Weather Underground MOD APK 6.17.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Weather Underground MOD APK 6.17.0 (Premium Unlocked)

August 17, 2023


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For those of you who really need precise weather reports with detailed information regarding your closet areas, as well as accurate predictions for the upcoming hours, days, or even weeks, Weather Underground is a great mobile app to have on your mobile devices. With detailed weathers and conditions that are available at a microclimate level, you can enjoy your hyperlocal data of your closest weather stations, thanks to Weather Underground.

Enjoy working with the awesome mobile app to provide you with the most precise weather forecast at the local level. Make uses of the trusted and reliable predictions to make preparations for the upcoming hours and days. And feel free to customize the weather reports to better suit your personal preferences in Weather Underground.

Find out more about this interesting mobile app and its useful features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Weather Underground, Android users are allowed to freely check for the real-time weather condition at the nearest weather stations. Also have access to the useful reports and predictions with a high level of accuracy, which would make it super easy for you to make any preparations. Either if you’re planning to go out on a clear day or getting ready for the upcoming storms, the app should be extremely useful for all Android users.

Feel free to keep track of the most accurate local weather data and keep updating from the detailed weather map. Feel free to customize your preferences with the mobile app and make sure that you’re most satisfied with the highly personalized weather updates. Also have fun interacting with the interactive weather maps, featuring a precise overlay and interacting elements for you to work with. All of which should allow you to enjoy the awesome mobile application of Weather Underground to the fullest.


For those of you who are interested in the app and its amazing features, you can now easily pick it up from the Google Play Store and have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. Just keep in mind that since it’s still a freemium app, Weather Underground will come with ads and in-game purchases that you must unlock with real money.

Also, like other Android apps, Weather Underground also requires you to provide it with certain access permissions on the system which will allow the app to function properly without any troubles. So make sure to accept its requests, upon entering the app for the first time.

And at the same time, it’s also important to have your Android devices running on the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 and up, since it would ensure the stability and compatibility of Weather Underground on your devices.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Have access to weather alerts and the storm radar

Here in Weather Underground, Android users can enjoy working with the useful weather alerts and storm radars, which allow you to quickly receive news in the case of an incoming storm. The trusted hurricane tracker and storm radar will make sure that you can get the latest news and instant updates on the weather. Thus, allowing you to be well-informed in the cases of extreme rains or surprise droughts. Always keep an eye on the radar and make sure that you’ve turned on the notifications to not miss any important news.

Hyperlocal weather conditions for all users

The best thing with Weather Underground is that the app provides direct connection to your local weather station, which allows you to receive live updates at the hyperlocal standard. Allowing the app to provide real-time weather conditions and local weather forecasts with great amounts of accuracy. With more than 250,000 PWSs available, you can get the most accurate weather reports.

Detailed local weather data

At the same time, the precise visual elements with hi-res satellite and cloud cover imagery, detailed weather visualizations, and other detailed pieces of graphics on the local weather map will allow you to always keep an eye on it. Feel free to check on the detailed local weather data, including the temperature updates, realistic ‘Feels Like” temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rain accumulation, humidity, pressure, and more.

Interactive weather map to make uses of

To make the weather map more interesting and intuitive to work with, Weather Underground also features many interactive elements, which will allow Android users to freely explore the precise weather overlays. Use the interactive function buttons to look for the NOAA and satellite imagery, enable Nexrad radar, turn on the heat and temperature map, or check for rain accumulation in certain areas.

Useful geographical data for those who needed

Also have access to other useful geographical data from your local weather and microclimate reports, which include the air quality index, UV index, sunrise and sunset times, and more. These are extremely important for those of you who are in the sensitive groups or just really concern about these weather indexes.

Feel free to customize the app to your own preferences

And just like with 1Weather, you can also enjoy working with the customized weather application of Weather Underground, thanks to the available customizations. Here, you can freely adjust the theme settings to enjoy better visual quality from weather reports. Make uses of the various map types and units to customize your weather map imagery. Enable the Smart Forecasts to let the app tell you when is the ideal time to go out or to plan for your outdoor trips.

Extended Hourly Forecast for up to 15 days

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the extended Hourly Forecast from Weather Underground, which supports up to 15 days of weather forecast in the future. As a result, you can learn what the weather will be like in two weeks from today and with great accuracy too.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

And last but not least, unless you are willing to pay the premium prices to unlock the full application of Weather Underground, it’s always better for Android users to just go for the free and unlocked version of the app on our website. Here, we offer all the in-app features while also having ads and in-app purchases being disabled so you can enjoy it to the fullest. All you need is to download the Weather Underground Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start working with the app to keep track of your local weather conditions.

Final verdicts

With Weather Underground available, Android users can have themselves an extremely useful tool for keeping track of live weather and climate reports at their local areas, along with a fully-featured app for predicting the upcoming weather changes. Feel free to use it to check on your hyperlocal weather for the next hours, days, or even weeks, as it should be able to help you make your proper preparations.

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