WatchMaker MOD APK 7.8.2 (Premium Unlocked)

WatchMaker MOD APK 7.8.2 (Premium Unlocked)

androidslide Premium Unlocked

If you want to create your watch face, then the WatchMaker app is the ideal app for you. It is the basic application to create the interface required by the individual user. This WatchMaker app has an immense collection of pre-made themes.

Why spend the money to buy expensive watch face apps but not sure that after installing, they will satisfy your will, while Google Play has a great app like WatchMaker – Watch Face for you. You can design your clock interface according to your preferences. Let’s stop and go through some features of this great tool before deciding to open the wallet to purchase an entire available app.

WatchMaker app provides 1,000 sample watch faces with highly customizable capabilities, allowing you to change the displayed numbers, add widgets, and customize colors to create an interface. It gives you a unique and impressive watch. As a result, the smartwatch you wear will bring your style more comprehensive.

You can customize them to your own. You can insert gifs, 3D gyros, interactive clocks, images, and many interesting customizations. It is a paid app and you will have to spend $4 to use over 40,000 different, amazing watch faces.

How to use WatchMaker Premium APK?

This section will show you the basics of how to create watch faces using this application.

Step 1: Inspiration

Most of the watches on the watchmaker’s website are inspired by actual watches. The other watches on the manufacturer’s website were made from scratch. For me, my inspiration comes from one of my favorite games, Titan fall. I specifically want to make the ranking chips you see in the lower-left corner when you play the game.

Step 2: Use images and collect materials

If you use images or create images your way, you need guidance to help with the design. There are some guides in various formats such as using Photoshop.

You may also want to get fonts. There are pre-installed fonts when downloading the app, but I think the app comes from the built-in Android library.

I ran into some problems when using Photoshop to create images. If you want to use graphics instead of features, it is a better idea to use more programs based on vector art.

Step 3: Move Em Up and Head Em Out

Once you get the watch faces the way you like, now you have to move them to the phone. For the sake of cleaning, I recommend putting all documents and images into files.

Now plug your phone into the computer and be angry with your computer because if you are using Windows. The computer will not recognize your device. If you are using a Mac, you need to use this program to help install the phone’s internal and external storage devices.

After spending half an hour to an hour, search for a suitable driver for the phone and move the files from the computer to the phone.

Step 4: Use the app

First, open the app and tap the three lines in the upper left corner of the phone. Then navigate to the watch face. After entering My Watch screen, click on the plus sign symbol and start designing the watch face. Finally, clicking on the plus sign will create a blank watch.

One thing to note about layers in WatchMaker is that unlike Photoshop, layers are backward. For example, the layer on the leftmost phone is the bottom layer of the watch.

Step 5: Add bells and whistles

To add different things like time, date, or watch battery, you need to make an additional layer. A new text layer needs to be made. To add an extra layer, tap the plus sign. After pressing the plus sign, you will see options such as text, images, basic time selection (analog and digital), and scripts.

WatchMaker uses Lua scripts to process any variables (time, date, and battery percentage) from the watch or phone. Lua scripts also use Java libraries to perform mathematical operations.

To learn more about Lua scripts and WatchMaker, please visit the following link. Using Lua means adding over time and battery percentage, you can also extract GPS data or weather data, and do basic if-else parameters.

Select an image file. After finding the image you want to use as the watch face, it will be added to the workbench dial area on the phone. Remember, the leftmost layer is the bottom layer when sending it to the watch.

When the battery percentage of the watch is placed, it will display the watch battery on the phone as being at the same level as the phone. It is just a problem in the app when the watch face is exported to the watch, it becomes the watch battery.

The display on the phone provides a distorted view of the actual size of the face. And pushing the face toward the watch allows you to better understand the actual appearance of the face.

Step 6: Commissioning and closing

You are ready to upload the watch face to the watch. Press the back button once. Unlike other apps that allow you to create custom watch faces, WatchMaker automatically saves watch faces.

Make sure we set the dial to the WatchMaker’s face on the watch. Press the “Set Observation Surface” button and wait for the dial to display on the watch. Now is the time to adjust your face to make everything normal.

Once completed, congratulations! You now have the hope of successfully creating your watch face. Now show it to the world!

Step 7: Further options

I will not discuss some options here, such as using Lua. What I want to point out is that in the menu of setting the watch face, you can export/share the watch face, change the display method of the Google Now card, and complete the copy of the watch face.

Special Features

Install the watch face background from the app program

The background of downloading the app from the application market is very simple and clear. There are hundreds of choices on the app. Just open the installed application on the smartwatch, click “More.” and then you can browse the interactive and standard dial background.

The installation process is the same as downloading an Android application to the phone. The dial background will appear in the application. The user only needs to select it on the phone or long-press the used dial, and the watch will automatically switch to the new background. It’s that simple.

How to install a customized smart dial background

Do not download the copycat designs of Rolex, Breitling, and Omega that are flooding the Internet. These designs are 100% illegal, and luxury watch manufacturers insist on a strong stand and will take action.

Download a watch face background installation

First, install a dial installation tool on the phone. The two most popular ones are WatchMaker and Facer. Relatively, WatchMaker is easier to operate. We can obtain the app for free. If you want to get a featured background every week, pay $3.

Find your favorite dial background

The background resources for custom dials on the Internet are very rich, and you need to know where to find a desirable background. You can try XDA forums, legitimate BT sites, and Reddit. WatchMaker also has a Google Plus community to ensure that copyright protects the dial background. Most good netizens upload and share the watch face background they have downloaded to FaceRepo, Dropbox, or Google Drive cloud folders.

Download custom watch face background

After you find the background you want, you can download it directly to your phone or through your computer. It is easier to search using a computer, but sometimes it is more convenient to use a mobile phone.

For example, you can use FaceRepo on a mobile phone, and you can directly open the background installation on the mobile phone. If you do not use a mobile phone, you need to integrate all the background files into one folder. Then save the folder to the built-in memory of the phone.

It is necessary to remind that the downloaded file may have a file with a ‘.face’ suffix or a compressed folder with a ‘.zip’ suffix. Do not decompress the folder, because there is no need to do this. It will not work even after decompression.

Import the watch face background into the app

Start Facer or WatchMaker? If you use Facer, you need to go to the My Watch Faces tab first, and then click the icon in the upper right corner to download. It will create an archive tree on the phone to navigate the folders imported in the previous step. Click on each file with a ‘.face’ or ‘.zip’ suffix and all collected backgrounds will appear on My Watch Faces page.

Using WatchMaker is the same. Just find the Import Watch option in the options section of the homepage. It’s very simple. If you cannot find the folder, you can close the application and restart it.

Change the watch face background from the app

Now, the most troublesome part is over. Select Facer or WatchMaker in the smartwatch and select it in the scrolling list of the dial background.

Then return to the phone, select the watch face background you want, and click the ‘Transfer to Watch’ or ‘Set Watchface’ button. Well, you’re done. We can browse more different types of smartwatches than on Topwelltech’s official website.


How to use a watchmaker to change the watch face?

Download watchmaker in the app store of the Ticwear client. After downloading, click the sync button in the upper right corner, and the watchmaker will be synchronized to the small watch after a while.

Long press the watch face and slide to find the watchmaker. Finally, organize your favorite watch faces in ‘.face’ format and ‘.watch’ format into a folder.

Can’t the free version of the watchmaker import the watch face by itself?

Yes, you can install the in-app purchase cracked version in the forum, or install the paid version in the paid watch application section.

Why did I turn off the watch face, but the watchmaker didn’t let me use it?

You are the free version, and the paid version can change the dial

How to delete the watch face imported by Watchmaker?

Select the page that displays the time, presses the screen hard. It will pop up to define the surface page, touch the box bar of the month on the screen, and turn the knob to set.

Final Words

WatchMaker Premium APK is an application that allows you to design the smartwatch interface as you like based on models. This utility runs on Android 2.3 and above devices and is free to use.

WatchMaker Premium APK – Watch Face offers to sex free watch faces, 12 fonts, 15 backgrounds, and design tools. You can upgrade to the PRO version for just $2.99 to experience the full features of the app.

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