Volume Booster GOODEV MOD APK 7.8 (Ad-Free)

Volume Booster GOODEV MOD APK 7.8 (Ad-Free)


Currently, phones are not only used for texting and calling purposes. We can also play games, listen to music, and watch videos. However, on some devices, when using these functions, the phone speaker is not loud enough to hear clearly.

There are many support applications for users to customize the sound of the phone up to the loudest level. Here, we will introduce Volume Booster GOODEV. Volume Booster GOODEV is a useful volume booster application on Android. With this application, we can adjust all sound systems on the phone quickly and easily.

Some outstanding features of Volume Booster, including switching audio modes with just one touch and prompting for volume change on the phone when turned on. There is a reminder to reset the sound when connecting or disconnecting headphones.

General Information

When using Android smartphones, besides using basic functions such as listening, calling, and texting, people often do some other things such as watching movies, watching videos, listening to music and playing games. But the downside on some of these devices is that the speaker is not loud enough that the user cannot fully experience it.

Volume Booster GOODEV with great technology can increase your Android phone volume higher than the original default. Volume Booster GOODEV supports volume amplification up to all functions and applications of the phone such as the sound in the video, sound in games, sound in songs, notification sounds, and ringtones. With six built-in sound modes, the application allows users to customize the volume with just one click.

Volume Booster GOODEV is a simple and easy-to-use volume change application that supports amplifying your phone’s sound from 10 to 20% of the maximum volume of the device. Volume Booster GOODEV uses a special algorithm to adjust the volume set built into Android smartphones. Thanks to these features, users will feel the sound stronger and clearer.

If you want to control some aspects related to the volume of your Android device, Volume Booster GOODEV is a useful personal app for boosting the sound power. It is easy to control the output volume of equipment. Just like A-Volume Widget, Volume Control, or Volume Sync, Volume Booster GOODEV also has several options to balance the sound users are listening to on their smartphones. As a result, you can increase the echo or adjust the vocalist’s pitch according to the music.

Volume Booster GOODEV also allows users to manage multimedia sounds including notifications, alarms, or incoming, outgoing calls from the phone’s interface. Users can also use this tool to play any songs or recordings that they have saved on the device.

How to Use Volume Booster GOODEV?

Each phone line has separate volume control for the speakerphone to suit the hardware configuration of the device. Many people feel that their phone volume is quite loud and just reducing the capacity can fit your volume level. But some people have fully increased the volume and still feel too small.

Currently, in addition to increasing the volume of the phone speaker by adjusting the volume, there is software that supports doubling the volume on the phone. If you use the Volume Booster GOODEV, the way to increase volume on Android phones is as below.

The following guidelines will help your speaker reach its maximum capacity. But you should not overuse it because it may affect the quality of the speakerphone. You should only use it sometimes where it is really necessary, such as needing to get loudspeakers sound outside in crowds in noisy places.

  • Step 1: Start the Speaker Boost application and click on the arrow below. Until there is a checkmark of the letter V, click on it.
  • Step 2: There will be an application warning sent to you. Click OK.
  • Step 3: Drag the boost bar to the level you want to increase the speaker volume for the phone. To ensure the safety of the speaker, the publisher made only the max volume to 60%. It is also the level that the publisher recommends you to.
  • Step 4: To increase the volume of your device, choose Settings. And the Stop Boosting and Close App button are to turn off the application and stop boosting sound. In the Settings menu of the application, you will see the Non-uniform boost option. Checking this option will help ensure safety during use and limit damage to the loudest speaker.

Okay, now you try to turn on the speakerphone, you will see quite surprising results.

Overall Assessments

Volume Booster GOODEV is an essential volume control app for mobile users. Volume Booster GOODEV helps you to perform volume up and down manipulation on devices like phones or tablets quickly. Opening a loud volume for a long time often affects the quality of the speakers on the user’s mobile device. It also can damage the speaker.

A lot of users say their headphones or speakers now sound no longer as clear as they can hear. It is a consequence of always keeping the volume at its highest. However, installing the Volume Booster GOODEV will help you reduce the risk of distorted sound effectively.

Volume Booster GOODEV works effectively on devices using the Android OS version from 4.2.1 onwards. However, note that the widget does not have a function to adjust the volume during phone calls. We only use it in optimizing audio for entertainment such as listening to music, watching movies.

In Volume Booster GOODEV, when the user sets the volume level to zero, it means the sound on your device returns to the lowest level. The application will display a volume level notification in the status bar. If you do not want them to show up, you can go to the settings of Volume Booster GOODEV to rest and only let them show when the volume is high.

Recommended Alternative: Ultra Volume

The digital music era changes the listening experience of users. If the sound coming from your phone is not as good as when you hear it elsewhere, you may need applications called equalizers to optimize the waves. Most of the music players for the Android operating system have built-in equalizers, but they only work within the app.

Even with the most advanced MP3 players, you still have a high-quality audio control app to enjoy your tunes even when you use the top premium headphones on the market. It is why you need Ultra Volume. The app offers a great equalizer, volume booster, amp, and equalizer is completely free. The application allows users to adjust and amplify sound while users can enjoy images directly with the 3D virtualizer.

Ultra Volume is an application that amplifies the sound, enhances the quality of listening to music on your device. It comes with a bass boost multi-band equalizer and 3D virtualization for you to have your entertainment. Ultra Volume also has the same functions as the computer speaker volume booster software like you used to use. It is a brilliant speaker and bass booster tool if you use Bluetooth speakers to listen to music.

Final Words

Volume Booster GOODEV MOD APK is a completely free volume control app. However, to continue developing the app, developers will provide in-app advertising. When the ad displayed in Volume Booster GOODEV appears, the user will be redirected to a third-party website.

Volume Booster GOODEV may provide certain information to the third parties that administer these sites, such as email address, phone number, and a list of other applications on your device.

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