City, you only need to manage one city. But with Virtual Town, you will manage more cities based on the number of islands you discover. Each city has its characteristics and the construction method is also different.

Depending on the different natural conditions of each city, you will have your way of building. The player can also refer to neighboring cities for construction directions. You can invite neighbors to visit your city. It is the interactivity that makes this game less boring.

In Virtual Town, we build buildings on rhombus-shaped plots. The dominant view of this 2D game is top-down. So, you need to arrange the works cleverly to set the highest aesthetic effect. This game helps you get an overview of the landscape architecture.

There are a lot of things you have to do to turn a deserted island into a bustling city. There are also many events for you to earn and accumulate. Remember, in the standard version, this is very important, it helps you build the fastest and most beautiful.

In Virtual Town, there are over 200 buildings and nine cities for you to explore and build. You need to accumulate money to unlock them. You can also buy with actual money. Or use the MOD APK version that we provide.

Each building is placed on unfamiliar terrain, attached to each location. You also need to upgrade them. When completing the aforementioned missions, you will receive treasure chests with many very useful items. Money and experience for you to level up and upgrade. Build, upgrade, and unlock as repeating circles that develop.

The higher your level, the more massive buildings you can build. You will profit from the aforementioned works and reinvest in other buildings. Virtual Town is a chain of construction and investment projects in a row. It requires players to manage their funds well.

You can also take part in many games in the above works. That also partly helps players not feel bored. Naturally, the construction will take a very long time. You need to be patient with your choices. We believe that when your city develops modernly, you will feel very satisfied.

Virtual Town screen 0

Special Features

Make friends and enter a friend code

As soon as possible, set your nick and the island name. Then make friends with everyone. When you enter the friend code of a friend, please consider it because it is only entered once. The benefit of this entry is that you will receive from three to five gold coins.

The friend who entered the code will receive from one to two gold coins. Making friends gives you the benefit of clearing the island with a certain amount of money and XP according to level.

Use gold coins and scroll

For optimizing the development, you should not use gold coins to do anything. For saving money, buy a Totem of the property with the benefit of a 10% increase in the proceeds. Many friends use it to build special houses or to repair the Atlas hotel, which is optional.

Communication with tourists

Try to make the most of communication with tourists to find shells, pearls, and gold rings. Besides, there will be one bonus. It should only be in the Leonid shop with a small scroll because the shell is easy to find and the large scroll type is time, economy, and profit. The rest should save pearls and gold rings for the mission to the new island.

And when you have passed the initial stage of development, there are three more things you need to remember to build yourself a rich city:

  • Make the most of it by making use of all the resources of land, bonuses, characteristics of each house type in PI, and their free time.
  • Save as much as by building adjacent houses to save the land. But there must be a stable layout for each block to avoid moving houses, wasting time and also convenient for collecting money.
  • Visit the island regularly to save your playing time by building only a few types of houses with the same money cycle

Overall Assessments

Interesting Gameplay

In the game, your major job is to build a lot of houses and commercial shopping malls. You will get more profits from trading virtual tokens as virtual money. If you want to build a house, you must first buy land and remove the grass and trees that interfere with the construction.

Demote that you should buy land quickly because when the city gets older and more populous. It goes hand in hand with the skyrocketing in land prices. Sometimes, pay in gold to buy, not dollars. Where is the token? You should remember to always keep the happiness because happiness is the people.

You must invest heavily in restaurants or tourism or commercial services to maximize profits. It helps to build many buildings to avoid the phenomenon of poverty. When you are too secretive or do not have a good idea that makes you bored with the game, ask the expert city at the bottom of the screen. He will give you a challenge that will make the game become more interesting and increase the curiosity of challenges.

Through the simulation, you can understand and want to play this game. Then, go to the graphics section to test how the graphics quality is because graphics are also an important factor that leads gamers to stick with the game for a long time.

Virtual Town screen 3

Graphic Designs

As we have learned and played through, the game offers outstanding graphics designs. It is amazing when the game is equipped with standard HD graphics that can zoom with two fingers like zooming in a picture. You will see very detailed graphics. You can also see both pedestrians and cars passing through the city.

Virtual Town has nine maps equivalent to nine city islands, including tropical plains, deserts, alpine snow, volcanic terrain, and rainforest. As mentioned in the previous section, prioritize Snapdragon because having Adreno gives you the feeling of graphics as top as possible.

They inherited virtual Town from previous generations. So, they gathered the results into this version with many better-changed textures, better Android optimization, and no reduction in capacity.

Virtual Town screen 2

Virtual Families 2 is a virtual family management game. It allows you to choose one of the thousands of characters. You must help them choose a mate and start a family. The game is fun and interesting to entertain in my spare time.

You will start the game by adopting a small character, guiding him to do housework, complimenting him on a good deed, and vice versa. Then, help the character find a mate to start a family. Encourage your character to work to earn money for the necessities and luxuries in life.

When you have a certain amount of money, you can expand and renovate the house. You should turn it into a dream home with lots of household items and decorations. You can even help your characters overcome life challenges, shape your character with upgrades, send them to boarding school, and career counseling.

While playing the game, many random events will happen that require you to react quickly. These are often unexpected elements that can happen in a proper life.

In short, Virtual Families 2 allows you to experience family life alternatively. You can play the role of a housekeeper or a nanny, take care of the characters in the house. Each character comes with different thoughts, preferences, and actions, which make you unable to take your eyes off them.

Final Words

Virtual Town MOD APK is one of the most rewarding city building games available today. You will feel busy and passionate about designing a giant city. This android game also has many missions for you to explore and collect money for upgrades.

Although it is just a 2D game, the developers have focused on visuals. It is also the greatest strength of this game. You will feel you are managing an actual city and you are the mayor. The variation of the views in different cities also makes it more interesting.

Importantly, Virtual Town MOD APK does not require you to have an Internet connection. It makes the game easier to accept. While waiting for friends, or free time on the train, you can enlist to build a few buildings.

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