Werewolf Pro MOD APK 2.8.8 (Paid for free)

Werewolf Pro MOD APK 2.8.8 (Paid for free)

March 3, 2021


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Paid for free

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For those of you who’re interested in the exciting group game of Werewolf, you’ll certainly find yourself enjoying this awesome mobile app of Werewolf Pro. Especially if you don’t find any piece of pend or paper around you to start writing the cards for each player. With the app, you can have yourself a complete support app for the game that comes with everything you need to start playing Werewolf.

Feel free to engage in the exciting fight between the peasants and the dangerous werewolf. Set the preferred rules for the game, choose your random roles with the app, and make uses of it to fully engage yourself in the addictive party game. Werewolf Pro will offer you more engaging and comfortable gaming experiences with the group game like never before.

Find out more about the awesome mobile title from Philipp Eichhorn with our complete reviews.

What does it do?

To start with, Android users in Werewolf Pro can find themselves engaged in the brilliant setups with many accessible features to make uses of. Here, you’ll have yourself the best game moderator to guide the players and keep tracks of the recorded events. There is no need to argue and you’ll be able to focus in the game.

With Werewolf, gamers will have access to the exciting mobile game as one out of two different sizes, the werewolf who can be active during the nights and will need to take down the innocent peasants in order to win the game. On the other hand, the majority consist of clueless peasants who are all sleeping in the nights and will need to discover the dangerous werewolf before they get eliminated.

And at the same time, there will be many other roles for other special players, which are the Seer who can discover a player’s identity in each night, the Protector who can protect one player from being killed every night, and the Masons, who are villagers who can recognized each other.

The game will constantly consist of two stages, which is the Night and Day. During the nights werewolf will open their eyes and signal each other to eliminate one single villager. The Seer can then indicate his suspected peasants and reveal their identities once at a time.

And when the morning comes, the person who have been killed the other night will be eliminated from the game. The surviving peasants will then discuss whoever should be targeted. And if half of them agree to kill one person, then that person will be eliminated before the night stage begins.

Depends on the difficult levels that you want to enjoy as the werewolf or the peasants, you can choose to reveal or not to reveal the identities of the person who had died. With Werewolf Pro, it’s totally possible for you to make any changes that you want to the rules and enjoy the game with absolute comfort. Not to mention that the app will also offer a lot more roles for the gamers to select, should they wish to enjoy a much more engaging and complex gameplay of werewolf.


To start enjoying the app, all you need is a working Android device that’s running the latest firmware. Simply calculate the total number of players and certain roles that you and your friends want to have in the game. Then the randomize process will happen and you’ll be selected in whichever roles that’re possible. Feel free to engage in the game by having the app working as both the cards and the guiding moderator, allowing all players to enjoy the game.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and accessible gameplay of Werewolf

To start with, Android users will find themselves quickly hooked to the in-app experiences from Werewolf Pro, thanks to the intuitive and accessible mobile app. And even if you don’t know how to play the group game, the interactive instructions from Werewolf Pro will surely guide you through your in-game progress. Feel free to experience the exciting gameplay of Werewolf as you fully engage in the useful mobile app.

Customize your in-game experiences with varied rules

Also, for those of you who’re interested, you can now engage yourself in the exciting in-game experiences with varied rules and customizations that you can have on the game. Engage in the exciting gameplay of Werewolf with interesting gameplay of your choices. Customize and adjust the rules to better suit your preferences. Or simply choose between a few presets that were given to you.

Plenty of different roles for the players

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers in Werewolf Pro can engage themselves in the exciting in-game experiences with many different roles for the players. Now, you won’t simply play as the peasants and werewolf, with the huge collection of interesting characters that you can have in the game. Feel free to have fun with the game as you choose between 30 different roles of characters.

Play as the Priest, Drunk, Cupid, Bodyguard, Tough Guy, and so on. These available characters offer much more engaging gameplay and enjoyable experiences with Werewolf Pro. Have fun playing the game in your own styles and explore the challenges to the fullest.

Enjoy the app completely offline

Moreover, to allow gamers to fully enjoy themselves in the party game, Werewolf Pro also offers the offline application that you can access and enjoy whenever you want. There is no need to connect to the Internet to play the werewolf game with the app. Hence, it’s totally possible to enjoy the awesome group game whenever you’re outdoor with friends.

Free to use

And despite all the exciting features it has to offer, Android users can still enjoy their favorite group game with the app for absolutely free. All it takes is for you to get the app from the Google Play Store, no payment is required.

Enjoy the pro version on our website

On the other hand, to further improve your in-app experiences, we also offer the unlocked version of Werewolf Pro on our website which is always free to enjoy. Just download the Werewolf Pro APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go. Here, you can get rid of all in-app purchases and advertisements, thus, having a much more engaging and enjoyable gameplay of werewolf with friends.


Passing around the phone can be a little uncomfortable

Although Werewolf Pro offers its intuitive and in-depth gameplay of werewolf that you can freely enjoy with friends, you’ll still find it not as convenient and engaging as using cards. Moreover, using a single mobile device for the game can sometimes be a little uncomfortable.

Final verdicts

For those of you who’re interested in the exciting group game of Werewolf, you’ll definitely find the awesome mobile app of Werewolf Pro quite useful. Feel free to engage in the exciting and unique gameplay of werewolf whenever you want. And most importantly, always have access to the free and unlocked app with our mod.

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