Vmod MOD APK (Ad-Free)

Vmod MOD APK (Ad-Free)

June 22, 2024


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With many action games in the game market, the players just have to fight the bots and enemies. But if you want to fight and build many things, Vmod will be a choice for you. In the game, you can build the buildings with a lot of furniture such as a sofa, a bed, a cupboard and so on. And your main assignment is still to fight the enemies. The game will bring many new experiences for you.

Explore the world in the game

Vmod is the simulation game that has built and offered by VinforLab Team – an Android developer. You can install the game free on mobile devices that run on Android Operating System. The game is just available on Google Play. You can play Vmod without connecting the Internet.

In Vmod, the battles will take place many places. There are up to 9 places in the game. A desert, the city with many high – rise buildings, the empty place that you can see your enemies or the place with many trees and several houses. This will make you feel interested. When you take part in the battles every time you will be taken to the different places. Besides, 3D graphics is smooth and color is bright. They help the game to become more lively. Vivid sounds will make the players to immerse themselves in the battles. The sounds of the helicopter, the sound of gunfire, the explosion, …

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Start to build and fight

When you start to play Vmod MOD APK, the game will require you to enter your nickname. This nickname will follow you throughout the game and be an information that your friends know you. But the player can still change the nickname in Setting of the game. After you has named the nickname, you will see interface of the game which is quite simple helps the player discover the game more easily. And now you can take part in the battles.

Any battles, there is just a winner. So you need to be careful and hide yourself before death match start. Many enemies are trying to kill you. You also need to understand the gameplay. There are 3 buttons in the game that you have to care. The first button is “Jump” button. This button will help your character to jump the steps or the low obstacles. The second button is used to shoot. It is on the right and above the “Jump” button. The players just need to tap the button to shoot at the enemies. The last button is control button. You use this button to move the character. Especially, the control button just appears when the players touch the left side of the screen. Your character can go straight or down, move to the left or the right. Besides, you can turn the shooting angle to many directions. Direct above the air to avoid the things that are landing. Point your nose of the gun at the enemy. Let’s move skillfully to destroy a lot of enemies.

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Moreover, you can build the solid houses. The houses will be protective shields during fighting the enemies. In addition, there are over 21 prop sections in the game such as CBombs, Building, Misc, Devices, Army, Furniture, Vehicle, … You can easily build the shields. One prop section will contain many own props. For example, there are the sofas, the chairs, the beds, the lavabos, the cupboards in Furniture prop section. But with Devices prop section, you will find the computers, the printing machine, the engines and several different types of machines. Air Vehicle section will allow you add the helicopters. Touch “D” button to get in the helicopter and control it by the buttons and the arrows. They have many models and sizes. And there are over 370 props in the game so that you can build comfortably. The game has provided two characters for you to choose. One male character and on female character. Let’s click on “Characters” section in hamburger menu.

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The multiplayer mode of Vmod

There is a special point in the game. That is the multiplayer mode. You will be able to meet many different players in the world and get to know them. But you should remember that they are still your enemies in the battles. With this mode, you can invite your friends and family to participate in the battles and fight with them. This helps you and your friends to become more coherent.

The players can take part in the battles by two ways. The first way is to join quick in the room that the game has provided. Tap “Quick” button to join the battle. But it’s difficult for you to meet your friends. The second way is to join in the rooms that the different players created. And you also can create your own room and invite your friends in. You just need to tap “Join” button. If you want to join in the available rooms, you need to have the password of this room. Some rooms won’t require the password when you join in them. Let’s find those rooms. If you want to create room, it’s so simple. You just need to enter the room’s name and click on “Create” button. The room’s name can create random if you want. While creating the room, you can set password, choose the number of players in the room or choose the location that takes place the battles, …

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Experience with family and friends

3D graphic and vivid sound is one of elements which has made the game more interesting and attractive. Besides, many objects have been provided. The players can build any things in the battles. The cars or the helicopters helps you to move faster and avoid the attacks of the enemies. In addition, the gun allows the players to control the objects that they or other players have added. Furthermore, the multiplayer mode will help you to meet many new players or your family and friends. Install Vmod and experience the fun times with your family and friends.

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